Spring selling season is upon us. Is and boy, is it.

And as soon as a real estate agent, we’re now talking directly with you about Media Day and we talked yesterday about what Media Day really is from a client perspective. But today we’re talking to you directly as an agent that is going to be listing that home for your client. What should you expect?

Yes, you guys need to first take a deep breath and know I know you’re all aware, especially if you’re part of our real estate family. We are not cutting corners or not pushing things and slide them in and creating chaos. We’re going to just take a deep breath and follow the process. We have to follow the process and my thought is when we’re not, it’s because we’re probably getting some pressure from a seller or there’s a reason, right. But we need to just practice following the process and plan ahead.

OK, if you guys we have an amazing real estate family. If you need assistance, then find somebody who may have just closed all their files and there they have a little bit of extra time and they will be willing to help you. But we have to follow that process. You guys, it’s not fair to our support staff. Your photo output may not be that great. You know, we’re not going to cut corners, please.

All right. And where that all starts is up front. Would setting the expectation correctly with your client? Right. So we talked the other day that scheduling your media day is a challenge because what we have is everybody super busy and all of the stuff that comes out. So we would love to turn everything around as quickly as possible for you and have it all completed. We do have a genuine desire to go ahead and have these photos done as quickly as possible to get your agent video recorded just as quickly as possible.

We want to have it all done at one time. But in doing that, right, we’re finding that the lead times for scheduling for a photographer is more we’ve increased the amount of photographers that we have on our approved list. So we’ve opened that up to hopefully lessen that as things are a little bit busier. But if you set the expectation with your client that, number one, when media day comes, the home has to be clean, has to be showing. Right. It has to be photo ready. Just don’t do that, because if you reschedule that totally, it’s going to be a problem for you and nobody is going to be happy.

So make sure that you’re actually ready when your date does come. Yes. Understand that. Maybe you’ll have to book a week out. Maybe it’s not like the next day or two days to do this. Maybe it’s even longer. So there’s more reasons why you don’t want to have that problem. Turnaround times are more than typical. Once you book it and they take it, then the processing of it is taking longer. So those are real things, assets to come back internally. We spoke about how many listings we have coming on board right now.

It’s just every day, like more. And it’s a lot. It’s a whole lot, which is great. We need listings. No, we totally need these listings to come on the market.

But we need to be aware as well that the turnaround time now for design for elements there is going to take longer and getting them in things that are in our design cue right now, we might want to be extremely cognizant to make sure that it is high priority things. This is like production season right now, especially for listings. So we want to make sure we do a great job there for our client.

So make sure set the expectation up front, do everything correct because you don’t want to go through and have the experience for your client. You want to know deep down that you’ve done everything you possibly could to put your best foot forward for that property and never worry what potentially could happen if what it could sell for. Right. If you just did so, always do it the right way.

So we talked about, you know, we’ve done this in the past is what we call a Media Day, where you go and you check on that property prior to to Media Day to make sure and ensure everything is ready to go. So maybe you want to back that up a couple of days, right. And go and visit the property. This is where you could ask for help, you know, ask one of your your real estate family agents to go and could you just swing by if you’re in the area and go double check this property for me, this is when we’re all going to have to rely on one another.

And, you know, that’s something I truly love about us, is that we do that here. You know, we all help one another and rely on one another. But you have to set these expectations with your with your sellers and tell them you’ve got to be ready maybe two days earlier. Right, for Media Day. Make sure so you have a couple of days to to get some Last-Minute things accomplished before media tags. You don’t want to cancel it.

You do not. And then some of the important items as well as it can take a period of time. So when they’re there, make sure that like all the pets out, all those things that, you know, just be extra careful about that and just say, like, go ahead and get out. So that’s it. I think we covered it about as well as we could. But just be patient.

One other thing, too, that if you have sellers that were thinking about selling, when more of the summer months, then maybe you want to reach out to them and tell them things are really backing up, that maybe you want to go ahead and and push that. You know, push that date a little bit and go ahead and start that process now, start getting your photos scheduled.

So and by push that date, you mean possibly pull it forward?
Pull it forward? Yes. Yeah, accelerate it.

That’s never a bad word. So go ahead and have that completed for you guys were super excited for you to have a hot market. And we want to make sure that you as the agent get all of these assets for yourself. Right. We want to make sure we’re get in the photos for yourself. We want to make sure that you’re getting the proper video done and don’t shortchange these things because that does affect you when you go into your next listing appointment, whenever that time is that you want to have hey, I did the right thing. I took the time to make sure that I did everything fully.

And I know that we got the absolute best we could because who would have ever thought that twenty thousand above thirty thousand one hundred thousand one hundred and fifty three hundred thousand dollars was a number. And I don’t know. Is that going to happen on your next listing? Probably not. If you don’t put in the full effort and we don’t do all of these things for you. So go to bed, sleep well knowing that you put in maximum effort. Absolutely.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 3.25.21

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