RPR Integrates Climate Check.

RRP Climate Check Brand new feature to Mark coming together. This is going to be interesting. We’re going to show it off here for you guys. We have an article that’s interesting.

Yeah. So our PR as we know is Realtors Property Resource. It’s an NA owned platform that enables us to get lots of good market data and property information. So they have just integrated this climate check. Which offers property risk. Or you’re you own a property, you can now get a risk rating that says how your property could be impacted by the climate change.

So your insurance, your utilities, things like that. So I find it interesting, I have not used it, but I find it quite interesting. So I wonder. I don’t know. I think this I don’t know how they’re going to gather all the data. So that’ll be interesting to to figure that out.

But it says, you know, it’ll rate your properties. Future risk of climate change related to hazards and assigns a rating from 1 to 100 with 100 representing the highest risk.

So then that’s based on 2050, the rating on where it believes it would be in 2050. So you have there’s some underlying assumptions that.

Were built like right now it’s and it gives you tools, I believe I just I briefly look through it, but I believe it gives you tools in ways to adapt to the change and some measures you can take to to help.

So that would be 2050. And we don’t think about that date often. Right. But then all of a sudden you realize like, oh, wow, you know, there is a 30 year mortgage and then that is a time frame and like, wow, the property and I plan on and all these different things and then all of a sudden that’s a real date. Yeah. And so we’ll see you guys all in 2050.

Yeah. I find that interesting that 2050.

Sure. Let’s all be here. And I do love that we have that resource as realtors to to be able to provide. I think it’s interesting. I think it gives us an edge. I love it. Okay. So that is a real realtor owned. Yep. Product with LPR. So those are one of the ones that we want to be utilizing.

But our PR and our PR is and this is another data set that’s getting pushed in there. So there’s a lot of different data sets that get pulled in and this happens to be one of them. Yeah. So thank you. Appreciate it.

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