CCAR Update your Billing Info

CCAR Update your Billing Info – Hey, realtors, let’s talk about CCAR, their billing system, and some of the updates that you might need to do and precautions, you should take just

A couple of housekeeping things. So our association that we belong to, where we get our MLS access from is CCAR, Collen County Association of Realtors. There you go. So you guys can log into your account at CCAR. net and you can log in with your MLS credentials. And what you need to do is to understand your dos. OK, so we have annual dues and then we have MLS fees that are charged quarterly. OK, they have a new system at CCAR. They’ve updated their system and you are able to now go in and put a credit card on file where it’ll auto you can auto pay for your dues.

So that way you don’t miss them because what happens is if you miss them, they are going to turn off your MLS and you’re not going to have access. So we don’t want to have that happen. Also, if you don’t pay your dues, then there is a reinstatement fee. So you want to avoid that, too. So I think a lot of you, when you joined when you got your real estate license, you probably gave track, whatever email you currently had because it was before you were sponsored, you know, with us. So you probably had your Yahoo! Or Gmail or something like that.

Segway, AOL people before AOL.

Yeah, yes, probably AOL. So you want to make sure that you have an CCAR, your your current Acquisto Real Estate email, because that’s where they’re going to notify you and send you any information from CCAR, any correspondence that you get. It’s going to come to that email. So you want to go in there to your profile and CCAR, update your email address and that’s where you can put in your credit card information for billing. So I just want to make sure that you guys are aware of that and you know how to do that. You may even want to go back to track and update your email address with them as well.

So that way you get notices when your license is going to expire and then when you update and you renew your license, you’ll get it emailed to the correct place. I’ve just heard a lot of people say I didn’t get the email and that could be true. But let’s go through these steps to make sure that you’ve you know, you’ve kind of done everything on your end to make sure that you have the correct information in there.

So very good. So two takeaways. Update your email and put your credit card in both at CCAR and make sure that’s all taken care of. And then if you do that, bam, go over to the state level, do it there. Yeah. And the national level up about the national level. Any hour now, don’t don’t update them.

You guys should all have a profile everywhere. Texas real estate in our yes. And I should keep everything updated.

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Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 4.16.21

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