Realtors: Don’t fall for an email or text spoof

Hey, realtors, hey, have you ever been scammed? No one wants to be scammed, that’s luxury real estate broker Shana Acquisto. And I’m here. I’m Mike and we want to let you know, don’t fall for any scams.

We’re going to give you a couple of different types, whether it’s email, text, phone calls. There’s all types of scams that go around, some of them specifically target realtors, because they know what you’re looking for.

And they’re pretty clever. I mean, there’s been a few times that I send it over to you and say, hey, just. Is this real, this is fake, but just take a look at it from anywhere from, hey, here’s your invoice we didn’t get paid or. Hmm. You know, we all know about the give me, you know, go get some gift cards and those tech scams that I know Rachel loves to to play around with those people. But these are they’re getting pretty clever.

Yeah. So let’s go over a common one. The common one is that they go to a Web page. Right. And then they will find the person who often would be in a position of authority. And then they’ll often find somebody who’s new or somebody who just hasn’t been exposed to this yet. And then they will message them directly and say, like, hey, this is blank and fill in the name.

Right. And they’ll say, I need you to do this for me. And they’ll ask you and say, like, it’s time sensitive, they can fill in whatever it is. I need you to get a gift card. I need you to buy me Bitcoin. I need whatever it is and they’ll want to send you something right.

They’ll want you to engage with them and act as if they are that person of authority. But all of a sudden you look down and like it’s a weird number that you’re texting me from. It’s not the normal number that I’ve saved for this person in particular. And they’ll have a sense of urgency. They’ll be like, hey, do this, whatever. Right. So immediately when you feel like something’s not right. Right. Like this person is not really stuck in a meeting, they don’t really need to do this. It’s a weird request. Like it’s a little off. Right.

Then what you’d probably want to do is maybe pick up the phone and call that person directly, not through the number, provided they’re not by, like, texting them back. Right. Whatever that is, by simply going around, maybe emailing them using a different method of communication, then how that person engaged you to start with.

And that’s probably the biggest part. No matter where it comes in, if the person emails you write or text, you then call them, call directly to the person’s number in your phone. Look up the number on the Web page if you’re not sure, but just look past it.

Another thing is proof of funds. That’s happening a lot. Now that we’re receiving proof of funds, they look real. So just go with it. Now, you should pick up the phone and give them a call. So if you get something from Chase and you think, oh, I’ll just call the number on this proof of funds that I think is fake, don’t do that.

Go in and find the number and call. Do you know, protect yourselves because it’s happening everywhere. I know you had talked before about an email how you can hover over the Yeah. Address and that

When you’re looking at the email we did cover, this is a previous episode, but what you’ll want to do is they can spoof or change what the name looks like. So it’ll look like it comes from like for example, it’ll have my name or title. But then when you hover over it and you look on it and you click on the email or you hit to reply back, back to what you’ll see is that message actually is going somewhere else, like some weird Yahoo email or something else.

Right. It’s not going directly to that person. Again, look past it. I get things all the time sent to me like, hey, here’s your invoice for and it’s something similar to what we might be doing. And inadvertently, if I was just the bill payer, I might just like pay stuff, you know what I mean? Like, hey, my mike said pay this right. And it’s like, oh, all right. Right, whatever. I’ll just go ahead and pay this.

Please be careful because it is costing. So a couple of you chatted in that you received a text that from Mike that he was in a conference and I think you in jail to get gift cards. That was real. We really wanted you all to get gift cards for us. And we didn’t. Kidding.

No way. All right. So those are the types of things I never asked anything like that of you guys just being clear. You know,

You’ll get these all the time. Yes, right. And Logan, I think, is one person that if you want to, you can send him gift cards. Right. He said he accepts them any time. Yeah, right. Like, hey, I’m Logan. I need you to do this for me. I’m in charge of the media. Could you please bring me a new whatever. I need you to get me a gift card from Wal-Mart so I have enough whatever. Right. They come up with something. So these are all different items. But just know that they go around from title companies to to try to get money sent separately to the wrong place.

So if the money like, imagine wiring all your money to the wrong place, these are that’s happened. Yeah. These are real things. That’s why the title companies have sites to log in and how to get the stuff that’s like here will confirm the wire instructions and take it and then they’ll call you before they send it out. These are all real, real things and we don’t want you to fall victim to any one of them.

If you know what one looks like, then you just have to think that they’re going to use another method and another method in another method. You’ll get these all the time from whether it happens to be a bank or it’ll look like a vendor that you might do business with. With, I’ve had people send over like, hey, here’s a contract, we want to put it on your property. Yeah.

And all of a sudden it’s just like a Trojan virus to like. And it’s also, hey, I’m looking for a home. Here’s my criteria attached. So don’t I mean everything. You should take caution. Mm hmm.

Ok, well, apparently I’m a common person that people receive seems to be me, so I’m glad they’ve moved on To you. I’m not going to ask you to do anything right. Thank you. Especially like. Well, no, thank you, guys. Have a great day.

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