Dallas is Hot – Well, the Dallas real estate market is super hot, it is hot, hot, hot, that’s what we’re going to talk about right now and we’re going to compare it to other markets that are out there. So we’re going to talk about Austin here and talk about San Antonio and talk about Houston. We can talk about other cities that are going crazy in the country and we’re going to compare them to our market. Analysts do it.

I’m here with the luxury real estate broker and co-owner of Acquisto Real Estate, Shana. Let’s talk about this. I have a link and we’re going to share that bad link for us. Just do it, OK? And we’ll chat that in. And then we’re going to share our screen and go over this report here. And so here we are, this shows a brand new report that just came out and we’ll give the credit to Dallas culturemap.com, whomever they happen to be.

They put this out here and they went through and compared the Dallas market to others and how much it’s up here recently as it compares to last year. So what I’m going to do here is kind of scroll through this and allow us to see some of the stats and some of the numbers and we’ll compare them and discuss them. So Dallas is up nineteen point nine percent year over year for the median home price. OK, all right. So one year, nineteen point nine percent.

Now, I kind of thought it would have been higher than that.
Well, it’s median number and it’s Dallas. It’s not.
There’s a lot of different areas in different markets.

So I guess. Yeah, and there’s some places that don’t go up quite as much or whatever it is, but. And then the four highest cities around the whole country were slightly higher, but not too much. OK, Oxnard, California. Interesting.  

That’s for the Dallas Cowboys training Miami. They were each up 25.8% percent. OK, Phoenix and Tacoma, Washington, also twenty four point nine for pretty much twenty five percent, just a little bit more.

I have heard that Arizona is getting pretty, pretty hot right now. The temperature and this is comparing the eighty five largest metro areas, right? Austin by far the hottest.
Forty to no housing is hotter than Austin. Yeah, right. Forty two percent,

Yes, that’s where are. They going because it’s so light compacted. But we have friends that live right outside of Austin and. I mean, it’s it’s really nice. It is really pretty there, it’s just if you have to drive anywhere near. The downtown area, forget it.

But they did have two major corporations moving their assembly and those were huge, huge announcements and probably Zoho is is there as well. So it’s probably, it’s probably because of.

So, yeah, it’s mostly mostly because of that. That’s where U.S. headquarters is and is in Austin. And they’re just keeping it weird down there. Let’s see about it.

We have Houston, sixteen point eight percent in San Antonio, fourteen point six percent in Fort Worth, fourteen point three percent. Wow. OK, all right. So those are some different numbers for you. Sometimes it helps if you keep things in perspective. Yeah. And we kind of look through that.

I would be interested to see New York because I do believe a lot of people are moving here from New York. And I think I saw something mentioned about it in there. But we talked to our son who lives in New York. And, you know, it’s it’s really different there for sure.

Very good. So we’ll chat that link into you for you guys. And you can see that it will be down in the description lower down. But it often helps if you have specific numbers to kind of discuss and just kind of look at how it compares to other places and what’s going on. So I hope that helps you out just a little bit dense.

Thank you. Very good, Shana. Do you have anything else to discuss with this or do you think they’re kind of good?

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