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Hey there, Mike Acquisto, Shana Acquisto, real estate brokers and co-owners of Acquisto Real Estate, if you’re a realtor and your client was around and you were able to see and hear what they’re saying when you’re not there, Would you be happy?

How does it describe you? Right. Like what’s going on? Would you be offended?

Yeah. What are you doing? The best you can. Are you doing everything for your client or are you kind of thinking to yourself, like, wow, I’m leaving something on the table? Or are you doing enough that all of a sudden you think like

I’m a big fan and you’re corners?

Yeah, we’re not going to allow that here. We’re going to work on being better every single day. All that and more. All right, so what we’re going to show here is what does it say about you? How does it describe you and what kind of value you’re providing? Mm hmm. Those are some things to kind of reflect on. So let’s set the stage here on this on this idea here and feel free to chat in.

We love when you guys interact. Right. So maybe talk about interaction. Yeah. So agents, if you would add in and chat. And now for us some of the things that you want your client to feel.

And then some things that they feel or might say that you don’t like that you’d like to change. Mm hmm. You know what I mean?

And then you think about that before your meetings with them, you know, before you’re going out to your property with them or meeting them for their listing or whatever it may be. If you think about those things and I think you’re aware and you’ll make sure that you are doing the best job.

Yeah, absolutely. Like who doesn’t hate when you see somebody coming in, like, hot to a meeting. Right. And they’re all like flustered and whatever that is. And they don’t take just a second to to do the yoga thing and become more Zen like. Right. And then they come in and then all of a sudden, like three minutes later you hear, oh, I’m sorry, I fill in the blank is whatever that happens to be.

You know what? That’s not their fault. And no, no.

Nor should they care.

I mentioned this to you before. Don’t put that burden on someone else because then you feel bad. You know, if if you don’t feel somebody is living up to their job and you know they have a personal problem, you kind of feel bad. So that’s when you start talking about it with other people. And when you do that, it spreads like wildfire, right? It. You could have one bad experience with a client and it’s going to it’ll spread. So you have to be very careful.

So that’s something not to do. Right. So being able to focus just in that one moment and just  

Easy for all of us. No, it’s not right. And sometimes we say things, do things. Let it be seen on our face. It’s really as simple as I mean, like so like personal stuff this morning. We’re getting ready this morning. Right. And Sean, to ask me a question and. I could see based on the first three words of my response in this, probably I have seen a lot of men write that the words that they use in response get a response from the other person. And I could see on your face that you were not about what I was saying. OK, and go ahead.

Oh, you got it.

So you didn’t like what I had to say just based on that, so that’s not a total misunderstanding.

It was. It was because I went like this and, you know, getting even deeper dive into personal. I have this pull on the side of my ribcage and when I raise my hand, it hurts. So I went like that and he thought I was rolling my eyes at him. He was like.

Yes, so I just stopped midsentence, I’m like, no.

Knows that whatever, but the important part and the takeaway from this is that your face does not lie. It doesn’t feel right. You can’t. It just can’t. So it’s like a lie detector test.

It really is. So what does your face show about you? It’s really, really a weird thing, you know, shows you’re so handsome. Well, that’s nice. I’m glad you need glasses, so.  

All right, anyhow,

All right, so that’s what I’m trying to show, is this invisible mirror. What are these clients feeling from you? What are you radiating? Is it like heat going out? Are you are you sucking energy out of the room? Are you providing energy or are you the person that they’re happy to see? Remember during times when you weren’t so busy and you were jolly and you would meet your clients and you’d like, hug them and be happy and have all the time in the world? That’s what you asked your client to feel every single time.

Yes. And you want to provide a value if you’re just in there going through motions and not really giving value, which means key input, help them make decisions, offer them solutions, things like that. If you’re just going in and following like motions, you know, I like to use this as an example when you call in. Right.

Whatever it is, you call in a service provider and you ask certain things, well, they’re going by a list one through five and you ask them something that kind of is off that path and they’re like, well, they don’t know how to answer it.

So you have to be the you know, you have to be their advocate and their resource to know everything. If you don’t know everything, say, you know what, I’ll I’ll get it. But you have to be able to provide some sort of value other than just the middleman between the you know, between the transaction.

But sometimes the the advice of the value that you add, they don’t really want to hear like. So a good example is, did you restart the modem? It’s like one of those weird things that you call a customer service. And all the time they ask you, like, what’s a modem? Yeah. Did you restart your router? Did you restart the modem? Right. Like that’s what it is. And all of a sudden you’re like, oh no. Right. You’re like, I forgot to do that. So sometimes there’s a better way to ask the question that makes the person feel better and accomplishes the same goal.

So think about one question right now that your clients ask you all the time that when you give the response back, it sounds to them like, did you restart the modem? And you’ve been involved so long on the phone with this person? Whenever I hear that, I’m like.

You know, and I think to myself, I like deep sigh, I’m like, yes, I restarted the modem, right? And that it’s just like is super annoying thing. And I feel like I’m annoyed by the question. And sometimes I’m like, oh, boy, I actually forgot that tech thing. And then I feel stupid. But they didn’t want me to feel stupid. No. Have like all the time these types of things. Right. Yeah. So just think about that.

So think of something I would love to hear what you guys think about what is your did you restart your modem moment?

That’s that’s like that one. Yeah, I do those types of things all the time, my words. Sometimes I say things and I try, I really do try, but I say certain words that get to people.

You know what? I got a new phone a while back. And I all I seem to have these issues with it. And you do this all the time is you tell me turn it off and turn it back on. Yeah, restart it. And that’s probably when the eyes roll because that’s

Like occasionally I have to restart it. Mm hmm. Just things happen, right? OK, yes, good. All right, I’m good with

It, I’m taking over the space. Good. Take the Space Rover, hit the bar. Let’s go.

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