Realtor Mobile Tech

Today’s real estate word of the day is going to be realtor mobile tech. I’m here with luxury real estate broker Shana Acquisto. She’s going to go ahead and define it for us. She’s going to use it in a sentence and then we’re going to quickly discuss it. So, Shana, hit it for us, please.

Zeltzer, mobile tech, any technology that is mobile and can be carried with you to make your job as a realtor easier, a simple way to show your clients that you are very tech savvy. The iPad is a great example of this.

Very good. You have an iPad with you, don’t you? To have an iPad with. Perfect. So go ahead and pull that up and you can show that off to people and then we’re going to go ahead and use it in a sentence.

Ok, so when I am out in the field and I need to find photos in our work drive. I can pull them up in the iPad.

Very good. That’s a great use of Real-Time Mobile Tech. So is the OnX Maps is another clear example of this piece of software

Being sentenced to. I can. All right. Go ahead. I love technology specifically when it’s mobile and it’s real to mobile tech. Even better. OK. There you go. There you go, disgusted YouSendIt sentence, we’re done.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 6.3.21

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