Hey, I’m Mike Aquisto, real estate broker and co-owner of Acquisto Real Estate. Next, my lovely wife, Shana Acquisto and I personally and around the house, Mike, fully endorse shark bites. It’s a huge timesaver.

So I’m going to tell you a little bit more about it from just like a homeowner perspective and kind of fully explain what happened, how simple the repair is, what saved us and everything else. So we are in the middle of a huge storm that’s going on. The weather is unusually frightful.

Yeah, it’s unusually cold right now, and our pipe burst outside, so this is a copper pipe in traditional settings, you would end up having to solder around and clean this all up. And where I was, it was a bit of a pain in the neck because it was kind of close and it was tight. And there is kind of a lot going on in there. And I was like upside down. Whenever you’re doing work like this, it always seems that you’re in like one of those super tight spots. So, Omkar, let’s go ahead and split the screen and some of these pictures.

Here we go, so picture no one is going to be the actual the actual issue.

Tiny little thing caused a problem in that crazy. Yeah, no it did.

So I was able to end up using the shut off key, the yellow one that we also spoke about previously. So we noticed this problem last night. I went out, shut that off and cut the water to the home. And that does create several problems to go all night without water in your house. But it did prevent future problems and it allowed me to recalibrate and fix the problem in the morning. So I diagnosed where it was, stopped it, and then we moved on. So let’s go ahead and show your picture to me and see a little bit more about this.

So I was able to have the classic picture of the lows and the sunrise in the Jeep this morning, so that was really nice. We get to have a sunrise at.

Hey, looks like you’re one of the first of a couple of people there. And definitely there is a lot of people there. Let’s move on just a little bit, Omkar.

And so under here was the problem. So this is on an exterior wall. And this is probably the the main reason that this happened. It has happened before and it was probably faulty design work. So we have shut offs outside to stop it so that the sink doesn’t the sink doesn’t freeze. But that doesn’t really help if the pipe leading to the sink also freezes because it’s on its outside, essentially.

So this is in addition we did after the fact. So I guess in hindsight and thinking about how I would change this for our next home is I would have a off inside so that we could shut the water off inside and then drain it. So we don’t have a challenge because any water outside of the home is probably going to freeze in this scenario. So it didn’t matter what else we did. So what I was able to do is go underneath and use a tool and cut this off now losers’ out of a ton of different things. But the shark bite.

Yeah, so that’s the tool you use and you go in and shut the water main off. Let’s go to the next picture here if you can, and yet you can blow that up. Absolutely. So the next tool here that was super helpful to use is in a tight spot. I did have a hacksaw, but I was I really, really like this pipe cutter, the one right in the middle of the little white one that helps out quite a bit because you’re able to just circle around and you get a nice smooth cut all the way around.

So you can see that. Then you take that little blue thing down at the bottom and you go around and you clean it like with that pipe cleaner type thing on the one end.

So that goes in the middle and then you go around the outside with the key type thing in it. So you stick it in there and then you go ahead and do that. Then the shark bite. That’s the super key

part is it eliminates all the soldering and all you do is Ticketek.

And that’s what I did. You just stick it in and it’s like as easy as could be at clips in and it works so losers’ out of a lot of different parts.

So all I did is get a shutoff valve. And so I have this on the end and I just put a shutoff valve on and stop the water so that we didn’t have a problem. So if we go back, you’ll see that is just kind of chilling there. Now, the nice thing about this is this is a copper pipe, but it also works with this flex pipe. So the same thing. What I bought the flex pipe and it’s the same half inch and that will plug into the end of the shark bite and then on the other side.

So I’ll be able to fully repair it. But for right now, since it was freezing and it was 16 degrees, a little cold when I was doing it, I just wanted to get the water back on and take a shower and have that all resolved for you.

So I don’t have this wrong car, but can I just show this? This is probably the camera.
I don’t think you can see it, but Mike was out there 16 degrees, had all of this done before 8:00 a.m..

Well, sometimes you just have to do things so it’s fully endorsed by Michael Questo and around the house. And Mike, let’s go ahead and show off shark bite so you can see their website and maybe you can see a little of this in action. The nice thing is it just simply slides right on you and you’re like, whoa, that’s amazing. So here’s a pro. He’s wearing safety goggles and you can see exactly how this works.

So it connects all different types of things. And that’s the exact piece that I used, that little shutoff valve and a half inch variety and all the couplings just work and fit together and it plugs multiple types together so that eliminate all the soldering, all that different stuff.

And it’s just like, well, thank you very much. And super PACs have a huge win for very, very happy with it. Thank you. Very fortunate. I would buy the stock because for normal homeowners it’s a really good thing. And they were pretty much sold out of everything. They’re the guys at Lowe’s. We’re talking super highly about it. And yeah, I’m totally in. Wow. So anyways, there we go. Thank you.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 2.19.21

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