Why SEO is important for Realtors?

SEO for Realtors- Mike and Shana Acquisto here, real estate brokers and co-owners with Acquisto real estate, and let’s talk about SEO for realtors. All right. So that’s something it’s a real thing. And we want you to be even better at it. For realtors, I mean. So you can directly from as directly to her everything that was a bad joke and it basically failed and set in.

Now, sometimes those things happen to even the best of us. So anyways, SEO for realtors, so it’s an important thing. Stands for search engine optimization. You hear me talking about it from time to time or more often than you probably want. In other words, and it is an important item, what it does, it helps direct traffic to a website for very specific words.

SEO for Realtors

So when people are searching on the Internet, there’s things that kind of show up. So what we have here is a training class in which you can take to become SEO certified. No comment here at all on that one, so let’s roll over to this other screen and we’re going to go split screen and show you what it is. So Sem Rush is the company and they’re offering free digital certificates for you to become an expert in any one of these items. So there are rather simple courses, but there’s a lot of different things that go within this.

So if you want to direct more traffic to your Web page as a realtor, then I suggest that you dig in here. This is one of those ways that you invest time, energy and efforts and not money. OK, so if you’re looking for one of those items as an agent and you want to do that, you want to build your business for the long term. And this is kind of where you start and I’m trying to give you the tools so you can do that and then we can start to have some amazing discussion.

So if you’re an agent that works with us, then what we would like you to do is go ahead and get some information. There’s tons of different training inside here and this is free and you’ll become kind of certified and you’ll know what to do. We have an account at the brokerage level for s.M Reisz and that will allow you to optimize and do different things right.

So if there’s topics you want to cover and things you want to draw in. So if you happen to be like a realtor that specializes in just one city, like maybe McKenny or you have a brand, right. These are all things that you can be better with to direct traffic back when people are looking for those kind of keywords. Yeah. So anyways, I think that’s an important thing to understand. -SEO for Realtors-

It’s necessary myself. I, I don’t have all the time to do it for everybody. So I’m trying to get the keys so that we can end up being better. So please take this and then we can get you log in and information to be able to get into the back side and you can go inside and you can start to use these tools. But I will require that you are certified and pass that test beforehand because you’ll be within sight. And there’s a test.

You get a certificate. It’s like a digital certificate plan and you get a certificate.

No, I can’t. So that’s how you get a free certificate. Right. And it will help you drive business so you can, like, work more on your name. So maybe you have a common name, right. So there’s a lot of people we have two agents with last name Miller. So that’s a common name.

And maybe your first name is also common, like Kim and then Millerick. Or Mike, right. Yeah. So what happens here is when you have a common name like that, then you want to work on how you differentiate yourself and how you move up. So if people look up, maybe Kim Miller, realtor, for example, there might be many different results that show up all across the country.

So you want to be the first one to Miller Realtor and. Exactly.

Yeah, and there’s actually as odd as it is for my name, my father is a broker and there’s another MikeAcquistoain San Antonio that has the same thing. So when you type in Mike Acquisto, a realtor, then there’s a bunch of them. And I have a problem because my name is also Mike and it’s Michael. And so when I put it in different places. Right. So you need to work on some different things. -SEO for Realtors-

So maybe it’s Kimberly and Miller and you find a way to  to work on both of those. So anyways, let’s not get bogged down here. Just understand the importance and some of the difficulties around it. And when you become certified, I’ll open up some different items in a in the back side because then you’ll have access to to what kind of doing a lot of that. Thank you for that.

Hey, no problem at all. So there you go. I think it’s important it’ll help build your long term business if you need something to do when it’s possibly a little slower or seasonally. These are the times when we work on growing our business and doing those items that’s going to help build your long term foundation moving forward as an agent. And that’s my recommendation for you, Tom. Great. Thanks for that. Perfect. Can’t wait if you want more business. -SEO for Realtors-

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