Ok, so we’re going to talk about smart sellers or maybe lucky sellers. So today is St. Patrick’s Day. So something you could do. You know, we’re all trying to come up with these different ideas. How do we find properties, home buyers? Well, maybe you could just look around at some properties that may not be as desirable, or maybe they have a negative influence of some way, shape or form.

They back a street, back a street with power lines and, you know, a traffic light like, I don’t know, go after those guys, say, hey, this would be a great opportunity for you to sell your home.

Wow. That blew my mind right there. I didn’t even think about that because. Yeah, the market’s so hot. People overlook then. Yeah, they do. They’ll do anything. So this is a good time for us to learn Shana. How amazing sellers.

So make a guy like Ron Pigman that packs up tomorrow doesn’t really like it. All right. Gary backs right to independence.

And so it’s an orange lot, right. So, you know. I know, but he yeah, he this is crazy. It’s the perfect time.

Someone that needs. Yeah. So if you have if you know a property, you know, do a Google Earth search, hone in, go give them a letter, see if they’re willing to sell.

That was really good. Everybody knows somebody that has this property that has a real nuisance by it, like maybe live by a Wal-Mart and you want to get out of here, go.

Maybe it’s a great time to go. Time to go. Hey, can you list our home for.

Just soon enough. Hey, guys, this is amazing, Shana. That was a brilliant idea. 

I just want everyone to think for ten seconds I’m going to give you a countdown.

We’re going to be silent for ten seconds, and you’re going to think about everybody, you know, that has a horrible location, a super bad house or something that’s wrong.

Something that’s a little something to in a balanced market would be a home that may sit for a period of time.

And I want I’m going to give you 10 seconds and we’re going to start in just just a moment. But you are going to keep track of how many you can come up with, put their names, their face, their property, count them in your mind and chat in how you come up with.

Ready, ready, go.

Ok, well, that was a fun exercise. Yeah, I almost fell asleep, too. I know, but regardless, we came up with a bunch of names. How many did you come up with? Three. You came up with three. All right. Well, I came up with two, but I thought of a third one.

So I already mentioned I think I’d have to say, I don’t know. Let’s find out.

So I was thinking of Ron already. I was thinking of ourselves because we back up this Wal-Mart. I’m totally want to get out of here. And then I also thought of Lois Dilworth. She always said that she has some problems with their home and it’s a little bit older and she wants something different. Now would be the perfect time. Perfect. All right. Would you come up with.

I came up. I didn’t I didn’t use ours. Came up with another one. But you don’t know who this person is.

All right. So I got in my life, we were. Oh, OK.

So we should be seeing all of these media days scheduled very soon.

Go on. Go get easing. Yeah. All right. Check your numbers. And Stacey, you are amazing. Put me down for three. Call them up. Look at our list. Yeah.

You know, our our buyer needs look in that area, find the most challenging property and bam! Lois Uppal, you get an office ready, you can even do this, you guys get your buyer, put the offer together, whoa.

And then just go say, hey, here’s an offer. Why couldn’t we do that?

Just go give an offer to somebody and have to be listed. Wow. We know a lot about these properties. Yeah, this is crazy. Do it. Amazing.  

Show me your listings on Friday with Shana is going to be off the chain.

Off the chain. Yeah. There you go. Let’s do it. Oh, amazing. That was just pure brilliant, Shana.

Oh, well, you know, just had all the time. So you just do this another day. You ready? Yeah. I feel like we should just like, end the show and just walk off, not even do a recap and not even do anything just like home.

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