Matthew Palmer

So last night, I’m just kind of hanging out and I get a call and most people kind of like text me before they call me, but like I get a call from this this millennial named Matthew Palmer, who some of you might know and like. And he calls me to say, hey, are you busy? And I’m like, I don’t know. It’s like 9:30 at night. And people normally don’t call me at this hour and but it’s important to him. So what’s important to Matthew Palmer is he’s looking at renting his first home. And I’m super happy for him because after I think seven and a half years, No. He is now graduating from Texas Tech in the very near future, so he’ll be graduating from tech and he’s looking for a place for him. And I don’t know, I think you said like three other guys that currently live in the testosterone home.

I don’t know what they call it there, but there’s a whole bunch of guys up at Tech and they’re looking for their first property. And what I want you to do is remember the joint excitement of your first property. Right?

Just kind of like think back and see how exciting that is. So he’s getting out of school and he’s going to be starting a career and it’s going to be a couple of guys and they’re going to share and they had like this budget. And initially he starts with this budget. A couple he called me in the summer and it’s like so like, what can I get for like 400 dollars? And I’m like, Matthew, what you can get is the availability to stay with me and then you can buy some food. So if you want that you can do that. And he ended up staying with Captain David, Captain Dave’s house. So imagine that Captain Dave and Matthew Palmer both together in a single residence.

Throw in a little Eric and mix in some Karen. And you have a nice recipe. So anyways, back to back to the story here, so imagine the excitement of the first time home buyer and that’s what we need to do. So as I give a direct referral and I’m going to say you’re going to love working with Logan. He’s looking for a lease and he gives me the area and we kind of walk through that. But the sheer passion and also lack of knowledge right from the first time home buyer is something we have to kind of work through. But this is a client that we need to connect with. And it’s super important that we understand the younger generation some people would call millennial home buyers. I prefer to call them younger generational workforce members. I think that’s actually the term that they’re looking to, to call themselves, they view millennial as a negative kind of. So I don’t know why that the connotation that everyone calls them becomes negative. But anyways, so they like a different word, so with that word will go with the younger generation of workforce members.

And they have just like this passion, but we have to slow things down for them and we have to re-explain. So it was important to me to set them up with an amazing agent. To Logan Lawrence. Enjoy your time with Matthew Palmer and all of his buddies. And you hook that person up with somebody that they’re going to know, like and trust and can relate to him and has similar experiences, but yet has more experience than them and can build upon that. So that would be super important. And we took the time to understand what was important with them. And then I was able to give them some tools as well. So I’m like, Matthew, you may enjoy TNT, so give it a follow. And he pushes that button and he’s like BOEM subscribed. And so now Matthew’s going to be getting some more content all the time as it relates to real estate. And he’ll be super excited to be learning more about real estate directly from Sean and myself, probably more so from Shana, but some from myself. But it’s important that when you’re talking with these with these first time buyers or leasers that lessors, leaseholders, I don’t know. Let’s not worry about that vernacular. Let’s just cut to it and understand that what we’re trying to do is help Matthew out and get him his first place, have him happy and understand and have him learn how to start building credit, how to start paying things on time, how to start earning this income, how to save and prepare for the future. So it’d be important if you would like to go ahead and maybe speak with a lender.

And get that person kinda tuned in and know what they need to do. So if we’re looking at this home here, we have a real opportunity because it was one person that calls us and asks for assistance. And so then that’s Matthew on the phone and he also has some other less accomplished hikers that he happens to have on the phone with him. And after we exchanged jabs and good times and good stories from the past, what we quickly realized now is Logan has a real opportunity. So it’s an opportunity to turn Matthew into a homebuyer eventually and each of his other buddies.  And so they can continue to work on their credit to do these things. And they will all ultimately have families and have these things on their own. So what starts is one place that we might not want to do. What starts as a phone call from a person we know at a maybe slightly later than normal time frame is like, oh, am I bothering you now? And I’m like, no, no, no, dude, you can call anytime, right? So what starts is that can become not one, not two, not three. And this isn’t LeBron. But we can have a bunch of different transactions here. So we’re not talking Chris Bosh, we’re not talking about that, we’re not talking about Miami winning all these championships, what we’re talking about is Logan selling a lot of homes. So we give Matthew some information to hook them in and explain why he would love working with Logan and exchange this contact information and what we want to do, start start the process.

So, Logan, make sure that you have a nice virtual meeting. Make sure that we don’t take anything for granted here just because it gets sent over. Make sure you always go back to your foundation when you have somebody that’s looking for anything. And don’t just say like, oh, is a referral sent over from this person and kind of like take it as a cakewalk. What instead you want to do is really invest in this person. So we’ve invested a lot of time with this relationship and it’s been a really fun one and a great learning experience for myself. So as we kind of go through that, Logan, make sure that you do all the right things right and have that first meeting explain what’s going on. Explain the process, explain the moving condition form, explain all that, explain the deposits and when they get returned and how much we have to do. Those are all important things that you can go ahead and do. And then you will have a great transaction with this so you can learn from anybody. So I’ll take and I did learn from the great Matthew Palmer, something that I pass along and maybe that we you’ve seen Sean and myself, too. So this is one of the best things that he did pick up from Matthew as we were in Yosemite National Park.

And we’re at the base and we’re going to be hiking some good, real, real good hikes that only true men can make it up to the top up. So we get to the top of the Half Dome with Matthew. And, you know, we had some really good times and I learned some things. And you can learn from almost anybody. And what I saw was Matthew had a real faith and it was important to Matthew that he went about and shared that faith with others and made sure that he was living and it was being true to who he was. So Matthew would sit down and before each meal, he would ask everyone to gather round and to  bow their heads and he would say a prayer for all of us. Now, what Matthew was doing is and each part is different for everybody. So Matthew said something that was important to him. And that was maybe more of an overt gesture than I wanted to do. I’m not a person that likes to instill my faith upon others, but yet I like to live it internally. And I understand what’s important to me. But what I did get from that is how important it is just to be thankful and grateful and how you can do that. And it doesn’t, to me need to be a

prayer or an outward sign or something that other people see. So I try not to do that to others. But yet what we did is we took from that experience and we translated it and Shana and myself, after speaking about it, I came home and I’m like, hey, you know, I learned quite a bit from Matthew on this on this trip here. And it was really nice. And I liked what he did. And I want to find a way that we can do a similar thing without imparting us on to others. So what Sean and I do before each time we eat is we just simply take our fork and acknowledge each other and we’ll tap our forks together, whatever that utensil is. And that’s just kind of our way of taking just a second to say thank you and be grateful. And so that’s what we kind of do, is go about doing that to be truly grateful for what we have. And that’s about it. So, ladies and gentlemen, thank you to Matthew Palmer. Good luck on your purchase. Congratulations on the upcoming graduation, we think. And the party would be truly amazing when that is all completed. Logan, good luck and let’s get for sale transactions from this a year or two from now.

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