Ring Home Alarm System: Overview Pros & Cons

Ring home alarm system, we’re going to give you a quick overview of how that works, how it’s on wi fi. We’re going to talk about that and we’re going to see, is the system ready for prime time? Should I be installing this in my home? What if I have an existing home?

What if I’m considering building a new home from scratch? Is this something I would do? So we’re going to go ahead and share the screen with you guys and go over a little bit as it relates to this. Ok? So Ring is an Amazon company. It’s owned by them. They purchased them several years ago and have incorporated in here. And this device here is the hub for the ring system. So that’s where the things kind of all connect throat.

And then what we’re going to see is there’s a bunch of different items within the ring system, how they have a whole plan associated with it, how it actually Amazon also bought Eero Pro and has the WI. So this actually has the router 6.0 built into it. There’s a price for just buying that device there, and then there’s the keypad that goes along with it. Now this keypad does not go on your wall.

It’s a keypad that’s wireless in general. And then there’s options on if you can buy this and you can use it and how many you need. And like, what other setups do you have and like alarm glass breakage and all types of different things that come along with it? Ok. So I put in a second link there, I think within. No, no, not within this topic. So I’m going to just keep going down through here.

So if we look at and we took an example of the one ninety nine. Ok, and we kind of pulled that one up there. The One Ninety Nine has the base station, which all the information goes through. And then what it also has is the keypad. So you can set this, you could talk through it with like Alexa and you’d be like Alexa, set my alarm or you could walk up and push this. But this is not going to go physically. It could go on your wall, but it’s not going to retrofit and use.

Probably if you have an existing home, it wouldn’t use the sensors that are in your current home that are currently wired to it. It is going to have the opportunity for some contact sensors. The contact sensors are going to be put in the windows so that when it moves or opens or when a door opens, then you could still get that chime or that notification that would go on as those items separate.

The only thing that I don’t particularly like about that is that these are going to require batteries at some point to continue to operate if Wi-Fi fails or still some connectivity between these items that I’m not totally, totally comfortable with. And then there’s a listener. So the listener is that device that is going to see if there’s something going on.

So it would hear if there is an alarm that goes off in your home like a smoke alarm or carbon monoxide detector. So what it would do is send it, hears the alarm and then it sends this notification to the system to alert you on your phone that something’s going on or to alert the security company that there’s currently a fire at your home. So that allows it to kind of be monitored for the alarm system.

This is all over Wi-Fi. This would probably be best if you’re building a new home from scratch to use a system like this. Ok, so those are kind of the pros and cons of it. I think it’s a good system and I like where the technology is going. I, however, would kind of caution that not just Wi-Fi fails from time to time. I think there needs to be a couple of redundancies built in, and I’m still, for several things, being hardwired, most specifically the contact sensors and what that’s going to do is it’s going to bring us to the next episode.

So that’s kind of a tease for that. You have to watch the next episode on converting your old alarm to a new one to create the ultimate hybrid system for your alarm system to be monitored or not monitored for yourself using Ring. I think the system’s ready as long as you use a hybrid one. Let’s take a look.

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