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If you feel something, say something. And so this topic has quite a few things that we’ll be able to talk through. And what I wanted to do is remind everyone, kind of like who we are, you know, it’s totally fine. So in today’s world that we’re that we live in, we have you know, people perceive things in different ways. And so if you as an agent or, you know us is a is a broker, it’s important to communicate and have an open line of communication. And we’re in a situation where we speak a lot. And I run into this problem quite a bit.

So like we’re here on this side and we say a lot of words and say, you know, we do. And it’s kind of like the position and things we have to say. So as we say, a lot of words sometimes they come across the wrong way, sometimes are not intended to. So if you can understand on on this side here, we’re talking one-to-one to many. So often at times there’s we’re talking to twenty, twenty-five people concurrently. And the message comes across in such ways, we try to be as good communicators as we possibly can be.

But when you’re talking to twenty five different people, they each take it a little bit differently. So sometimes some of the topics we cover, some of the items we do, some of the policies, whatever they happen to be, may come across and not be perfect or perceived perfect for  any one person. And what we want you to ensure that you do is if one of those things happens and it bothers you, we’re definitely not trying to offend anybody. But there’s just it’s just volume. The more you say something’s going to happen.

So what we want you to do is if  some of this stuff that we say during either whether it be TNT any time, whether it’s pretty much any time. If one of those things bothers you and it’s not right with you, it doesn’t sit well, then please let us know so we can kind of discuss it and we can have a discussion directly about it. One of the best ways to do it would be to message myself or Shana if one of those things right.

Yes, I know sometimes, you know, we want to take a breath and take a minute to, you know, to gather our thoughts and then discuss them. But, you know, we’ve always let everyone know that we are we have an open door policy here and we want everyone here to feel comfortable that they can come with us with anything that is on their mind. And we’re here for you.

fSo, you know, never be afraid that you’re going to offend or, you know, maybe you shouldn’t say something. You should say something just like just like Mike said, if you feel if something doesn’t feel right, then you should say something and it’s totally fine. And we encourage you to do that.

Now, we can’t always make it perfect. We can further explain and talk through. We can. There’s a lot of things that go into it and we feel that honesty is always the best policy. Right. So sometimes if we’re not perfect and we screw up and for those things, we will apologize. But like at different times. This is a relationship that’s going to last a long term. And any time that you have a long term relationship, it starts with honesty and being able to freely speak about different items.

And, you know, what I’ve learned is when you hold things in, it just creates a lot of animosity, I guess, or, you know, it’s it  affects you mentally where you can’t you can’t do your job, you know.

So we always like to try to share some of the things that we personally do to help people start to make a decision while all these tips coming in, you know. So what we would like to do is I’m going to share some things right. So I have a personal role. It’s called a ninety nine to one role. And that role is one of the ones that I go by. So what it is, is if I have a person that like consistently really good with me and then occasionally something happens, I need to know that. One thing is I need to discuss it and figure it out.

But like people in my book are occasionally allowed to not be perfect. Right. It’s too hard to be perfect every single day. So if  something happens occasionally to me from somebody else, I’m able to to put it aside and understand that. Right. That people are  human and imperfect. So I’m able to move past it. There’s the exact opposite that you can have like yesterday. I don’t know how many thousands of words you would have said. But occasionally one of those words would  bother somebody.

And in doing so, they can throw out the thousands of good words and focus on the one negative word. So I encourage people to be positive and to look at look at it kind of like I do where we look at the greater good. And I’m able to box up the one item, so to speak, I think you always take that, you can take that a step further with when you’re dealing with clients, you know, going through a buy or sell transaction in a process is really stressful for families. And sometimes we don’t always know what they’re going through.

So it’s important to know that if they say something and it seems harsh and, you know, maybe upsetting that you need just to understand and maybe, I guess take the high road in some cases and just, you know, understand that and be sympathetic. If it continues to happen, then you should you know, I mean, obviously you should say something. But, yeah, I you know, the 99 to one rule, if everything is going smooth in one day, they have a bad day, then, you know, it’s OK.

We all have those days. Yes, it is. But that’s part of having a great long term relationship, is having availability to speak with each other freely and discuss it and definitely address it right away. So that is what it is. And that would kind of go for like anyone, because there’s a lot of relationships here.

It’s not just the relationship between us, you know, but we have the same things. We kind of live like that. And then you’re going to have relationships with Stacy in relationships with Megan and then in her office with other people in the office. So those are all good things to kind of go by. And I fear that  was a good time to kind of address it. Yeah. Are we good there? We’re good. They’re all right. Hey, reminder chat in Intelsat, you president. Right. We’re supposed to be doing a roll call here so we know who is present and involved here.

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