Small Business Saturday with Acquisto Real Estate

Small business Saturday, so as a firm here, we’re going to be doing some stuff with small business Saturday and we’re going to be recognizing some businesses that  we know and appreciate and that we like to frequent here. So if you as an agent have not reached out to Megan, this is your reminder that we will be doing something that we need to know your favorite small business. I have asked Megan to get aggressive and to just go ahead and execute on the items. I named her something, but I guess I’m not supposed to go over those words here on the computer and say, like what I recognized her as, because YouTube’s uses a copyright issue. So I won’t say what her name is, but you can ask her when you talk with her next. And I just want her to accomplish items. Right. So you as an agent, if you do not pick your favorite business for Small Business Saturday, Megan knows you well enough that she’s just going to pick one for you. So I just asked her to go ahead and complete it for you.

You know, a lot of small businesses have struggled this year. No, they really, really have. No, I really we talk all the time about we really like to shop local. And we’re we really even if we travel, we like local mom and pop type restaurants and shops, those things like that. And our middle son, Tanner, he’s really big on shopping like  that, too.

Like he’s so it’s really funny that, you know, as your kids get older, that’s an important thing for them. But but yeah.

So we believe locals good. I mean, we are a high end luxury boutique real estate firm here. And what we would like to make sure that we do and we’re thankful for them and we want to help and keep them afloat. 

Yes. So anyways, make sure you get that over to Meghan right away. If you want. Go ahead and chat in what business you want to support for Small Business Saturday. And Megan will pick that right up for us. We already did put some businesses together for  myself and for you that Meghan chatted in for us. Thanks for picking up Meghan. I’d even at the worry about that. She knows me very well, that she’s like, hey, Mike. Right. So, yeah, she picked them. Do you do you know which one you picked? I don’t know either which one she put. I don’t know.

So maybe there’s a lot that we that we like. No, there certainly is. Megan, if you’re on here and you want to check those links in, go ahead and chat in the ones you already have. And everyone get interactive here and let Megan know which ones you want. This would be a nice forum to be able to do that. Yeah. And if not, reach out to her directly. For more questions, contact Meghan at Acquisto Real and she’ll go and go take care of this. Thank you to Megan for taking care of that for sure.

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