Spend time with Land man Mike – Who wants to spend some time with me next Friday? Chad in now. All right, cool. So we have one if you would like to spend some time with me tomorrow. Next land men, Mike. Thank you. That’s going to be me. You’re going to have an opportunity to spend some time here and have an opportunity to spend some time next Friday at noon, high noon, like right when the sun hits the that.

The highest point is that really at noon?

I do believe so. I think that’s how it works. That’s why they call it. I know you can always tell what time it is based on like that. Right. It’s at its highest apex.

Pretty sure, I think if I’m wrong, chat, it’d be like, Mike, you’re totally wrong on that one.

Spend Time With Land Man Mike

So anyways, meet me at noon at the lake, if you would like to see what’s on the agenda is we’re going to go around, we’re going to have you see the lake property will take a little stroll. So we’re comfortable shoes, some outdoor shoes, maybe some outdoor pants. If you’re going to get into something, make sure that you’re fully ready to go. And as well as that, we’re going to go ahead and take McKinney Drive.

We’re going to throw you in the back of the Jeep, throw you, throw you just like literally. Yeah. And maybe we’ll give you a rope to hang on. I don’t know what was going to happen, but we’re going to throw you in the back of the Jeep and you can, like, strap my name off, strap yourself in, and we’re going to take a drive around McKinney and see some weird things.

So what there is, is sometimes to get comfortable and we think that every person needs to live in a subdivision and maybe they do and maybe they don’t. So we’ve seen a huge shift towards people moving to different locations and wanting a little bit more land than they typically have. So we’re going to go find some and we’re going to take a look at that as an agent and see what’s out there and what’s available.

Ok, so we’ll take kind of like a country right now. Yeah.  

So imagine we got to get out of that box and start exploring other options, create some opportunities.

We’re going to let you see things in a different light. Bring your camera, and be ready for some photos. Bring a friend in agent who might take some pictures of you. It’s pretty much what it is. You’ll be able to take some pictures of yourself, of whatever you’re seeing, maybe give clients a reason to look at things a little bit differently. Maybe you’ll have all types of post for the next month of things that you saw. Yep. And we’ll give them all to you next Friday at noon.

Meet me up the lake. Would you like the address?

You won’t be there, all the photos. Oh, well, somehow I just double scheduled anyways, next Friday at noon, the address, eight one four six S.R. 860 McKinney, Texas, seven five zero seven one. People can find us now. They can find us. Right. So that’s  where it will be. So find us there and we’ll see you at noon. We’ll take a ride and it’s going to kind of be a sun ride.

So imagine like the typical Sunday drive should spend some time know who’s coming. Are you going to fit in in the Jeep on? You know, we’ll play it by and we’ll figure those types of things out. I’m not one to over plan. So if you don’t fit in the Jeep, then you’ll drive in your own vehicle. You can always go on the top and we will make it work. There is  a guy I’m really not worried about the details.

OK, now we also have a tractor. Maybe some of you could ride the tractor. That’s yes. I’m going to be all sizzle and no steak. OK, so don’t even worry about it. I’ll get your details. You got it. OK, thank you guys. Friday next Friday.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 2.26.21

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