Safety first when showing properties

Hello there, Mike Acquisto with the lovely Shana Acquisto, luxury real estate broker, awesome to have you here today. And we’re going to talk about safety first when showing properties to start with. So we’re going to say talk about a couple of things that should raise a red flag for you, how to avoid surprises.

And maybe, just maybe, if we’re lucky, we’re going to hear from Shana and some of her stories that she’s had on showing properties that have maybe not turned out well. And we want to know I can spend a whole day on stories.

All right, Shana. Oh, so we want to be safe. You know, think about this. We’re going into strangers homes every day. We’re just going in. Bringing other strange people in and you don’t know these guys, so you have to be careful, right? Just because it’s we have access to get in a home, we still need to be very safe. So let’s talk about a couple of things.

So if you went to a home and you go to get the key out and there’s no key there. What do you do? Well, do you just go on in? No, probably not. You should practice some safety. You don’t know what could have happened. OK, maybe somebody is in there and, Yeah, no, that’s not a good scene.

I don’t want to scare anybody, but just think there’s no key, it’s unlocked. I’m going in. OK, whoa, don’t do that one. We have rules per MLS that we have to adhere to. OK, right. So if you know that somebody else is in there and it’s your time, ring the doorbell, knock on the door. Wait to be allowed in. Right. So that’s one thing, too, if you just go on in and there’s a crime scene.

Well, what happens? Oh, geez, you’re involved. OK. How do they know when you came, you know, it just it you see the issues which just got real creates an issue. Well, things can happen, right? Or what if you go in and the house is ransacked and something just happened and then the door shuts and you’re the victim? I mean, just you don’t want that. I just, you know, again, not trying to scare anyone, but let’s not let our guard down. Let’s be cautious and think, you know, about these things.

There’s also etiquette like we talked about when you’re showing properties that, you know, if somebody is in there first, let them in. I mean, let them stay, you know, and be courteous. The other thing is when you’re passing, you don’t just pass off a key. It goes back in the lock box and you access the key.

So never take the key from another agent, say, you know what, go ahead and put it back in that box and I’ll get it out, because whoever that last person is and whoever that last person access the box, that’s kind of going to be who will be held responsible if something does happen. Right. That’ll be a record. So just a couple of housekeeping rules and reminders on showings and then the same thing. Absolutely. You would want to put that back in yourself. Yes. And make sure that you

Don’t pass off the key either, because what if that person goes in and has a party or something crazy in their right party? We did see a lot of that over. You know, when the ice storm happened earlier in the year, people were still out in a frenzy looking at these homes and they would leave a door open or, you know, and it was just it was nuts.

And then I can think of three or four times that we had to go back and look at the lock box and trace. Who the last person was, because there was a key missing or something happened, so we want to be careful. So, yes, just a couple of things that have happened to me personally. One, I’ve had to push one of my clients out a window to avoid being mauled by a dog. True story.

Congratulations, they have shown a property and walked in on somebody in the shower. Mm hmm.

Yep, it wasn’t me.

I walked in with a client and. Somebody’s been in the bed like we didn’t know if they were alive or what, it was really weird. Whoa. OK, and the most famous story that I have is I had a gun pulled on me and that was very scary. No, no, actually I’m alive. But what you need to do in those cases is contact the listing agent. Don’t just leave, you know, crazy feedback. And so in showing time

Or on Facebook, you take some steps and maybe there’s something this listing agent needs to know, hey, this is happening, what’s going on? And also, when you schedule an appointment, read the instructions and know kind of what to expect when you go in. If it says, hey, there’s dogs, there may be loose. I don’t know, just be cautious or, hey, there’s dogs, they’re going to be in a crate.

Well, maybe they’re that got out of the crate. So just read your showing instructions, practice safety. I never want anything to happen to anybody. But if you see something, say something. You see something out of the ordinary. Contact the listing agent and talk to them.

Check in now with your crazy story for showing listings. If you happen to have had something that’s happened to you, Chad, and now and share that with everybody. And if you would like to be part of the show on this show and have one of those things happen to you, like getting a gun pulled on, you, pushed out the window by Shauna, mauled by a dog. Any one of those items, if you would like that to happen to you, contact Shauna. Now, she can be reached at no.

Should be careful. There are you know, actually, one time I did get locked. This wasn’t really a safety. It could have been a safety and under my own. Guidance, but I did get locked out of a house one time and I not get back in, so when I was on a balcony. That was interesting, the other one was in a backyard where I had to jump over a fence, so luckily their trashcans were back there.

So I brought the trash cans over and had to climb over an address over the fence. Yeah, there’s lots of stories we should have story time. Sometimes we share stories because, you know, the life of a realtor is glamorous and has lots of interesting things that happen throughout the years.

What you’re also a key whisperer. It seems like you can take any key and put it in the door and somehow jiggle it just right and get it to. Oh, yeah, that’s one of those useful skills that I have. I don’t know how, but yeah.

Yeah, they’re just I would call me like, I can’t get in this house. Can you come help me. And I did it a few times and I’m like, wait a minute.

No, I can’t. Nobody got time for that. You can’t open the door, just jiggle it. Just just jiggle in. All right. You good with that topic?

Good with that topic. Go back. Well, wait a minute. One more thing. When you show a home and you go in, you unlock the door and go in and leave that key in the door. No, don’t do that. Don’t do that. What if a serial killer is behind you and they’re like following you and they get the key?

Hmm. So keep that key close, put it in your pocket. Be aware of what you do with it so you don’t lose it. But just think we need to think we’re all in a hurry and busy. And it’s easy to to kind of, you know. Forget something.

Good reminder, be safe and scheduling correctly out their schedule incorrectly with showing. This is going to be late to an appointment. Call them. Don’t just assume I made an appointment and come an hour late. No, no, it’s. Let’s be smart here.

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