Special Guest Ken Molestina – Hello there, Shana Acquisto Broker with Acquisto Real Estate here with local news celebrity Ken Molestina of the Channel 11 News. And you know, we all struggle with video. We do agent videos. I was explaining to you all of our listings, explaining all of the awesome features that they have. But as short as they may be, we all panic. And we don’t like seeing ourselves on, you know, on video. We all feel like we look ridiculous and we just it’s we struggle with that.

Special Guest Ken Molestina

So I would love to get some tips from you on video and talk about, you know, one, how do you find the right words to say? Right. So when we started, I mean, we try to plan ahead and prepare for it, but we go in and then we it’s like stage fright. Right. So any advice now? Yeah.

So the first thing you need to know is that that’s normal. That that reaction that you just described. If you’re feeling that you feel that sometimes I do. Yeah. It’s less and less. And when I start to feel it, I know how to address it because I feel like I’ve been doing this for a while. But I always revert back to some really easy tips that even I got when I was a student, you know, just kind of coming off of this. And that is the moniker. And maybe you all have heard it because I’ve heard it cross over is kiss.

Have you heard that Kiss keep it simple Stupid that there is especially and we’ve done this because we’ve done a couple of stories now for the ones for real estate and I think we’ve even talked about this off camera when we’re getting ready to do your interview.

And that is this people, especially when we’re talking about things like this, they want you to connect with them and speak to them like you would a family member like you would a friend. I think sometimes people think that they are expected to put on some kind of academic level speech or use really kind of like highfalutin words.

And we don’t want to look stupid. Right? I think. But but you also don’t want to speak at a level or come off in a way that you can’t connect with the people who you’re serving. In our case, it’s the greater community here across DFW. In your case right now, it’s probably your agents. We’re listening, but ultimately it’s clients. Right. And so here’s what we do, especially for video. Right. And we’re going to have to maybe dig back into our memory bank from a high school.

English classes run on sentences. Remember those you know, where we just keep going and going. Don’t do that one sentence or one thought sentence. When you’re reading over video or talking about video. Again, keep it simple. There’s no necessary there’s no there’s no obligation to use really big words. You know, you can say car instead of saying automobile. You know, you kind of sound a little OK, sound a little fufu. If you start automobiles and everything, you know, it’s a car.

It’s so our interview yesterday I was watching this and it said I said the word CEO people. And I tell my car, I’m like,No, no, no, Even mean CEO.

But you see the and the good thing about that, if you want to use it as an example, is a lot of other people, you know, this is this is the connect with that. You know, if you start speaking at an academic level, what you’re going to do is you’re going to isolate a bunch of people who maybe are not doing PhDs who don’t have that kind of sort of wherewithal with with with language. Right.

So, again, I was told very early on, you can keep it simple, stupid one thought persistence. And then, you know, obviously we write everything that we track. We write it first contract, by the way, when you record your audio over video. So like, you know, like the narration parts of the stories like you did yesterday, for example. And then when we write, you know, we try and write concisely.

We try and speak in active terms. We don’t like to use past tense a lot, you know, very active speakers when we call it. And we tend to find that people since the beginning of of the history of broadcast, whether it was radio, of course, now streaming is a new thing. Right? We have always seen Shonto that people react to that. And that’s kind of what they connect with.

Ok, so just be yourself, you know, hear that a lot to just be ourselves and don’t try. You know, I think we’re trying to think of too many things that why it happens all the time. Yes. And then we lose our train of thought. Yes. And forget what we were ever going to say. Right.

What mean what are you what I try yeah. What I try and do is a lot of times I’ll write bullet points, especially when I’m doing a live report. I know there are certain things that I want to talk about, but I don’t necessarily want to memorize every single word. Yeah, because that does something to your head. You know, when you try to memorize every single word, you inevitably it’s like you’re setting yourself up for failure. It’s easier to memorize a couple of bullet points. And if you know what you’re talking about, which I’m sure your agents do, if you’re well versed in what it is that your expertise is in. You should talk about it.

He talking about it normally, like you would to a friend at the bar or to a family member at a picnic or at a cookout at a ballgame or something like that. And those are sort of the interactions that I think if you can establish sort of that kind of vibe, I think those are the kind of interactions that really give you the most sort of genuine response and authentic response between you as a communicator and whoever your audience would be.

And of course, we keep using realtor client as an example, because I think that’s the one that applies. And I think that just sticking to the point, you know, just stick to the point, give that information out there. Don’t try. We don’t need a lot of fluff. Right. To be straight to the point. So great advice. OK, so we need to kiss every time. All right. Let’s move on to our next topic. Here we go.

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