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New rental home community in Prosper. So we’re going to talk about the mansions prosper and discuss this really? Mansions, yeah, and discusses, I think I do like this better, Shana, than just a regular apartment. So to me, it feels a little bit better and gives more options in the future. But we’re going to discuss that and show it off.

So that’s Shana Acquisto. So she’s a luxury real estate broker, and I’m lucky enough to just sit next to her.

I’m the lucky one. All right, so tell us a little bit about it Shana.

So Omkar can share the screen.

There’s a new community, and I think it’s a concept that we’re going to start seeing more of. So this is the mansions of prosper. And basically what this is considered is a build to rent community. So developers have come in and they’ve built these. I don’t know if we have photos of them.

I sent you some photos, but they have, you know, single family homes. They almost look like little duplexes. They have some that are two story. It’s a gated community, but they’re only rentals. So what the idea is the developer will build these right and then get them all rented out and then sell that package off to someone. So they’re interesting and they’re expensive.

So Mike pulled it up. So just for a one bedroom, one bath, seven hundred square feet is fourteen seventy four a month, up to sixteen hundred. I guess it just depends. So they they have up to they have 50 square feet of difference. I’m not sure what exactly.

It must be super luxurious and have just a little bit more space with it and a little bit higher end, but up to almost 1500 bunks. Two bedrooms.

Yeah, three bedroom, four bedroom.

Yeah. So they have different sizes here, up to forty four hundred dollars.

Yes, so very expensive. You know, I don’t know how you guys feel about it. You said that you like it better than apartments. I do. I look at the long, long term consequences of this, and I’m I’m a little concerned about them. You are. I mean, I like the price point of the rentals for preserving the area I think is good.

But long term rentals, rental communities, I think we all know how they end up playing out. And that’s my concern.

It is a larger community. There’s quite a bit to it. I drove through it before it was actually being built.

You know, it’s interesting because you would see properties like apartment buildings that would be rented for a long time. Then they turn into where you can purchase them. So maybe this is going to be the opposite where you rent for so long and then they’ll sell them off later. I don’t know.

Can I get a hell? Yeah, who loves galley kitchens so you can just go straight down there and everything great unless you have nothing you need? No, it’s totally fine. No, I mean, they’re nice.

They’re, you know, they’re nice. You know, I just I just the long term of these is concerning.

You know, I would rather this than a rent than an apartment complex. That’s my personal opinion. So. Ok. All right. Sounds good to me, so that’s the info on it, you drove through it. You want to say where it was or.

So this is off of Custer and First Street. Ok.

Cluster and first,

So you know how far off Custer? Two miles?

Not too far. Maybe too far. Yeah. Just to the right to the it would be to the East.

So. Drive up Custer. Take a look and check them out. it’s definitely worth the drive to see a nice amenity center, so they do have amenities. It looked very nice and they’re all very white and bright. And oh, we’ll see how that works out. And Stacy says she has some coming up to buy where she is. Mm hmm. So those are going out in.

But I mean, I think we’re going to see more of this come to our area. You know, I if they did something like this and it was more of a Del Webb type community where it was, you know, we see a lot of people trying to downsize and want it or want to move and be close to family.

I think that would be great. I don’t know. I don’t know about this. Never. It’s still out.

So, Stacey, I think it’s coming up to you to Roanoke because that’s an unincorporated area that’s centrally located. And I think this area out here also happens to be unincorporated.

So there is a less restrictions there and probably easier to do that. So look forward to these being in more unincorporated areas, correct? Relatively soon. Why is that? So they go

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