Our word of the day today is going to be, let’s see here, remediation to remedy. And so what we’re going to first do is we’re going to define the word use in a sentence and briefly discuss it.

Oh, good. I thought you’re going to ask me to spell it.

No, I was going to do that. So go ahead and read our definition if we could here.

Yeah. So my definition for remediate really is restoring and improving land from a deteriorated state into productive use. Right. So really, like we talked about earlier in the show, really looking at assessing something and, you know, hey, you know, we’ve got all these trees and maybe we’ve got this pond. How do we bring this pond from, you know, kind of a weedy algae filled hole in the ground into something that I can go bass fishing in or catch or really appreciate the aesthetic value of it or use it for my cattle to drink from, you know, so how to really bring in something into good use, however you define that.

And then so maybe use an incentive. So I’ll go with. So this being an aggregated word, I would say my old lady wanted me to remediate our poison ivy problem. Right. So that would be something that she wants me to to take care of and in do so. Anything else you want to discuss? You feel good about remediation?

I feel pretty good about it. I mean, and it should. Yeah, it’s all about taking something and making it yours and making it better.

And if you need to make something better any time you can spend, which is going to do just that, in fact, he will hit you with the puns. He will hit you with straight knowledge, just like right in the face. And you’re just like, wow. And you will have a great time. Thank you very much.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 6.18.21

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