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Hello, sample transactions. Yes, that can be for you, whether you’re an agent that is just starting right now into real estate or you’ve been experience, you’ve been around for a long time. There’s a bunch of different scenarios that you need to be prepared for.

And we’re going to walk you through them. So we’re going to take some time. Split the screen and show it off to you. We’re going to give you a link directly to our website with some practice. Yes. Practice. That’s what we’re talking about this morning. This can help you to be ready.

So if you are a new agent, these are great tips, great pieces of advice that you can do. And you can simply upload them and we’ll check them for you. All right. So as we scroll down here, this is on our website at

And we have a sample transaction page put together that will show you real easy how to link to what we have a buyer transaction, a seller set buyer to seller to buyer three, seller three.

And you can walk all the way through this. And each one of these different items has a different scenario for you. So you’ll walk through, do the complete contract and put it together and then go ahead and upload it. We also have a landlord and we have a tenant.

We have some different loan scenarios. We have all these different items here. So you can go ahead and practice your craft, homeowner’s insurance, home inspection warranty, closing statements, sample closings. There’s a lot of stuff in here that you can practice as an agent before it is time for you to get in front of your client. So these are new and unique in here for you.

If I take control of this, I’m going to just scroll this back up here to the top. When you are completed with this, the only thing you’ll do is click on upload sample transactions. And in doing so, you’ll be able to put in your name, your email address and phone number. This will work regardless if you have a zolo log in or not. You’ll hit next. And then these will be uploaded.

So you’ll put everything in here when it’s completed. It’ll go to Stacey myself. And China will all be notified that you put these items in here and we’ll check them for you. We’ll make sure that you do those. Correct. So just please label them correctly and as soon as they come back and we’ll know all about it. But these are different scenarios.

So, for example, buyer one is enter a sample transaction for yourself to purchase your dream home. Right. And we’re gonna make it easy. It’s going to be cash.

So what you’re going to do is look up in our local MLS and start to drain. Just dare to dream, but find the perfect home that you want. So we’re trying to make it easy, something that you can do and go after it. But then we want you to find the current seller, do all the research, pull that information in and put it inside the contract.

So that would be an example opportunity for you to use that and go ahead and put every single thing in there. Doc, you sign it, send it to yourself, get some practice with each of these different items, and then go ahead and upload it and then we’ll be good. All right. So that is some practice for you guys. And hopefully that makes you just a little bit better when people are ready to say, yes, you need to be ready as well.

That day comes quicker than you might think if you’re a brand-new agent or if you’re an experienced agent, there’s all these different scenarios. So if you want level two things on what this is all about, we have a section coming for you for experienced agents to go in there and practice your craft, because maybe you haven’t put one together in a while for either this or that.

Right. So go ahead and practice that and stay on top of your craft. Ladies and gentlemen, that should help you guys out. I’m going to show you how to get there so you can navigate there while Omkar. We’ll go ahead and take this link. And he’s going to chat that one into you once we get ready.

But what we’ll do is this is all part of your agent portal. So you’ll click down here on the agent portal and you’ll be able to log in. There is a password behind the agent portal, and this keeps growing every single day with all types of items on here. This one in particular was set up under the onboarding for brand new agents. We’ll also put it there for experienced agents as well.

But as part of agent onboarding, this is one of the items that you’ll be completing. And this will go right down here under sample transactions, if you’re new to Acquisto Real Estate and click directly on this link.

So if you have not done 10 buyer transactions or 10 seller transactions, then these are good for you to go ahead and complete. If you have right and you’re an experienced agent and you want to just stay on top of your craft, then go ahead and do that. Ladies and gentlemen, I think that concludes this topic.

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Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 8.25.21

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