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Howdy there! Hey there realtors, you actually have a license and you have to extend it, you have to make sure that you continue to renew and renew and renew all the time. But to do that, you have to also take classes. There’s rules. There’s things you have to do. There’s timelines, there’s payments, there’s dues. All important. Yep. Right now is a great time to just stop. Look up your license. Yeah, see when it renews, see if it’s valid, right? See how much education you’ve already done, huh?

Stay in charge of that and like you said, when you have these things that are coming, do put them on your calendar and set reminders, don’t wait till the last minute and call in a panic like, oh, my gosh, truck doesn’t have my information.

My license is going to expire. You know, I had a situation earlier in the year where I did renew ahead of time. I did my education ahead of time and then I renewed it, kind of forgot about it. That’s not good either you have to follow up and make sure that they’re receiving the information and that everything gets accounted for or else your license will expire. I had everything. It was a fluke thing and my license expired. It was a disaster.

So you can do it dramatically earlier. And so I just extended my license, which was due on ten thirty one. And so I went ahead and did it. Apparently this is a time frame when you can do it. Yeah. And my license just got extended and it’s all done and you pay the fee, renewed it and it’s all done.

You can start taking these classes and as long as they’re after the due date of your of your current, they’ll apply towards the next year.

So just renew take take a moment, stop and think about your license plate. Then think about when it Renaults. Think about the education. Have you done everything. And then remember. Gee whiz, gee whiz.

Now before we go to gee whiz, let’s do it in a are the National Association of Realtors Code of Ethics. So I think it was twenty, seventeen ish. They required us to take that in addition to everything else in our code of ethics every four years. Then it changed, then it changed to two years. Well now in twenty nineteen they changed it to every three years. So every three years you must take an in our code of ethics.

So depending on when your license expires, maybe you’ve already done your renewal that you’re still lacking that in our code of ethics. So you need to make sure you check that because some of you I emailed out a notice that you may have satisfied all your education, but you have until the end of the year, December 31st of this year, to also take your code of ethics in addition. So and this is in our code of ethics. So it’s different.

Well, that’s super annoying. Why do they make the difference? Because it’s a two year license. And then they decided, oh, let’s do this one every three years.

Well, it was more and then it was, too. And they wanted to give people a little bit more time. And I think it’s because, you know, if you think they’re adding just an hour in Collin County, about one hundred and something agents a month, I’m sure they’re bombarded. So keeping up is probably a challenge.

Yeah. Don’t ever get yourself a problem, right?

Do not do it. And I’ll be honest, right now, we’re in July. If you have something due by the end of the year, this is really pushing it. You’ve got to take a class it’s a two and a half hour class, it’s offered online. Take it, get it done, move on.

So, chat in now your license expiration date. So that will give you an opportunity to look at it and chat. And now are you on education? Do I have it? Do I need some? You know, what’s your plan? Can you take it down? Gee whiz. Gee whiz. A great place to take anything that is C related, but not m e there’s a distinction difference

And you’re not going to be able to do the gee whiz So see previous episodes on. Gee whiz, we’ll link that there and put the website in the description as well so you can get to it. But that’s fully, fully endorsed by myself for the best place to continue education to get done as quick as possible.

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