Hello, Mike and Shana Acquisto here, real estate brokers and co-owners of Acquisto Real Estate, and the question on the table is, is somebody trying to sabotage your listing and your sale?

Is someone trying to sabotage your sale?

Does that really happen? It does. Really it does. And sometimes it can be intentional and sometimes it can be unintentional. OK, so say you have this great listing and you know, it’s going to go under multiple offers and you have all these people flooding the property with showings and it’s great.

They go under contract and then they go to their inspection and the neighbor comes over and says, hey, this house is haunted. Oh, yeah, I would never buy a haunted house, right? What would you do as a listing agent? Well, and this is just one example. There’s many things that  happen throughout the years. This one is a recent one. And you have to remember this as a listing agent. Your duty is to whatever you know, you have to disclose it.

Did you just say duty? Duty? I did. I also stop people whenever they say the words do  in order. I’m like you just said.
So what you always say that when you accept whatever you have to do, one is take a deep breath.

I’ve been learning this in yoga to take a deep breath when things aggravate you and just take a deep breath and calm down and think about what it is that they’re trying to do that’s going to sabotage the sale. I mean, this could really do, you know, if this person is going to stand outside every time you have a buyer?

I mean, what do we do?

One, talk to your seller, whatever is going on that is not a good situation or, you know, is creating some obstacles for you. Talk to your seller.

Why would your neighbor say this and understand ask questions, understand what it is. And, you know, that’s really the best you can do, is you can rely on your seller to give you all kinds of information right now, depending on what it is, maybe you talk to your seller and say, hey, let’s talk to do you mind if I talk to a couple other neighbors?

I need to make sure as your representative that we don’t have any future issues from this. OK, so if you talk to a couple other neighbors and you understand that everybody says that neighbor, you know, has challenges or whatever, and it’s just one person saying it, your seller says what they’re saying is not true, then just proceed.

And be honest. If somebody, you know, say you’re your buyer terminates because of what they heard one time, you know, it’s it’s like you can’t take one thing you here and change your whole life because of it. Right. You have to do your due diligence and dig in deeper and understand the facts and remain calm. So, you know, it can happen. It doesn’t mean. Oh, great. Now we have to disclose that our house is haunted.

No. Is that a thing? I, I don’t know.

I mean, it could be it depends on, I guess, what you believe.
I know everyone has different beliefs. Everybody is different. I won’t walk into a voodoo shop.  
You won’t even go to voodoo barbecue.
No. And if you send me a voodoo doll, totally send it back. Right, Stacey?

It wasn’t a voodoo doll. But anyway, so just know that there are outliers that could get that could cause a problem for your for your listing. Sometimes we had a situation one time where the neighbor stood outside. This was awful. And every time a particular person came in to see this property of a particular culture and race, they yelled things that they didn’t want them living next door.

So there’s things that happen. Sometimes you may need to just go next door and understand straight from them. Why would you say this?

You know, understand if anything you find out is anything they’re saying potentially true, you know, and then you have to you have to handle it, you know, with caution and as you learn about it.

But, you know, don’t panic. And if somebody terminates and then the next buyer comes and they ask you, why did this person terminate?

Well, I think they got cold feet for whatever reason. The neighbor, you know, stated this. They got freaked out. But I don’t think that was it. I think they got cold feet. We did some due diligence and even talked to other neighbors and they all said that’s not true. In fact, in this particular case, they said that the house had been bought and sold many, many times and it hadn’t. So there wasn’t any truth to what this person was even saying.

Sometimes it could be. So what if on the opposite side you find something out that the seller didn’t tell you and it’s true? Well, that’s not cool because the seller should told you that, right?

So now if you find that out, whatever it is, if it’s something that is materially affects the home or something that you buy, you know, your license is supposed to disclose, then you have to change everything. Right. So, you know, another thing is you, as the listing agent, should kind of do your due diligence up front. Google the address, the big deal. If you Google the address one time, you kind of see if there is any criminal activity or anything that went on there that could potentially be something you need to disclose. You might find it on Google, right.

So that was a really good idea. Yeah, yeah.
I’m sure we all do that already. But just a reminder.

Wow, that is crazy. All right. So at night after hearing this, my brain thinks slightly different. So what I hear is it does is a couple of different items. So the first thing is if anyone out there has had their listing sabotaged by somebody else. Cedeno now and tell us the story and then we can discuss that one to see if it’s happened.

I think you’re going to believe in our in our small group discussions. I want to put this on there because there’s a lot of weird thinking. Back after this.

It’s like, man, we’ve had a lot of anxiety because it was like a murder house in our neighborhood that really wasn’t a murder. But it was. It was. And then they were acquitted. But like it or never charged, I don’t know exactly what happened, but it was really weird.

And then it was Eleusis closure after that was different. There were some things along that one. I could definitely see how this could and would happen based on like racism with neighbors, based on ageism of neighbors, like all different types that some people don’t want. Kids are like it’s everyone has weird things.

So I could understand something and you need to disclose it, because if you don’t disclose something and it would have affected the seller moving forward with a property, we’re all in trouble if they come back later.

So, you know, I’ve seen a lot of times this actually happened to us. We built this house here behind us is a creek and there’s water towers. And and then there’s the hard corner of Custer and one twenty-one.

Ok, well, the builder who was a reputable builder told us at the time, we said, you know what’s going on back here? Do you know of anything? He goes now it’s going to be it’s not going to affect you, which it really didn’t, because behind us, nothing can be built. But I said, you know, this hard corner, so I’m being in real estate. We talked about it and we said, what’s the worst thing that could be there? It’s a hard corner. Something’s going to be there.

I don’t I mean, would it be a Walmart?

You know, I don’t think I’d want a Walmart there. But, you know, the guys like there would never be a Walmart there. There’s one right down the street in Plano not going to house.

So we said, would we move forward and buy this property if we knew there was going to be a Wal Mart there? And that was a known fact and that was an actual discussion we had. And then we said, yes, we would.

Yes, we would. And the builder was like, well, it won’t be. You know, they’re looking at this and that. They’re fifteen years later.
Yeah, there’s a Walmart and closed action. Convenient. It is kind of nice. It’s like not an nice and it’s not a retirement super close to our place.

So we hear the Aditya’s here. Yeah, I do it occasionally, but like it has the wind has to be just right.
Anyways, we totally whipped that topic and you know, but that builder, if he would have told us that and we

believed it, you know, he’s like, no, there is no Walmart ever going to be back there or nothing’s ever going to be built behind you.

He can’t make that.

You can never say something like that or you’re sabotaging your own sale, basically, and your your license for that matter. So just be careful.

Couple of notes on this one, I think for sure. We need to find a couple process improvements around this internally. So maybe we’ll make you know that Stacey will talk about that if one of our meetings and talk about possibly Googling the address and making sure we do that every time and making sure that we somehow ask our client in some way, shape or form, is there anything that’s going on with the neighborhood, the neighbors that might affect the sale.

So we send that message out to them and ask that question proactively. When you have a problem, you have to find a way to solve it, not just for this, but also so you don’t run into it again.

Now, there’s a fine line like you can’t think. I’m never I’m not going to ask myself any of these questions. I don’t want to know, OK, I get it.

But you have to think if it’s something they’re going to find out or that you may have to overcome an obstacle you may have to overcome to get. This deal done, then you need to know certain things, so just do your due diligence. I’m always am all about transparency, knowing everything. Same with get your home inspection, know everything so you know how to you know, you want to be in control to overcome any obstacles that may come up so well.

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