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Speechifying, it’s kind of a new technology, can it help realtors? I don’t know. We’re going to discuss that. It’s kind of a proofreader help you read. It comes in many different languages.

It could help you out. So this is going to be proofreading done quickly.

It’s going to help you understand that you may be here things better and faster than you read them. So if you listen to it, you might comprehend it better.

You might be able to multitask. There’s a lot of benefits to this, and let’s go ahead and show off the link chatted in split the screen and give you an example of exactly how this works.

So here what we have is speechifying. This is an application that would be downloaded directly through Google Chrome, so it gets added into Chrome. So you’ll see over there in the top left. I’m going to grab control of this and you have the opportunity to download it and use it directly with Chrome. But I thought, rather than just kind of go through this, that I would show off how exactly it works.

So what I’m going to do is go back to a page that I was looking at here and I opened this up and expanded this so we could kind of start.

I have a a page right here that we could go through and I could read this or I could listen to it while I’m doing something else, I can change the speed of what’s going on, so I’ll go through and play this here.

This week, Brian Lasing and Nicole White discussed flipping in a low inventory market, renters and home affordability, and agents on Tik Tok.

So that was read at the pace of 210, and that’s kind of a normal reading pace. And if we were, we can go ahead and speed it up and see what it sounds like.

Iren losing and Nicole White are two agents in Connecticut who give us their thoughts, their thoughts on the week’s news. Every Friday in the real world. A weekly video column on Inman. As we know, inventory is scarce right now in this episode.

So that’s a little bit faster. The human ear has no problem discerning it at four hundred words per minute, so let’s hear it. That looks like this episode.

Byron Lasing and Nicole White discuss the experience with house flippers who are taking out high interest loans to combat that in this Wall Street Journal article.

Plus, a new survey finds that nearly half of renters worry that they’ll never be able to afford a home. Byron and Nicole discuss the impact on the

All right, and then we can go even faster if we so desire and see if we can kind of understand that happen or anything else. Marketer of the Week Using TikTok trend in real estate The rise of TikTok has given me estate agents nervous.

Maybe that’s a little too fast and it’s not really discernible. But if you want, you can speed that bad boy all the way up to nine hundred words a minute and see if you can listen to it.

Tell me what to do.

Yeah, I don’t think that’s really discernible so that you would turn that speed down. But at the end of the day, what this technology is made for is maybe before you hit, send on an email.

You can go through and listen to it and hear what it is so that you’re sending out clean emails and good messages out there. If you’re going through and writing any type of thing, this would be great to kind of proofread it.

Sometimes people who are good writers are better off if they hear it right and you can understand what’s going on there and see how it actually comes across. You can change the voice of the person. You can change the language so that you can hear it differently and a different tone.

There’s different dialects, male, female, all types of things. So I do think that it does have its place for you, and it could hopefully help you speed things up for yourself. As far as proofreading, if you’re sending anything out and it’s important, maybe run it through here.

If you want to go ahead and save it and listen to it, a different point. You can take this on the road with you and you can listen to it in the car.

You could listen to it while you’re out, working out or any one of those things and save it there. It’s kind of a neat, unique technology that I kind of hadn’t seen, and I thought that maybe would help you guys out with productivity as an agent and maybe clean up and give you some additional professionalism.

So if that helps you guys out there, I hope you have a good use for it. Thank you. That’s going to end our topic for us.

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Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 9.20.21

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