Realtor Complaints- All right, so we have some real estate current events to speak about that are going on within our industry and there are certain things that we will be able to say on this and certain things will also not be able to say, right. So you’ll have to try to read between the lines just a little bit.

We’re not going to discuss names or anything, but this is something that’s that’s been that’s happened and it’s continuing to to evolve. But you guys may all be aware that recently at the Capitol, there was a a little bit of what they started out to be, peaceful, peaceful protests, and it turned violent and, you know, people lost their lives over it. So unfortunately, in that situation, there were a couple of real estate, actually, one broker and one realtor that we know of that acted in a way that was caught on. You know, it was it’s actually made national news.

So, you know, we have to understand a few things when you’re out there and someone may bring this up that I can’t believe you guys talking about you. You guys allow this person to continue on and didn’t revoke their license and you guys do this and that. Well, I think my advice to you is if you hear things like that, you have to educate them on how a process works. OK, so you’re not the judge and you’re not you don’t have the authority to revoke a license.

This these both of these agents are members of the Collin County Association of Realtors. OK, look, people act inappropriately all the time, right? And sometimes people get caught and sometimes they don’t. But there’s a process to handle any complaint may. And that’s what we have to understand.

So, you know, we don’t have that authority.

Realtor Complaints

CCAR, the Real Estate Association, doesn’t have the authority to revoke a license. Right. So there is a complaint process that if someone is complaining and they are just  super angry about what they saw or have heard or anything like that, then just guide them. You can go to Texas Realtors and file a complaint, OK? And that’s how you need to do it and encourage them to do it.

That’s what it’s for. You know, if if people don’t file a complaint, then how do they know about it? So, you know, we actually, strangely enough, when we were on vacation, started receiving voice mails and e-mails, messages to the site and all types of.

So when we get that from time to time, because our brokerage starts with the letter A and often people go through the phone book, so to speak, are going in some type of order starting at the beginning of the alphabet and we’ll do something. So they went to our website, they called our phone number. They did these things and left messages or inbound stuff to us. Right. Saying how they felt. And so I would let you know that you will probably receive some of them or may have or may continue to in the future, because then one of the involved individuals was located in a geographic area close to us.

And our company name starts with an A. So therefore, that was a good place to start where their ideological ideas, you know, I wouldn’t get too far in the weeds on this, but just, you know, you need to not that you need to just don’t get pulled off.

I don’t get pulled off sides, but just, you know, kind of protect the industry and listen to what’s happening and guide them. Hey, if you have a complaint this is just because one person, you know, does something outlandish or super inappropriate. Right. It doesn’t mean that the whole real estate industry as a whole, you know, that’s how we believe in this.

So this is a business and it’s not politics. And if you do get involved in politics, then the best you could kind of hope for is we’re a country in which is like 50 50 or 50 to forty eight or whatever. Then those numbers you got to look at. Right. So the best you could kind of hope for is that you offend only forty eight percent of the country instead of fifty two percent. And so you probably don’t want to take either those as an option if you’re trying to maximize your your dollar returns.

So just kind of keep that in mind and play it down the middle, just like you would in golf. And just how I hit my driver just straight down the middle. And don’t even worry about going to the left or to the right and you’ll be just totally fine. Yeah. Yeah. So let somebody else make those determinations, not you, because we’re not the. Judge, the jury, the executioner, we haven’t been there, we don’t know anything that actually took place. It’s all here.

So we have to understand, you see things on the news. You see people you know, I’ve seen people out in just small real estate events and acted appropriately. So, you know, there’s a process. And just because this person is acting inappropriately doesn’t mean that I support that or stand for it.

So just just try to step back and say, oh, gosh, well, that’s not how you know, it’s not how it works. She’s a dues paying member. He or she, in this case, both dues paying members. And we have bylaws in place, you know, to handle certain things. This is a Texas Realtors situation and a tricky situation. So it escalates a little further and higher up.

And I personally wouldn’t like to have my livelihood taken away without due process, whatever that was for me then.

I don’t want it for anyone else, regardless of industry, whether they’re a plumber or an educator or anyone else. Right. If you’re convicted of something by a jury of your peers and then there could be action after that. But until then, we’ll see what goes on. Ok, thank you.

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