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Well, thanks to Shana, as she says, retail sales are back to 2019 levels single handedly, she’s raising the economy out and making sure that we get back to where we were. So she’s a stay. Yeah. Yeah. Who’s spending a lot of money? Oh, yeah. Maybe I’m buying a bunch of stuff for the lake property. I don’t know. But what we’re going to do. Easy to just hit.

So those aren’t retail sales, so those would be online sales. So the ones we’re speaking about are here in particular, are retail sales in person. So we’re going to show an article off and we’re going to briefly discuss this and talk about what its impact is on real estate. OK, so here we are. We have this article will chat the link so you guys can reference it on your own. But we have the mall owner, Simon Properties, says that sales are at their centers are at pre pandemic levels in June.

So the article basically goes down. If we scroll through it, you’ll see that we’re back to twenty nineteen levels and they’re up 80 percent from where they were last year and they’re just in line with where they were in 2019. Wow. So pretty impressive that in-person sales are up that high. They have huge demand lower down in the article it reads through huge demand for local retailers like regional and national retailers that want to be have physical stores. So sales are up and they’re right back to where they were.

It’s one of those questions that I ask all the time. You know, where do we where do we stand compared to where we were before? Have we recovered? What’s going on? And according to this, totally. Yes, we are. We’re all the way back. Yeah. So that’s pretty cool in this article. Kind of highlights that for us. So what does that mean for real estate? Let’s go ahead and get back here and we’ll just go to talking head Omkar and we’ll just speak about it for a little.

Ok, should help commercial for sure.

Yeah, no, it definitely helps commercial. And I was really, really nervous about in person read to him, you know what I mean? I can’t believe the amount of things that I buy online now that get shipped to us for free as I have shipped to us. You know, we use Amazon and eBay all the time and still need to have to go out and physically look at something before you buy. And I don’t know that that’s ever going to go away. I don’t.

Yeah, no, apparently not. Sales are right back where they were. So it’s a great time for the realtors, right? They have all these online cool. Sell your home now, do everything that’s online, but you can’t take away the personal. Interaction, right? So I think it’s along the lines of the same thing.

Well, I’m impressed with the resiliency of the American economy that we’re right back to where we were. It’s tremendous. And congratulations to everybody. I hope that that brings and that’s a good personal economy to you guys.

So, you know. Pandemic kind of hit in March, right? So a year and a few months later, I mean, that’s that’s that’s pretty good.

Super, super impressive. Yeah. All right. Anything else you want to talk about? So, Shomron Chaton, now, if you’re doing more or less shopping at retail than you were before in twenty nineteen and you feel you’re at, I feel like by way less in person.

Ok, if I buy way less in person also. And that’s what I was going to say. Do you feel that maybe you’re shopping more but it’s online and do you buy more online because it’s easier to return. Right. It’s kind of a pain when you have to get your car and physically drive to return items to certain stores. So I think that’s. You know, maybe that makes it easier for people to shop online.

You know, that is really a good point, that the return option for online sales much easier. Just print it out. I have this return station, right, like we did for train

Shipping return station in our barrage. It’s got tape, supplies, all of it makes it super easy. Thank you. I have those little envelopes that you print out and you fold the paper and you slide it in there and you take the back off and you stick it on there and put it inside the mailer and throw it off. And there you go. There you go.

Good job. Side note, I also take all the trash from all the things and I put it inside the bag and put it in there and send it back. So the trash should be like the back of the sticky paper or any of those things. I, I feel that if I throw it right in there, I’m like, they will be doing they like it. It’s like a little present for them when they open it up.

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Shana , link , Simon Properties, says that sales are at their centers are at pre pandemic levels in June.

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