SEO for Real Estate – My name’s Mike. This is my lovely wife, her name’s Shana, I’m Shana. She happens to be a luxury real estate broker and I happen to be a super nerd. And together, let’s start real estate. Maybe I’m more than just a nerd, too. I don’t know. But I’ve been working for so long, I have no idea how long we’ve been working on this. So what we wanted to always be able to do is to rank on the first page for everybody’s individual property for your address.

OK, so like if you go online, sometimes you’ll type in a property address like one to like our address, for example, you just type that in and then you would see that somebody ranks on the first page for that. And like, how in the world does that happen? Yeah, right. And there’s a lot of stuff that goes into that.

And normally it’s like Zillow or or if it’s a commercial property, maybe LoopNet or whatever. Right. And it’s because you’re taking and downloading all this information. But wait, let’s go ahead and just take a look here. I’m going to show off our first ever. First result for a property search for just typing in the address. So let’s go ahead and share the screen, Omkar, to my delight.

All right, so here we are, ladies and gentlemen, and what I have done is we’ll take this link and we’ll chat it in for you because I was able to accomplish this. You would look at the exact address here. So the address I typed in is a property that is just actively listed.

This one we ranked for. It happens to be a commercial piece of property. OK, and what you’ll see is it pulls up just by typing in the address, solely the address. Right then what we have is we have LoopNet that comes up with the first result comes up second. Map Quest will give you directions to get there. A couple of other places, including century twenty one Remax.

And then if we look just a little bit down below, we will have Acquisto Real Estate dot com and the individual property page for that. So we’re on the last ranking for one property. For one particular address, but this is a valuable, valuable thing. Yes, I can’t even explain to you how important this is and what that means and the insights that it’s taken us in the time and the effort and how we had to do this. So I’m going to go ahead. And so now that I showed that when you click on it, what it will do is it will lead you right to the property.

Now, this particular one is expired. And so there’s a couple of reasons why this one here happened to rank their number one, it happened to be a commercial property. Number two, it happened to be a expired listing. So once it rolled off of active to expire, then people didn’t handle it the same way. So then it showed up. This happened to be one of the most expensive properties that was currently on the MLS. Right. So this is kind of a huge deal. So once we can do this one time, was that one of the 30 million that.

Yeah, this is I think it was 30 million dollars. So this property here, once we can rank for this now we can start to rank for a lot of items that come up with just your address. OK, so let’s go back over here. And I want to just share a couple of items, so I want to say, number one, thank you to Naz. My gosh, we’re very thankful for so Naz, our CEO guy. He’s doing all the Web development stuff. And you guys have been patient with me. And that’s been a huge deal. Well, some people have been and some people haven’t been, maybe somebody.

So anyways, now what we’ve been trying to do for a long time here is build our database correctly and to build it correctly with what had to happen as we had to tear it all down. And we had to directly download everything, OK, so we’ve been going through this process and then we broke the computer like I don’t want to go through all of our problems. Let’s just say we had to take about one hundred steps backwards to be able to take this one huge, critical step forward. So now we finally completed it once. Right.

OK, and it’s a huge deal. But in the near future, when you start to type in your own property address or any property address on the Web, we’ll start to rank really, really high. So all of our results are coming. We’re on page two and three for most properties. So any property that has been listed. For sale in the last probably three months, we’re on normally paid two, three, four for those results, then we can go backwards and download all the historic data and have that as well so all the other properties start to show up. So not as big just between you and I just really need to tell you, thank you.

Yeah, me too. And what it means. Yes. And, you know, some people could be lost right now, but just know that these are the types of things that are going on, you know, behind the scenes that, you know, not everybody’s privy to see or fortunate. So it is happening and it is huge. And this is really big for our future. So, all right.

So what it means is that it will not just be for properties here. OK, so we actually there’s two different types of database feeds that come in. I don’t want to get into this, but there’s Rezo and Rets and there’s a new standard, an old standard. We here at Nattrass happened to be on the old standard, of course, which made it extremely difficult. There’s a new standard, the new standards used by almost everybody, except like some people that are archaic. So the Montana database is on the new standard.

So we have all of that data as well. We already worked on that weirdy, worked on all of it, and that’s ready to go. So now that we have both standards as we expand, will essentially be able to get every address across the country, every like we’re all ready to address. Yeah. Which means that it’s a huge deal. So our technology is.

Quickly advancing. I feel redeemed. I know you can get a lot more than just that anyways, it’s a celebration day, ladies and gentlemen, and I hit the bell. Thank you, guys.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 3.23.21

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