Should Listing Agents Hire A Bouncer – If you’re a listing agent and you’re inundated with people showing up at your listings and you just have so many overlapping appointments, maybe you should consider hiring a bouncer for your listings.

Should Listing Agents Hire A Bouncer?

Yeah, it sounds crazy, but should you really think about it? What a bouncer does is they control the crowd. They check their credentials and take verifications and they take a cover charge. These are all things that you as an agent could have at your newest listing. So let’s kind of think through and talk through that. My name’s Mike Acquisto. I’m a real estate broker, and I’m kind of thinking outside the box here. So what we’re going to do is give us a full recap of what we’re kind of thinking and why this could be appropriate.

So we’ve seen a lot of different challenges here with our listings. We see overlapping zones. We can’t control who’s going in and out. We’re getting inundated with people, asking us questions, listing a or buyer’s agents are calling listing agents all the time, day or night. They’re asking questions. They’re not reading. They’re wondering, can I see the survey? Where can I get this? How can I get that?

You know, there’s a lot of bad agents out there, but that doesn’t mean that that bad agent doesn’t have a great client and might not be the right one for you to work with. Right. So we want to do is we have a responsibility as a listing agent, and that responsibility is to get the highest and best price under the best possible terms for your seller. And sometimes that means working with agents or working through the process as things evolve.

So we kind of never thought we would be in such a situation where homes would be in such demand that we have lines that it feels like you’re at a frat party, that it feels like you need like a stamp on your hand to get in and like a UV light to see if you’ve paid or not. But that’s really what’s going on right now. So if you feel that it’s that out of control, that you have a price point, that’s that in demand, that you want a little bit more control, you want to have an interaction directly with them.

If you want to kind of meet these people, if you want to be able to explain and get your message out, it’s almost like an open house. Maybe it’s a way that you capture people as you’re going by and they’re like, what is this frenzy all about? And they’re unrepresented. Maybe you need two people there with you, right? Like a person checking the ID and making sure that these people should be in there and a person registering people. These are all different options that you have. Right.

But think outside the box. And if you have that listing that is in that much demand and you know it’s going to go fast, it’s going to go hot, and you want to get to know the people.

Think about that. You get to get your message out if you show up. So grab a folding table, grab some chairs, sit out front, enjoy your time and do what’s best for yourself. If you know it’s going to sell in one weekend, maybe it’s best for you to show up there, right?

If you see if you show and put that effort out there, don’t you understand that all of those buyers that are showing up in front of that property are going to realize it? And maybe the seller that’s listed look into the list. His home across the street is going to come off and be like, hey, what are you doing here? This is kind of an interesting idea.

Why are you here and what’s up? Right. Could you maybe sell my property? I see that you’re putting in the effort and you want to sell it for more under the best possible terms for this person. Maybe you can help me on mine. Just think outside the box, be a little bit unique and maybe you will have some great results, just an idea. I’m not saying you need a bouncer, but if anyone likes that idea and has some unique ideas, go ahead and chat that in and will kind of discuss it.

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