Are you a realtor and you’re struggling with setting up your retirement account and maybe you don’t have this on autopilot and you’re not putting enough money into your savings? Let’s talk about that. So this is a request and an internal topic.

We won’t publish this one out there for later on. But if you as an agent are thinking to yourself that you need to be putting some more money aside for your retirement and you don’t currently have this setup or it’s not done in the right way and you would like some information about it, I would have no problem discussing with you and helping you set that up.

I can put it as a specific item that we go over during one of our agent, work weekly workshops and do it for next week. But I wanted to find out, is this a topic that’s important to you? So is this something that we should kind of spend some time on?

As so we’re going to take a quick poll on car and do you want assistance or to have a meeting regarding setting up an IRA account, either a Roth or a 401k? There’s a couple of different ways you can do it through Vanguard directly or through other places.

That’s just the one place that I happen to have a little bit more knowledge of. And once we had this setup, it did make me feel a little bit better to be contributing to this on a regular basis and allow that to kind of be on autopilot. So is this something that you would like some assistance with as an agent?

Would you like to have some of the money come out of each one of your statement or each one of your closings to go towards this? Would you like? So if so, then you would be a yes on this and we could kind of discuss it.

Is this important or not? Right? So let me know. And then we will either meet on this topic or not, but I’m just trying to bring it up. I do know that there are difficulties as an agent and one of them specifically is kind of setting this stuff up because everyone’s an independent contractor, not an employee employer relationship.

So in this particular situation, sometimes you don’t have certain things that are set up for you when the day you start for your retirement plans.

And I kind of now that we’ve gotten to the scale and scope we’ve gotten to, I kind of thought, Well, it probably makes sense to do this on a larger scale for people. I’m not saying we’re setting up any type of matching program as an employer because we are not that, but I can set it up and help discuss it with you where you as an agent could set the stuff up for yourself.

So we will close that poll in just a second and move on Omkar. So please have chatted in your answer. All right. Let’s close it out, home car, and we’ll see the results come in at the Wrap.

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Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 12.29.21

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