Feedback After A Trip To Restoration Hardware NYC

Restoration Hardware NYC. Hey, there. That’s Shana Acquisto. She’s a luxury real estate broker, and she went to restoration hardware in New York City, NYC. It’s been like a week or so from this that you’ve been there now, but we’ve been wanting to cover this.

So I’ll be honest, the only restoration hardware I’d been into previously was the one we have here. There’s one that will have been mall in Plano and a smaller one. I’ve been to another one somewhere, but it was really impressive when we were in New York.

My son and I decided, well, we went by this building and I was like, Wow, that’s a huge building. And it says our eye on it, like restoration hardware. He was like, I’m sure that whole place isn’t restoration hardware. So we went in and we went in and it was magical.

It was five storeys nice. Each floor had like something unique and. The furnishings that they have there, I don’t know, they’re just a little different. I love it. I think they have a great style that really.

It sets a trend, right? So it was really nice to see what they had laid out and how it was maybe different than what they’ve had before.

And to see what’s kind of coming for the future. So restoration hardware to me has amazing lighting and this right here, they had this drop down chandelier as you’re walking up the stairs, which was really cool. So the way they put the whole rooms together, I think is is really nice and not something you see every day.

So the point is this is a very high end, very nice furnishing company. And you guys, I encourage if you’re in Dallas, they have one in Dallas. They have them in major cities.

So if you have never visited one, I invite you to do it because it’s it’s inspiring and I think it’s good for us to be able to go in and kind of get in tune with what the new trends are.

Some of it was a little crazy because they had a whole section of baby furniture, like they had baby beds and chairs and furniture that I thought, Oh my gosh, I mean, it’s not cheap. It’s high end

Furniture. Yeah, that’s a cool looking building.

Yeah, this is the building, and it was really cool at the top. You see, we kept going up the floors and when we got to the top, it was a very nice rooftop restaurant. And you had to have reservations, obviously. We did not, but we weren’t dressed appropriately anyway.

We were dressed down that day touring around New York, but it was really, really cool. And they have people that you can go in and sit with designers that’ll help you plan out your space. And you know. It was really cool.

One thing I did see and I checked into it and I don’t know if I got all the facts, but when looking at their pricing, it was pretty significant from regular retail price to member pricing.

So I looked I looked it up and it said If you pay one hundred and fifty dollars, I think annually you can be a member. This is one of the chairs that we saw. All right. It was just cool.

It’s like in a bubble. But for one hundred and fifty dollars, if you’re going to buy anything in there, it’s worth it because everything is very expensive.

But they have things that the sometimes you get furniture that’s really nice and expensive that you can’t really lounge on or it doesn’t feel comfortable.

Everything in here was super comfortable. In high end, so just telling you, I think it’s a way to to get it’s inspiring, it’s motivating, it’s a way for us as realtors to stay on top of trends and maybe provide something an idea a little different than, you know, the norm.

So I think it’s always a good idea to do that. That’s what’s going on.

I think your phone when you were doing these, it captures like a photo of it and a video. Yeah, so sometimes I think this is just furniture. So they had a complete just everything living, dining, bedroom accessories.

Very cool. Mm hmm. That was when our son loved the business. Technology, so it was great.

So check it out. All right, yeah, no, and it’s amazing stuff, right? Oh yeah. And it’s fun. Like, it’s really neat. I love it. Sounds good to me. Ok, I’m good with end in that. All right.

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