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Realtor advice, if you’re thinking that you have a client who’s annoying and don’t we all. Maybe I’m your client and you’re like, wow, that guy is super annoying.

That happens from time to time. What you’re going to have to do is make sure that you don’t vent to your client. You don’t need to tell them every single thing that’s going on. Your job is to be the professional, to be the rock, to stand up, to know what to tell your client. There’s information, I’m not saying to withhold facts in the least. Right. But the key thing is to give them the correct details. And not all the other fluff. There might be an agent on the other side.

Who’s the problem? The client might be difficult on the other side. There might be things that are going on within the transaction that are chaotic or hectic. Maybe there’s a lot of timeline items. Maybe there’s items where people are moving things in. Right.

So what you want to do is make sure that you are the one that is focused and you’re doing your job sticking to facts, helping out the other agent, doing your part, regardless of what they are currently doing, whether they’re distracted, whether they’re on vacation, whether they’re stressed, whatever it happens to be on the other side. Don’t worry about it. Stick to the facts and give all the right information to your client. If you need to vent and don’t we all from time to time. Right.

We run into those things. That is not the time to tell your client that. You can tell them once we’re done. Right. And we’re closed and we move in and you can give them all that information, say, hey, I’m going to give you some behind the scenes information on what was really going on here as we were going through this. Nothing factual to be withheld. But yet all the emotional stuff possibly not necessary to relate to your client unless it has to do with pricing terms, timelines, something else. Right. So just give the information as it should be. And if you look at yourself and you’re like, man, I’m just tired. I’m beat up. I’m sore.

This is too much for me. Right. And that’s when you pick up the phone, you call your best friend, you vent to them, you discuss the items directly with them. You turn to your spouse and you say, I need like five minutes to tell you all about what’s going on here. And maybe there’s something that you could give me a minor piece of advice. And I just need to like vent and talk about this one more. You call up another agent here with Acquisto Real Estate and they can walk you through and they’ll say like, oh, you think that’s good? I’ve got this going on right now.

And then you’ll get to hear their story and hear what’s going on. Right. So it always could be much, much worse. But ladies and gentlemen, what we need to do is we need to wake up every morning, just like today we did on a can’t stop, won’t stop one day, do all the most important things first thing in the morning and keep it going all day, all week. And that’s how you have success. Let’s be motivated. Let’s be happy. Let’s be healthy. But let’s not be venting to our clients.

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