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Scroll stopping real estate photos. So if you’re just sitting there and you’re just scrolling through stuff, right, any which direction, then Shauna is going to give you guys some tips on what’s going on here, what to look for when you can do it, how you could use an MLS where it could be used, maybe just on social media. These are all different things. But she’s an expert.

So I know you guys are always looking on social media. You know, other posts, real estate related items. And you know, we scroll a lot and I just ask you what causes you to stop scrolling? You know, what is that that you’re like? Whoa. So think about that for a minute. Think about what is so impactful that it causes you to stop scrolling and then try to take those and put them into your own posts.

So we’re going to pull over some examples that I thought were cute or different. This is one of them that was on social media that I thought, You know what? There’s a little dog in this photo, and a lot of the times we want everything perfect, everything cleaned up, moved off. You don’t want people in there. But what is wrong with that? It kind of shows how they live, right? And wow, that door opens wide up.

Their pets can come in and out. You know, you’re not going to appeal to people who hate pets. Probably. Or maybe they’ll also be attracted to it because it is cute. It is cute.

Yeah, there’s a lot of big men, little dog situations out there. So that’s the thing that does happen. Shout out to Kyle.

Ok, so let’s scroll to the next one. My style. So this one I liked because it had the shoes, it had the slippers in the photo. So it kind of tells, Hey, this is a great place to like, kick your shoes off and sit back and read, you know, as we’re as we stressed to do more lifestyle photos and to be ourself, then we need to convey that in our photos too.

So and it’s not just in a listing photo, you know, when you’re doing your social media posts for if you’re out showing a property or you doing something like that, you know, post these kind of unique things and tell a story. You know, I think that it really resonates with people. It might cause them to stop scrolling.

Now before we look to the next one, I do want to remind people that there are certain standards that you can put in MLS and uploading the photos and there’s things you can’t do. Yeah, so we’ll go over that at the end. But just there are items. Ok, yeah. Let’s scroll in this one home car.

So this one I like just because it’s not showing the room, but we’ve talked about this one before, but you’re kind of highlighting something cold in the home, like a feature or a piece of furniture, even though it doesn’t go with it. You know, people may stop because they may be remodeling their home, right? They may be moving into a new home and they’re getting different ideas if they stop on yours on your post.

They’re going to understand who you are. So you kind of think outside of the box there of it’s not just, I mean, you are trying to sell this home, but you’re also putting something out there that you want to be recognized for.

So, yeah, and I often think this is better than a picture, just like this one. Even putting that in MLS is going to definitely grab somebody’s attention when they’re just looking through the photos rather than like the third picture of the fourth bedroom.

So empty. Yeah, yeah. So think let’s not bore people with our post. Here’s another one I like just got the blanket there. Know kind of a close up of that chair. I really liked this. It was appealing to me. I, you know, I know everybody’s got a different style and taste, but I don’t know. I stopped on this one. I thought it was

Cool in the winter. It might resonate more with you, especially when it’s cold, right? Oh, there’s a blanket. I could sit here. I could see myself here.

Yeah, and there’s browns in there. So we’re kind of shifting from everything you see is the white marble with the gray veins. That’s a that’s a very trendy typical color that we see all the time. This brings back more of the browns. I kind of liked the Browns being mixed in and then you’ve got light wood at the on the floor. So I thought, Huh, that’s pretty cool.

So it’s kind of like a modern organic feel.

Yeah, we’re all into that right now. I think there’s one more. This one I thought was cool, and something you could do is take it from above, right? You could find a cool little caption for that. But if you have two stories, then you can take a picture from above and kind of, you know, talk about that for a minute. Just give it a different perspective and a different angle. That was neat.

So bring the drone indoors.  

Oh, fly that thing all through the house, that’d be cool. Ok. I don’t I don’t know if I have one more. Nope, that’s it. But anyway, I’m just, you know, think outside of the box, you guys do great. You have great posts on social media and you’re always posting something fun and exciting. And I just, you know, I kind of challenge you to think outside of the box and put some things in there that cause people to stop scrolling and want to read it.

You know, you don’t want to get consistent with the same posts all the time. I had a closing. I had a closing. I had a closing, right? You want to mix it up in their closing is great.

I don’t mind that happening for you personally.

I find that happening either. But what I’m saying is don’t get stale with your posts, so let’s spice it up

A little bit. Spicy stuff, huh? All right. So I’m going with I really like the lifestyle photos in the homes. And, you know, I think it’s great any time that you can do something different. Yeah, I’m totally for that. Yeah, but like different in a good way, hopefully.

Yeah, you know, that picture that we had previously just reminds me something I you know that I always remember is Zach Bros. He’s always doing the karate chop, like with the pillows, like Chop Chop. And it’s really funny. And the minute I saw that I thought of Zack because they’re super chopped.

They’re those blue pillows. Yeah, it’s hilarious. You know, he does some funny, quirky things sometimes, and it’s stands out. It’s fun. Got to be fun.

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