What is a referral team?

Let’s talk about appraisal waiver. All right. When you have your team rock and roll and a lot of times nowadays we’re seeing appraisal waivers for good clients in properties that are they have a lot of comparables. That’s a really, really important deal that I’m going to talk more about when we talk about buyer agents, tips and tricks, not selling your clients info. I can’t I can’t get into that enough. I was furious when I got a call from some random utility company.

And you’re how how’d you get my information? But, oh, your inspector gave it to us, and that’s not cool. I never got anything. I’m not a big fan of that. I don’t like random people coming into my referral network. And Eco-System, it feels uncomfortable. It feels sales, marketing and events. Kyle has been a big part of that. Talk to your referral partners on your team and ask them for tips and tricks.

Hey, do you do any marketing, do any events? Do you want to co event? You want to go market together so that we can continue to say thank you to our clients? I know that you do a lot of that. Yeah, go marketing is great.

There’s a lot of great things that come from it. You know, I like to basically build a brand as a team that can really, really help in going back to a little bit earlier, having people that know each other in your referral network. Everything moves like a well oiled machine. Right. So if you guys are co marketing together, if you guys are friends, you got to trust each other. Everything works a lot smoother.

So I think the clients can feel that, too. Yeah, they can feel in their heart and their soul, in their mind, when everyone in the transaction cares about them, the comfort level and the trust level kind of exponentially increases and they’re more likely to refer their friends and family into that ecosystem. Right. We use the term ecosystem because we’re not we’re not meant on islands where we are right now.

We’re in Maui, but it’s not about. It’s not about just me, it’s about my entire team so that we can continue to provide throughout the future. Let’s talk about consistent service message. I like the capital grill example. OK, yes, I could go to Applebee’s. No shame on Apple. I go to abilities and I can spend 12 dollars on one of their steaks. I’m going to experience a different interaction when they check me in to when they sit me down to when they bring my food, if something is wrong, it’s a hassle.

I mean, it’s like, you know, you know, the experience when you walk into a dive varieties that blues versus when you go to a Capital Grille from the moment you call to make a reservation to when you get into your bed at night after you’re done eating, you’re like there’s a big smile on your face. Like, that was awesome because every single part of that transaction reinforces the value of everything that you did. It’s not about the food, which is the product. It’s about the full service.

Right. And we talked about school and car buying. So those are some of the main benefits. Are there any that I’m missing?

No, I think that’s that’s great. Ok. Hey, if you’re out there and you know of some benefits that you’ve experienced, chat that in. And we’re going to talk about them to highlight that when we get to five Q&A. OK, next topic. Passing the praise. Yeah, yeah, that’s really cool. We’re going to go into that in five. That’s going to be really important. We get in the queue and they don’t deviate from track.

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