Shana Acquisto Dallas Modern Women – Shana Acquisto, real estate broker, Acquisto Real Estate, was recently named Dynamic Women, according to Dallas Modern Women magazine. So we’re going to go ahead and take a look at this magazine and split the screen and show it off.

I happen to be her husband. My name’s Mike Acquisto. I’m a real estate broker. I’m going to take charge and grab the name The Mouse here and scroll over here and let us take a look. This is the back cover story here. And there is several different women that were represented in here and walk real quickly, get to exactly where we see Sean in here. So give me just a second as we scroll through here.

Shana Acquisto Dallas Modern Women

And here we go. Really nice article written on Shana. And she was spotlighted in Modern Luxury magazine. And there’s an article for you. So we’ll take this link and we’ll chat it in and you guys can see all about it. She’s wearing her signature high heels inside one of her listings. She does a nice job getting some luxury listings, and we’re really proud of her here.

So congratulations to you, Shana. Any one of the agents here? We get spotlighted in magazines. We’re going to cover it for you real quick on TNT and say nice job, congratulations. And we’ll also drop a link to this and put it out on the Internet for you. So let’s go ahead and grab that. Link it in. You guys can read that article in your own time and we’ll end that topic. Congratulations, Shana.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 4.19.21

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