Reflections from a long drive and some time hiking so you can learn something no matter what you do. Sure. So we’ll kind of talk about some things that I happen to experience and some some reflections and some time that I got to myself. Right. So we drove all the way across country and our end goal was to bring a vehicle. And so my vehicle is purple. And we brought her up to Bozeman, Montana, was where it was going. Yeah.

GMC Acadia left on Thursday and we drove Thursday and Friday all day and then eventually got to where we were going in the Grand Tetons. And so our goal was to get there so we could do a hike on the weekend. So Dave, did miss or Dr. Jeff didn’t miss any time during the workweek. And then we did some hiking on Saturday and Sunday, some extreme hiking.

Then we get done and then drove to Bozeman and then took a flight the next morning and came home. So now we’re here back with you guys and there’s a vehicle ready and waiting for you. It does have gas. I cleaned up the inside as much as I could, but we got in super late and our flight leaves super early. So it didn’t vacuum it for you. Apologies there. And the outside is not perfectly clean. It’s like kind of clean.

We can have our friends in Montana do that.

No, I definitely won’t have to do that. I tried to make sure I left it in good shape. It’s pretty good, right? So it’s not like filthy or anything. I got the floor mats all wiped out and you should be pretty good. Good. All right. So reflections there. Yeah, America’s awesome. Yes, that’s a great reflection. So sometimes being happy about things is important, and that is an attitude thing that goes across what you happen to do.

So if you’re in real estate and you just notice that you have a positive mental outlook, that’s going to help you a tremendous amount when you wake up every morning, are you happy? Are you ready to go or you just want to get at it? That’s a real thing. So as we’re driving across the country, I realize it’s a great place. We took a different route than we typically would. And I’m just impressed with the size, the scale, the scope of our country in general. And the beauty is it’s amazing. It’s tremendous. So be happy. Understand what it is. See how lucky we are to live in the USA

And go take it and you know something to taking all of that in that, you know, when we started traveling and hiking and doing these outdoor things, you know, I think it started with maybe skiing in the winter. And it’s like, wow, it’s just it’s breathtaking and it makes you kind of, you know, get a new outlook on life. It’s really good and refreshing.

Yeah. And then when we’re out the back country and we’re hiking, I realize the size, the scale, the scope. You know, Mother Nature is impressive. And then you realize the size of who you are in relationship to other things, right? So like how big the mountains are, how how vast it is, you just look at something. You’re like, oh, we’re just going to go over there. And it’s like, oh, then I have to get there. And you realize what the distances it’s like, man. Yeah. And you just reflect on you.

You know, the ocean also does that for me to see how big you are, how insignificant you are as a portion of all of this. So in real estate, what you realize is there’s tons of transactions going on in your one person, but how do you become bigger within the sea of all the realtors? Right. And there’s a lot going on. So how do you stand out? How do you make a difference? What are you doing? And I also really enjoyed we didn’t see any cars for a while, so we left and it was weird to not see, to not hear, to interact with very, very few people on a daily basis.

And you just kind of get something from that when you have the solitude and the time to reflect in the time to think, then sometimes you do your best thinking and you realize the things that you’re happy about and things that are working for you and what you need to change or whatever that is. So just having some time for self reflection is always good. Yeah.

So anyways, it’s crucial to being successful in your career if you don’t take that time for yourself and focus on yourself. Then, you know, it gets it gets neglected,

The consistency of working every single day is nice. However, you do need to take some time for yourself and you do need to reflect. You do need to think. You do need to ponder. You do need to be honest with yourself so that you can have the best possible outcome.

And because you do that, does it mean that you’re going to you don’t I mean, it depends on how you do it, but you can take time for yourself and not worry about missing out on something, on a transaction or, you know, let your client down. There’s ways to structure it. Yeah, we’ll be talking more about that

Anyway, just push yourself. It’s all you get out and. Smell the mountains.
It’s all I got no, it doesn’t have to be the mountains, just whatever you want, your pool backyard and just reflect. Take some time. Those are just my reflections of it.

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