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CBS News – All right, Shana, ready to go? Yes, we are. So she’s been on CBS 11 News now three times, to the best of my knowledge recently, and I would say within the last two months, you’ve been on there three times covering all different types of topics. So that definitely classifies you as a regular news contributor.

So that’s awesome. What we’re going to do is we’re going to go over the fact that it was a past TNT topic that you just recently covered. And that was the same thing that we went over on the news. So these things are extremely, extremely relevant. We’re going to talk about how establishing these relationships allow you to have that type of thing. Right.

So he was also a guest on TNT. So that helped build this connection and do that. So we’re very thankful for Ken Molestina and CBS 11. So we’ll give a link back to them.

Yeah, I’ve learned a lot from him, actually it is it’s all really good, right? It helps out with brand building, building relationships, and sometimes you have to give something selflessly, self, selflessly of yourself, and then you receive things back, but don’t expect it and know you’ll be a good person.

But the important thing to learn here is to nurture these relationships and, you know, things good things come from them. And you can always learn from everyone. I mean, he’s a news reporter, but I learned so much from him as he told me he’s learned from me for real estate. So it’s been great. Very good.

That’s great practice for you being on TV and daily on TNT. Was that that was that was for dramatic effect, OK? Yeah, it was for everybody at home. I think the kids like when I do stuff like that, I’ve heard that were really, really big in like the six to 11 year old demo.

So that’s exactly how I could kind of relate this CBS 11 News to to Kim, for example. OK, I’m not I’m just going to use this as an example, because it came to my mind that Kim was awarded the Rising Star Award from the North.

So, yes, and, you know, I do notice that Kim nurtures that relationship, she’s met a lot of people through that of her agents, became friends with other agents, you know, and it just it builds your brand and your reputation and things come from that. Good things come from that, you know.

And Kim was recognized as a rising star. How did she do that, because she’s out there and building relationships in neutral.

So when the door opens, stick your footing and stay inside, really? I mean, she deserves and she was a great job.

She is. And was still a rising star.

Yes. Does she have a link? We’re going to check that in for you guys. And we’re going to go ahead and split the screen and see if we can successfully play this video for you. All right, so this is actually from a couple of days ago, is that when it came out? Yes, maybe yesterday. I know. I’m going to know why. Watch yourself on on TV is not how to triple your client’s traffic in just seven months?

Start by fixing on page SEO and easily creative. We’ll skip that. And the business side of homeowners associations in the state of Texas are changing, all thanks to some new legislation recently passed. And today is once real estate. We are outlining what’s new and how it affects you.

The Homeowners Association reform legislation comes as a result of a pair of companion bills in the House and the Senate known collectively as the realtor bills.

What these bills do is provide just the balance between private property rights and, you know, community standards.

Shana Acquisto was a broker or an agent of Acquisto Real Estate. She says there are three major points of the reform that affect the nearly six million Texans who belong to homes across the state. For starters, there will now be a cap of 375 dollars for a resale certificate and 75 dollars to update one. And all of those fees will be seen up front by realtors, homeowners and buyers.

We as realtors will be able to have access and a place to go to know what these fees are up front rather than, you know, getting down the road. So it’s something they’re going to know up front and could be negotiated in next eight days will have to provide agenda’s minutes, managing documents, all of it online for their members. In addition, they have to offer an appeals process for violations, all of which were previously not mandated.

Forcing them to be, you know, forthcoming with all of this information will make people feel a little bit better because everyone wants their their property to be protected and their values to be protected.

Another big change is prohibiting board members and their spouses from also serving in committees within the way to avoid conflicts of interest.

There’s some things going on that just makes a homeowner feel much better about belonging to the association and making everything transparent.

Well, folks, if you have a story idea for us, all you have to do is send us an email at one’s for real estate at We would love to hear from you.

Well, that’s very good. Thank you to Ken for sure. All right.

It was a very last minute.

Video, so we had to, you know,  come up with this. Not really on the fly, but kind of on the fly. He talked to me the day before and then something else happened and then the next day he was like, hey, let’s do it tomorrow. And so we did. It was great.Yeah, I learned a lot from him.

Yes, no, it’s very good. So thank you to him will make sure that we give a link, Ana, directly to the article when we get that person on TNT. And we’ll also give a link to Ken’s bio and thank him there so that we have that all completed for him. He’s done a really nice job and he gave his email address. If you have a topic yourself, really say he would be great to have covered.

There’s something that comes up when you see those types of things. That’s for somebody else. No, actually, it’s for you. Right. So go ahead and be even better every single day. Establish those relationships, build your brand. And a lot of people see these types of things right. So as soon as that happens, you get notices and text from people. And my mom’s like, whoa, shot is on the news. And so it’s good.

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