Realtors: Don’t get burn by SEO Scams

Howdy, elders, howdy. Don’t get burned by Eskow scams, right? It’s a common thing people promise stuff. It sounds really easy. People like, hey, I can do this with Deseo and I don’t know why they talk like that when they say that stuff to you, but they do. And what we’re going to do is we’re going to let you know a few items super quick during this episode. We’re going to let you know that there are no no shortcuts.

You can’t take any right content in authority. Does matter, will review that. It’s a very long term play. It is often pretty expensive. If you do it right, you have to do more than just Siao if you want to actually rank. So you can’t just go through and like change your words and be like I want to be known as blank. Right. That’s really difficult because what you also have to do is you have to go through user experience, software codes, you have to get your load speed, you have to get your certificates for SSL.

Yet that as there’s a lot of different items you have to do, including Web security, your domain security. So let’s go ahead and take a look at an article that references the exact same thing, we’re going to take that article and it in the description for you. Sean is going to tell you all about Eskow here in just a little bit.

Well, I do know that there’s a lot of companies offering that as part of a social media package. Right. And they may do, like, just barely scratched the surface. But, you know, that’s not really helping you. So it’s good to have a basic understanding of how this works.

And it’s a common thing for people to be. It sounds good, right? It sounds really good when you think about it.
It’s easy to be like, oh, thank goodness somebody is going to do this for me. But, you know, if you don’t know what they’re doing.

Exactly. So let’s go ahead. Let’s go ahead and take a look. That link will get created in there for you. We’re going to scroll on down. And if you would, just go ahead and chat in how many times this has happened to you that people have reached out and had over promise and under deliver, whether it happens, to be honest, SEO or anything else related. Right. Just trapped in those topics.

They can’t get approached by this all the time. Right. These things do happen. So no one if somebody is going to go ahead and guarantee you rankings in something, probably not going to happen. It does take a long time guaranteeing. I’m pretty much out on that. Right.

They know someone at Google or have a special relationship. Wow, that sounds awesome. Probably not. Again, they’re offering a free trial of their SEO. OK, that’s cool. And then going can do is get your credit cards and you figure everything out and get access to your accounts. That’s not cool. Right? And then they’re going to submit you to thousands of search engines. Not really. Google kind of controls most of it. Right.

I kind of look at that as people are like, we are going to send your listing out, you know, in MLS to all these websites. Well, everybody does that.

Yeah, they have some, like, secret strategy that nobody else knows about. No, probably not if you give them credit or not.

I mean, like it sounds good, like it might be the thing. Hmm. You’ll be top ranked within X amount of time, 48 hours. Who doesn’t want that? I’ll take it, I’ll take it right, but not necessarily. Oh, and they’re the lowest price. So like you’ve been searching and searching and searching and you just want something super cheap.

We all know what that means. Yeah, the cheapest.

Right. And they work with someone. They partner again, kind of similar. They know the algorithm and there are certain things that do feed into it. Right. So there’s no doubt that there are things that you need to improve upon to make your your site rank higher. Right. So but knowing the specific one, I’m not sure exactly that. And even if they knew it, it could get all your stuff to that type of speed within that short time. And then let’s see that take ownership of the content. Yeah.

So what they do is they want to own everything that you’re doing, so don’t do that because you’re going to ask for using it to do it correctly. You do have to trust the person. They do need usernames and passwords to get into most items. Right. And it’s it’s very difficult. Yeah. So in short, here’s what I’m going to say with our experience of it.

So we’ll switch back to be where we’ll just talk with you directly. So agents, the actual answer is I see it is really hard. Right, there’s like things that you would like to have happen and to be truthful, it’s expensive. It takes a lot of time and a ton of effort and a lot of learning. All right. So there are some places where you can go ahead and get some free training on the Internet.

So if you want to go out there, you know, I don’t even need to say the names of the companies. What you can do is just simply look out there, go on YouTube, type in like SEO for beginners and see the type of stuff that goes into it. When you take a look at that and then look at it and say like, oh, wow, is somebody’s going to do that for me for X amount. Right. And put whatever number in there and then you’ll realize that probably not.

Right. And I think owning the content is a big one because then they they control everything and they don’t have to. Then, you know, if you ever make a change or you don’t like it, want to do something different, it’s a problem. So, you know, prior to real estate, I sold advertising and a magazine and they preached all the time.

Right. That you have to be consistent and in it for the long haul. And it’s the same thing, except that was a little different. You kind of what you see is what you get this there’s a lot of you don’t know an unknown. So you must be very careful. But consistency is is important.

Yeah, it definitely is. SEO is really difficult and it’s more than the words. So what I want to let you know there is it comes down to you have to understand the user experience to understand how much comes from mobile first desktop. There’s a lot of stuff to do there. Yeah. Are you going to invest in AMP Technologies?

Do you know what AMP Technologies is? So if you don’t know some of these things and it’s best not to kind of go down that path in general, do you know the right kind of code to write it with? You need to have Java code on there. Should you not have Java codes it like a good thing or a bad thing I’m thankful for.

What about your server that you’re working with can handle the traffic and what if it can’t like what do you do now? Do they tell you.

Right, you have load balancing. Do you have any servers? Yeah, it’s a real word. It really is, and do you have security because your site is going to be important that it has the http s. So that would be one bar. If you don’t have https on your site, then you shouldn’t be going any further if your domain is not hosted by yourself. If you don’t have it, push somewhere. If you don’t have a content delivery network or you don’t know what one is, then stay away from FCL.

You know what I’ve learned from all of this coming year round, because I don’t want to do that now or know that.

There you go. Thank you. Well, if you’d like to know my favorite content delivery network and you would like to know some of these things, if you’re like, hey, what is my domain authority? What is my site authority, then just, you know, we can have a deeper discussion. But these are all things under discussion.

So what do we have? We have a full time scale person, like full time is it Is not like ampe. Yeah. Like all the time he’s working on it like I think almost 20 for like 23 hours a day. He sleeps one hour a day. And now it is an amazing job, ladies and gentlemen, don’t fall for a fall for any scams. It’s not cheap, it’s not easy, and it’s actually super hard. That’s it.

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