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Affordability is an issue where we live and these young first time homebuyers who are so responsible and have saved this money and so eager to go buy a home, and they can because neither get outbid by someone else or they can’t find anything in their particular price point. So, you know, we’re always looking for a new area to to send them. Recently, I’ve heard about Aubrey. You know, I used to think, Aubrey, when we go to my nieces and my sisters out and singer, we drive through there. And it used to seem like it was forever to get there. And when someone says, well, when someone would say, Obra, you’re like, what?

But Aubrey actually is adjacent to prosper. And, you know, you might think you’re and prosper and some of it falls into Aubrey. So it’s definitely worth checking out. And now with all the construction on 380, is it fair to say that Aubrey is Prosper West?

Is that a bottom, is the quest to prosper?

Yeah, but it’s not it’s not prosper, OK, but it’s an area there’s one area in particular called Sandbrook and they, you know, it’s a new community and you can get a really nice home in the three 30 range.

I mean, they go up right over four hundred and and go higher. But you you can get a really nice home with a nice finish out in the three 30 range. So I thought, man I you don’t really hear much under four hundred anymore. Brand new. So if you have somebody looking in the, you know, under four hundred or in the, in the four hundred range and you want something nice and new then I would, I would suggest going out to Aubury and checking out Sandrock. It’s nice, you know, Arab brokers right south of that and we’ve sold in there but Sandbrook is just a little north and, you know, nice homes. So take your buyers out there and get them a deal.

Very good. And maybe if you do that, I might suggest that you purchase your car, not lease it, because you’re going to be way over in your miles if you do that, because it is way out there.  

I mean, those are just my words, right? So anyway, she gives a thumbs up. If you think that Aubrey’s in an area that you could actually live or chat in, if you think it’s far too far away, it’s a little bit outside my zone. But, you know, everyone wants something a little bit different. And for that price point, you know, it’s kind of nice having to how big it is that how it’s going to be kind of describe it so well appointed, you said?

Yeah, I think it’s under three thousand square feet, but not much. One story. Two story.

I think this was a one story reasonable size yard. It’s not like zero lines right now.

No, they’re not like you know, they’re not zero lots. I mean all the plots are relatively small, but I think there’s some nice amenities in the community as well. So.

Ok, well, that sounds really nice. Do you know anything about the Obree schools? I do not. You do not. All right. Keep them coming. I don’t know. That’s all I know. No, no, no. I’m just trying to ask some general questions about it. Right.

So if anyone happens to know and I don’t know if that area goes to I don’t think that area feeds into prosper, but I do feel like, you know, it’s it’s Denton ISD, so.

Mm hmm. Yeah. OK. And we do have some comments that came in. So in regards to that, Kim is taking her family picture. And Aubrey this Friday say. Who knew? Very nice. Is it like Kim, is it like in the bluebonnets or are you going to be like propped up? How would she pose Shana for that Bluebonnet picture? I don’t know. But I did I speak. You know, we always digress. I saw Kim’s daughter on Facebook yesterday of her school picture, and it was so cute.

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