Hello, I’m Mike Acquisto, I’m a real estate broker and I’m joined by my lovely wife, Shana Acquisto, who is a luxury real estate broker. So it is really nice to be surrounded by such luxurious people wearing beautiful clothes. The shirt looks amazing on you. Says who’s Anna loves your sweater. So that’s really.

Thanks, Anna. Nice job, Anna. And thanks for reminding me. So I could make a note that it looks spectacular. All right. Thank you so much. And let’s go with the topic here.

Search for New Construction

So we’re talking about ways to search with new construction. Yes. And we’re very difficult to build up with the new construction.
There’s neighborhoods going in right, left whose side, you know, who’s accepting contracts, all of that.

So I don’t know if many of you have known if any of you have noticed that through your Ntreis log in on your dash on your dashboard, you have the option to to log in to this builder’s update. Dotcom. Perfect.

Let’s take just a second home car, share the screen and show you guys what we’re looking at and can’t possibly check this Lincoln out for you and tell them how they’ll be able to get.

So this is a  free service for you as a natural member to be able to utilize so you can go in through here.

And there’s a lot of options you can go in through here and set up your profile. We’ve talked about how important it is to set up profiles in all these different portals, but you can go in here and search for subdivisions and builders and areas. And I found it very helpful.

Right. There’s also some they’re essentially in their latest.
I’ll give you the mouse and you can direct this around. So if you look up here, you can search by your city or area over here to, oh, I can do this. Yeah. Oh, sweet. I’m way over there. Yeah. So you can go. I know. I just can’t I can’t read this amount. Yeah. All right.

So Shawn is going to drive here so you can basically you have the same search features as you have a Ntreis. You can build a search and put it together and draw it. You know, you can hand draw it. You can do different options there as far as setting it up. But everyone should log in there and set up your portal first, set up your profile and then play around with this, because I think it’s a great tool.

And, you know, it’s very helpful to be able to determine where these new communities are. If you know of a new community that happens to not be here, you can also send them a message and add it yourself. So I think this is great for realtors to utilize this one portal to be able to search for new  homes. Yeah, it’s it’s helpful and it’s right, right free through our Lefteris.

It’s actually a good update, can we look maybe for properties and do a simple search in our local area maybe for John McCain on your choice?

So let’s put coming soon. Let’s see what’s coming up. Apply and then we want to put. Trisko. Let’s just let’s just put first go. I don’t know if there’s anything new coming in first. Go try it.

Ok, so here we have Perry Homes and Hollyhock.
Does it show what the little dots are? Not really.

All provided not so it says over here. Builder has elected not to provide listing and co-op information to buyers and agents. OK, so what does that tell you?

They don’t like realtors. Mm hmm. Yeah, got to be careful with that. And who was that? Perry moans.

Meritage Homes, there’s actually really good written homes, so this is actually either it’s coming soon and they just haven’t released the information or this is good to be aware that maybe they’re not cooperating.

I don’t know if that’s the case. I’m not saying that at all. But I actually like that this is in here. Right? Maybe it’s already sold out and they don’t have any left. I don’t think that’s the case. However, maybe you take a drive over there now that you have it on the map, see what’s going on.

Be ahead of the game, right?
Interesting. Mm hmm. Well, that sounds good. This is some really good information that you’re providing to us.
Well, I would love for you guys to all log in here, set up your profile and give some feedback.

And maybe we talk about this on Friday and show me your listings. We can have a little discussion about this and get some feedback from you guys, see how it’s working out.

All right. Sounds really good. Profiles, profiles.

Set your profiles up because, you know, I believe that if people are searching through here in some way that they’ll be able to find you. If you have if you have your profiles set up. So it’s important.

And it’s another way to get a link back to your Web site. So that would be an important item there, certainly ahead and complete that link it back directly to your agent page so that you have that. And then we’ll take this logo and be able to put that on your website, your agent page, and we’ll link those two together. And there should be a nice tool for you to be able to utilize. Any time that we have new tools, we have to bring them to you. And thank you very much for bringing this up.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 3.9.21

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