Is Remote Work Is Now The Norm?

Remote work is now the norm. Really? So, yeah, we’re going to discuss this and I saw, you know, a snippet that kind of best highlighted it, and it was a pretty good paragraph.

And then looking through it, I was like, Whoa, this is a real thing. Let’s go ahead and share this. Let’s discuss it. Let’s see its impact on real estate and how these things are changing.

So I do have a quick link that we’re going to bring up here and have highlighted, so I’ll go over here and highlight this.

And the team that attracts top talent is us because we have the most

Talented people out there. I wanted to actually have it all highlighted for us in advance, but let’s go ahead and see what this is. Remote work is now the norm.

This is what I was trying to cover here for us, and we’ll have Shauna go ahead and read through this paragraph and the next one, please.

So remote work is now the norm. Hybrid schedules part time at home and part time at the office are typical due to the option to work remotely.

Many people have relocated to different parts of the country to take advantage of lower costs of living or more desirable lifestyle while remaining at their current company.

And still, others have evaluated what is truly important to them regarding the work that they do, how they work, and perhaps most importantly, what company they work for, with whom they work.

So that’s kind of the point here, right, is people now have choices, and it’s really weird that people sit down and they think about, what do I really want?

What’s important to me, right? Is this more important than if I don’t have to drive here, what do I really desire?

And then you can talk about real estate as it relates to this. Yeah. So there’s quite a bit that rolls into this. Right?

So is there anything in particular that you wanted to kind of look at here, Chandni, you’ve seen clear examples of people wanting to move to different locations

That kind of took us to Montana. And I think thinking about it from a real estate perspective and as a professional, you’ve developed these relationships with your clients.

Why not be able to travel with them and, you know, do real estate in other places now you can get licensed in other states or you could just be present for them, attend or, you know, go with them to their destination of choice and do the due diligence on their behalf to find them the right broker that you feel would suit their needs. Right?

And a lot of people are buying second homes and third homes,

And a lot of people are wanting to move maybe from the Northeast to get out of there for specific reasons, down to different destinations if you are a transplant yourself coming from somewhere else. Think about the reasons that brought you here.

Think about what’s currently going on and does that exacerbate it and make more people want to come here? And if so, should you be reaching back out home to those types of people to have them relocate here to this area? Like, Hey, this is pretty good here. Here’s what’s going on, right?

So those are all things to kind of think about as you’re walking through this of how people are migrating from different places to new locations and what are those new locations.

And you can proactively think about the people you’re like, Wow, that company is not doing that anymore. So if you think about a specific firm and then think about anyone that you know that works there and could they be doing this right?

And are those the right people to be relocating? So that’s how you kind of think through as an agent to find new business?

You know, we’ve just seen a lot of people come off vacations, family vacations. So it would be a fun time to reach out to them and say, Hey, here’s some stats.

Did you know there’s a lot of people moving here? Or here’s some  pricing for the area that you were. I saw you’re on vacation in Florida.

We love this area ourselves. Here’s just some information on it just to reach out to them. Hey, you want to buy a house there?

So the world is really changing and we have all these different options and the homes specifically are changing. All of a sudden, you know that somebody has two people staying at home that are, you know, income earners that are working from home.

It’s very different. So maybe reach out to them and be like, Hey, is something changed? So just think through. But more or less you have to care and be in tune with what people are doing, and then you will be able to find those people.

And if you just reach out and say, Hey. Hmm, mm hmm. What about then that’s a good way to start a conversation.

Yeah, because I know you guys are shy and sometimes it’s hard to to talk to people, right? No, you’re not. You’re totally outgoing, but you have to know who are the right people to speak with and what you talk about, really? Yes.

So we’re trying to get you topics today. And so pick out any one of the topics that we’ve discussed today and just call them up and discuss that. Yeah, in particular, do it.

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