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Rockin’ Star Ranch- This is like super exciting, like the Blue Man Group. Yeah, so Rockin’ Star Ranch, this is an internal announcement for our company and it’s going to be coming soon, relatively soon. So it’s like not even coming soon status. And so it’s a property that we have. That is this is my first listing. My personal listing. Yes. Yes. So not to do that, not to do with, you know, it’s to do with me.

And so, anyways, you’ll be sharing a video with you on a property that we need some assistance on where there is an opportunity for you to do very well on and an opportunity for us as a company to kind of excel. So it would be the most expensive listing we’ve ever had.

Think about that. January 15th. Think about that for just a second.

You have a listing coming more than you do. What is that one right now? Eighty three point five. I don’t actually. You have a listing coming more. OK, well, ladies and gentlemen, thank you. Without further ado, let’s go ahead and show this off. This is still kind of in production, but it’s close enough to show off.

Let’s take a look, please, and talk about it while they go through. If they can just watch for just a second. And you’ve got any questions that’s intense.

So that’s what you go of intense, yeah. All right, so maybe we’ll pull up a couple of different spots in that video and we can show off several pictures and I can kind of talk about what that is. So maybe Omkar can mute that and we can go through a couple of different pictures on there so we could kind of describe what’s going on. And as we pulled them up so that we could and let’s go over it.

So it’s one property and it is stop whatever you feel is appropriate. And it’s totally fine. And we’ll just go through that, sir. Very good. So what we have here is one huge property. So there is the surveys coming back, but it’s a little over 20 acres of lake frontage, up to four lots maximum, possibly one lot. So the video we’re put together here is highlighting just one if one person is to come in and buy it all, OK, which should be perfect.

So if you have that person, then that’s amazing. And it will be a gated entrance off of Stonebridge Road, which is going to be just north of 380. It is going to be half a mile to Stanbridge. A half a mile on Stonebridge, two, three, eighty two, three eighty, so gated entrance leave, turn right half a mile around Stanbridge so super close to everything at Stanbridge and three eighty. But you feel like you’re super secluded. It would be right across the lake from the property that you guys have probably all been to. And so that’s where we’re building our primary residence.

So to be right across the street from that, right across the lake from it and it’s half a mile of lake frontage, which is just like an intense amount. So if you think about that a mile, I think it’s like fifty two hundred and fifty two. Chaton Now if you know the exact mile off top of your head in linear feet. And so this is half a mile, it’s like twenty six hundred feet of shoreline.

So if you think about your average property. Right, the average property is what is it like 70, 80, 90 feet across the front, possibly in a neighborhood. So this is two thousand six hundred fifty feet across of the linear frontage on the lake, which is huge in comparison to like 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 feet. So it’s like, you know, 30 lots, 40 lots wide. But it’s going to be divided into maximum of four properties in size, varying between four acres to ten acres on the largest ones. And next to it is huge open space, which includes a full mile of creek.

Which is really cool that the land is actually a lot cooler than that kind of thought, it would find us.
Out like driving around there. Yeah, so the on the ranch is really pretty cool.

And then so it’s got nineteen point three acres of ranch land, some of which is buildable that you could put in additional property on and live on and reside. And then the rest of it is kind of like an island type property. So that’s a great part about all the property. And we’ll show some more details on it probably tomorrow. And we’ll put up a, you know, an overview or an image of it so we can statically talk about it rather than looking at the video. But this video came out and the idea was to give you, as our agents the first look at it.

Yeah. So it’s going on at twenty three point five dollars million. And it’s one hundred percent worth it in Chicago and the multiple offers no, no, here’s the thing is I get now that’s like a funny number and it seems like it’s ridiculous, but it’s really not been a lot of analyzing going on and research. And I mean, it’s and today we’re going to look at a property that is on a lake two miles down the road that is on two acres, two acres, two acres at Adriatic in the build cost for construction on that property. That is not completed yet.

Is 18 million dollars. Just for the prop, just for the construction, and that’s on two acres, so this property in total is over 40 acres, including all of it. And to me, if I was building an 18 million dollar property, I would want it to be on a private lake instead of one that displays me to kind of like everybody. Everyone has their own feelings, but we totally do feel that there’s a market for it and for the right person.

They will come along so it can be divided into four and the price could be lower if they’re buying a smaller piece. So consult me directly and we can set up some showings and go out and take a look at it. If you do have anyone that’s remotely interested.

Great Opportunity

So but it does give a great opportunity. It does give you a great opportunity. Yes. Place to to have a super premium property you can show off. So it’ll be a ton of different collateral material that’s going to be going into this and a lot of opportunities that you’ll be having to  kind of engage with it. So it looks amazing. At Sunset and Sunrise, this Sunrise photo with the fog coming off and a drone photo showing it all off.

And if we were to look at the property in particular, if we put some lines on it, it’s going to go all the way from the dam over here, all the way down the lake to about over here.

So it’s actually goes around the corner to my back. It goes further than you can even see here down towards that way. So it’s half a mile.

And it’s intense, it’s Internets available, so.
You know, a lot of research has gone into for the pricing and just understanding different things, we’ve learned quite a bit, discovered quite a bit, I think. And I think it’s something that we can discuss with our agents later on. You know, if you just look at comps, you can’t just look at comps, sales, comps for properties like this. You have to dig in a little deeper. And it’s amazing what we’ve found when doing that.

Yes. So this is a life changing type property and it does come with some naming rights, which is also kind of cool. So there’s a tributary, the creek that flows into Ole’s and Creek that you can name. If you purchased the property, then you can also name two streets going into the property. So it be on a gated cul de sac that when you when you enter it off of Stone Bridge and so you can name that road going in and the road going into that ranch property, additional naming rights available and a very nice commission to agents to sell the property. Yes. Offering a super healthy commission.  

Like a real number. So that’s kind of life changing as well. Yes, it is. So you could do the math and multiply the purchase price times five percent. And that’s the commission that we’re offering for somebody who brings a full, ready, willing and able buyer that closes.

Is the seller negotiable on that price, on the price of the commission?

No, not the commission, but commissions not negotiate sales price sales price at twenty three and twenty three and a half. Twenty four is also fine. No shrivel up now, but there’s opportunities to change the price of it based on income like the land is included with it. But it is restricted to no more than four properties to be super premium and huge.

All right, I’m a bit nervous, but like super excited and life change, very exciting, you guys, and we want you to learn much more about it. So you have all the inside information and hopefully you could sell it.

You’re going to help you out. Help me out, please. I need it so bad.  
I’ve got some pretty amazing people that I think can do it.
Yes. So I’m looking at you maybe Logan. Let’s get some showing set up. I’m looking at you, Mike Shepherd.

All right, you guys have people there, Rachel? Yeah, I know everybody has somebody, so you just have to, like, dig deep and you have to think and you can find the right person. Dig, people dig. That’s all I kind of have there. Yes, I do. We want to cover those other ones or we want to know we’re going to end it right now. All right. So we’ll go to you. That’s where we’ll go to the other ones tomorrow. Thanks.

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