Revenge of a Scorned Tenant

Revenge of a scorned tenant. We’re going to discuss what it looks like when you have a tenet all of a sudden that is evicted, removed from and they’re out, right. What type of condition do they leave the property and do they go safely? Do they go quietly off often? Not so those things can become very, very expensive, timely, drawn out issues. Right. And it sometimes gets extremely, extremely ugly.

So this is something that is a real challenge if you have somebody in there that doesn’t have anything, so to speak. Right. There is a phrase that you can’t take something from a person with nothing and they’re like extremely dangerous. People are volatile because they have nothing to lose. So I’ve seen all types of things in these homes. So if you’ve been inside, then you might have seen pictures of foreclosures. I’m not going to show the horrific items that do show up there.

So if you want go out to the Internet, do some searching and looked for, you know, bad properties when tenants moved out in, these things do happen. So you need to walk through them and talk through them with any of your investor clients and make sure that they understand the potential downside, how to insure against it.

Right, if that type of thing happens in, this becomes more of an issue now that we’re ending the moratorium on foreclosures or evictions as it related to the virus. So everyone’s going to have an opportunity to kind of like study up on this, be a little bit more aware and hopefully avoid said problems because they’re never pretty. If you go to court and you’re trying to evict somebody, it’s never a good thing.

Somebody is losing money. It’s costing money. It’s taking your time and your tenant or your client’s time as well. And it’s just very, very bad. Then all of a sudden you get the property back. And I’ve seen all types of things from, you know, the the drain lines clogged from toilets, remove from taking fixtures and furniture out, removing like lights, holes and wall spray painting like animal feces on the wall.

It gets really bad. So scorned. It is not what you want at all. So try to take those relationships and maintain them to the best you possibly can while protecting your landlord client and understand with this kind of looks like. So let’s avoid those issues.

Let’s try to find alternative solutions to this problem and hopefully avoid that type of thing. Ladies and gentlemen, you just a little bit more informed right now. And let’s avoid scorn tenants for any anyone at all out there.

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Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 8.11.21

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