Samsung in Taylor Texas

Samsung coming to Taylor Texas, so as a real estate professional, we want to know what this means to us. We have a link in an article that we’re going to show off here in just a second.

So if you know where Taylor, Texas is.

Yeah. So let’s go to the Samsung article, please, if you would Omkar and then we’ll have that ready. So Samsung is putting in a $17 billion chip plant. Samsung, everyone is putting in a $17 billion chip plant in Taylor, Texas, Taylor, Texas, is.

Uh, we have driven through Taylor, Texas, a few times, I know they have barbecue there and it’s between. A Texas A&M, an Austin, 30 minutes outside of or 30 miles outside of Austin.

Ok, so it’s closer to Austin then?

Yeah, which is incredible. But this is a huge investment and they’re putting chips so they can make those. And it’s been one of those things here, right, that we needed those four cars.

We need them for cell phones. We need them for a ton of different reasons on what we need here. And it’s a huge investment and the rendering of decent jobs that’ll probably end up needing. Yeah, so they yeah.

So it’s a it’s definitely a big place in a huge investment that’s going into the state of Texas. So it should help the state and it should also help us with chips and spur our economy more and give us some of those things.

But from a real estate perspective, if we go back and focus on that right here, we just wanted to bring up the topic and give you the link so you can reference it. But if we go back and we talk now, what we’re going to see is, why is this important to us here? Mm hmm.

Ok. So in Dallas, it’s always better to have the state of Texas stronger in general. That always helps. Ok, so no matter what happens across the state, like it does help our local market.

But where you’re going to be most concerned and when people start saying this is, I think we’re going to have another strain on our power grid sometime relatively soon.

Yeah. And when we start to see stuff like this going on and it’s going to take way more power and we have big things going on like this, right? What does that do ultimately to our power grid in the state of Texas?

Because we’re on our own? Yeah, right. Like, it was a great thing until all of a sudden it’s not. So there’s going to be questions around power and new things coming in like this.

So we had a problem with with this early in the year. And then I don’t know if you guys recall, but over the summer they threw out there that we need to be conserving energy like we’ve got a strain on the grid. And yeah, it was like fifty degrees. Yeah. So it was really I don’t know if you guys heard it, but it struck me as what little odd little made me a little nervous.

So bringing this back to real estate? Yes, that’s exactly where we’re going with this. So what does that do to you, right? And does it give a greater emphasis on things like solar?

Does it give a greater impact to things that are places that are on the hospital grid, right? If you have a property there, are there certain things that start to become more important? We have another topic that we’re talking about next, which is about flood. And if your property is in flood and you’re going to be leasing it, what goes on there?

But is this maybe another overlay that goes into real estate that it’s uncertain grid or in a certain thing, or it has a backup generator? And does that make the property more valuable? Do people think about this? Raise your hand with how many people are currently thinking about like we might have a power outage that could be a problem.

And how do you prepare for it? And have you done something different than you did last year?

What have done the correct or? You know, what have we done since that catastrophe earlier in the year to to really,

Yeah, so people seem to have fixed their problems that they had from the leaks. But did they remedy the the actual cause of the problem? Or did you just repair what was broke because of it? And that’s a very big difference, right?

So I don’t know how many people bought whole home generators or did something right to make a difference, but I’m super thankful that Texas continues to grow in business. Yeah, but there’s something else that we need to think about here

As far as that goes. So I had a client earlier a couple of months ago, and every home she wanted a fireplace and she said she didn’t want. She wanted wood, a wood burning fireplace, because she had a major problem in her home.

She lived in Austin that, you know, she relied on her fireplace for her heat. So gosh, that’s something to think about, too. Maybe people can’t get a generator for whatever reason, but they should be prepared with wood and the wood burning fireplace and make sure that it’s cleaned out and ready to go. Yeah, that’s a great point. You know, so there you go.

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