Reimbursement Relocation Program – Hey, so we have a link for you. We’ll check that in here for you. And there’s a new program that builders are starting to do and there’s a couple of them specifically. We’ll take this link, will pull it up and we’ll discuss it with you. So we give you the exact builders. But it is a reimbursement program for when there’s expenses paid from your commissions directly to a relocation company on a national level to bring them in.

So let’s go ahead and share the screen if we can show our own car so we know when you when you are doing a relocation client, there’s typically a large referral fee that’s payable to the relocation company. And some of the builders, we’re saying are offsetting that cost by giving you a reimbursement on your commissions. Right. But they’re very particular about this. I’ve seen this for a couple of years, but they have to show you have to provide your agreement with the relocation company and prove your fee and what you’re paying.

Reimbursement Relocation Program

So there are some you know, I think on this one in particular, there’s ways to qualify. And you want to make sure that you follow all those things to be sure that, you know, this is not with all the builders.

So let’s just take a look. This is Highland and real relocation.

So you want to look at the fine print. You want to ask the questions. Don’t just assume that, hey, if I rebate my client, I’m going to get a one percent feedback. Right. That it doesn’t work like that at all. This is strictly for relocation companies. I haven’t seen it.

Yeah. So the reason behind this is think about think about the scenario in which Coke or Pepsi is moving somebody in like a super high level camp and it’s going through a company like an Aries, a car. It is a part of a worldwide Ursy relocation kind of thing. Yeah. And they’re coming in and we as a brokerage agree to compensate the relocation company that senses that  client probably forty two percent just to pick a number up.

Right then in that scenario we’d be giving back forty two percent of the money to Herries or whoever that company is. And then we could receive if they go through with it, Harlington, Highland and Huntington homes that they would receive one percent back up to two. So yeah. So now we talked about it being forty two percent. So that’s more than one percent of your commissions.

You’re not going to be made whole in that situation and it has to be from certain programs. And the reality is that these relocation companies, when they bring somebody in, it’s typically a super premium person. Right. And it’s normally a higher level commission. So think close to think like a million dollars is the whole nowadays, which probably a person purchasing that was getting relocated. Right.

Right. Executive I don’t know.

The price point of Highland in Huntington Homes really depends on the area for they kind of close to those numbers.

And it’s going to be, you know, on the higher end highland, you can get, you know, under the million course.

Ok, perfect. So that seems to make sense that there at least at the right price point. Yeah. You’re not talking about entry level builders saying that will reimburse you for these people right now in each one of these situations. Everybody. Right. I always want you to look out for what’s best for your client first. That’s probably the most important part is do what’s best for your client. And if this works out and great, it should be secondary for sure.

Partner in a relationship right now, that’s that’s, you know, the cost of the opportunity, opportunity cost to have that client.

Yeah, but so this is going to be a niche thing that works out in certain cases. But now you should know about it. I’d say it’s I don’t know if it’s for a limited time only or. Well, it runs through the end of the year. Yeah, OK. And then we’ll see if it’s renewed. But if you do have one of those, then it is something to consider. But always do what’s best for your client first. Absolutely perfect. Now we understand parameters.

Thank you to Kim Miller. Yeah, she brought this one up for us. So if you have anything else that you see that you think would be good for us to discuss here, then please send it over and we’ll we’ll discuss it. Go through my prints with you. You’ll be able to reference this document. We included that in the chat there. And then you can find it down below the like button in the description.

So as you cruised by, click like cruising, give us some engagement if you can think of some other programs that are similar or something else that you like more. One time I got a gift card because I did this or I got a free cruise or I got a trip to where? I don’t know, somewhere. Right, Chat in now and let us know. Engagement’s always good with you.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 2.10.21

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