Shana Acquisto Channel 11 – That’s real estate broker Shana Acquisto, and she was recently on Channel 11 News. We’re going to go ahead and review that bad boy with you and talk a little bit more with her. So we’re going to go over like, hey, what was that all about? Did you enjoy it? How’d you get called? Why were you on the news? Were you nervous?

Like did some of this experience here on TNT prepare you for that? I’m excited to find out. Let’s go ahead and share the link and split the screen and ask Omkar, can we see that? So we’re going to go ahead and play this, we’ll turn the volume so you guys can each hear it and off we go. Let’s see, maybe we got some muted action, can you hear that, everybody I think, Omkar, we need to un click that box down here.

And her recent experience isn’t too much different than this. Texas real estate market, you know, that finding a house and getting in that winning bid, it’s not easy. Ken Goldstein, I spoke to a real estate agent who has some tips she thinks could help you compete. It’s in today’s one’s for real estate.

Let’s put them way here. Chances are, if you’re a hopeful home buyer in north Texas, your experience isn’t too much different than this.

Cecil’s finding a house to buy that’s not a new build was almost impossible in our price range. And and we couldn’t compete with the people who were giving cash and waiving appraisals

For this growing family. That meant looking beyond the urban areas that they were originally focused on. In their case, it was out in Obreht. And therein lies one of the first tips realtors are offering clients.

This is actually a chance to get in on the ground level at some of these other smaller communities.
Realtor Shana Acquisto says the historic demand for homes and shrinking inventory has forced realtors to get creative, reaching out on next door and social media sites asking people if you’re interested in selling.

And sometimes realtors say they simply just walk the streets, knocking on neighbors doors, asking how much it take to get them to move out.

And maybe it, you know, it it works out that we can come in and help them out and they help our buyers out.

So you’ll find a home. What next? You’ll probably get into a multiple offer situation. Shana Acquisto says this is not the time to have contingencies. She says you have to get rid of them and find a lender that can close your deal fast. Here’s another tip. Submit the same offer twice.

Find out what the deadline is. And we put the offer in immediately. But then we resubmitted at the end because I think sometimes with so many, I could get lost in the shuffle.

If you go into an open house and you like it, she says, you can also simply just leave an offer in an envelope on the table. Also, she says they’re seeing a lot of top offers fall through. So her advice is to seriously consider going into backup, even if a home is already contingent.

Is that way they’re in there. And that way, if the deal falls apart, they automatically slide into first position.
The seesaws landed their next home and now they have some honest insight for anyone wanting to give it a go in this challenging market.

And it was a lot of stress. It was it was a lot of nights of having a lot of conversations about it.
I’m caramelised into the ones for real estate.
If you have a story ideas and can email at once for real estate

A couple of those things, I was kind of talking off record with him, but it’s fine. Yeah, until I start getting phone calls. But, you know, I’m of the opinion that I’m a big fan of the backup offer and it’s it’s proven to be successful. And, you know, I think we’re all doing what it takes. I know several of you have gone in and done next door in social media. I think someone has even done letters to neighbors. So, you know, we’re doing what it takes.

And I’m proud of all of you because, you know, we’re able to get our sweet buyers. This is a this is a family that we met years ago. They rented a home and they were just, you know, Kyra, it was just getting out of school and, you know, they wanted to rent and then they got married and they bought their their first home, which was this one. And now they’re selling and and they’re building. So I think they are the cutest little family. I love them.

They’re like our kids, no super nice people, and it’s good to be able to do that. Yeah, so very impressive. So thank you for participating. It was it easier to do since you’ve had so much experience kind of doing?

It was I guess it was easier, but any time you see yourself on TV, it’s like more horrifying.
Well, I thought you were amazing. So thank you very much for representing.
It was raining and it was great.

How is your hair that day? It was bad. It was a bad everything. Oh, my word. But it’s OK. Can you imagine

Just getting the message out? Backup offers. Very good. Are you going to be on again? Yes. You heard it here first. Yeah, thank you very much. Congratulations.

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