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Hello, there, this is Mike Acquisto and that is luxury real estate broker Shauna Acquisto, super nice to get to spend some time with you today to discuss the real producers awards that they had the other day. They call it the SBS. And so we happen to have the fortune to be nominated for a cover award when we were featured in the past here.

So there’s the the episode and so that it was number one in honor just being on the cover right like that was really pretty good to be on the cover and it was, you know, even more of an honor to be nominated for the award.

Yeah, that was exciting. So that went through a couple of iterations of voting, right? Yeah.

And we continue to advance and we were having some pretty good success.

They had over eleven thousand people, I think, vote across the board for all these awards. So it was very impressive. Like, I think it it kind of broke their system.

They had to increase their. I don’t know what system they used for voting, but they had to increase it to the next level,  

Which was crazy, so you made a good night of it.

Yes, like very, very good turnout. I just want to briefly kind of go through the series of events. This is something that I’ve been super excited about. I sent that email out asking, I want I always like all of us to go. And so I reached out to Jordan, who’s the producer of the magazine, and asked him if I could bring everyone.

He goes, Oh whoa. We have a limited space, you know, don’t think that’s going to work, but it was way oversold. I said, I just I don’t I want them to come. So anyway, everyone was able to.

So a lot of you came and it was great. And so I wanted to play in this really special night. So we had a makeup artist that was going to come and do our makeup for all the girls. And I reserved the limo. The limo is going to pick us up. It was going to be like, We’re going to prom. So the morning of. The event around 10 o’clock. The makeup artist called and she just basically quit on us. I’m not coming.

Sorry. Have a great event. Ok, so I have a few of the girls coming over. So that was a kind of an issue, but. We pulled together and got it, got a replacement, actually two replacements. Oh. That was a serious teamwork right there, which further just shows how powerful we are together. So we got another makeup artist to makeup artist, come.

Did you tell him that at all? Yeah, I told them what happened, but they’re now not the backup. Oh, so all right. Lots of discuss on that. Then it comes time for the limo to show up at four fifteen. Hmm. No limo. Call the limo guys like I had this. We don’t have you scheduled for a limo.

Said, Yes, I have a contract. I filled out the contract, he said. Oh, it’s actually pretty similar. And then he came back and he said, Well, actually, you reserved it for Friday. And I said, No, here it is. And he’s like, OK, yeah, well, sorry. But we don’t have anybody available

And you paid for it yesterday in full,

Right?The day before he called and wanted the payment and I paid it. So anyway, it was a challenge. So two big challenges. But you know what? Didn’t stop us, Mike? Actually, Katie did a great job, Katie. Yes, everyone again pulled together teamwork. We got there. No. Somehow got there. It took us a long time because traffic was bad, but we had great navigators and. Drivers, I’m a bad navigator, I’m just saying very subpar,

So we’re going to talk about a little bit about what happened that night. Don’t want to take up too much time, but it was super exciting. Everyone’s all dressed up look beautiful. We had a great time. It came to the award and we did not win. The cover, which was OK,

I. And in all my posts out there, it was not trying to ask for a vote. I just wanted people to be aware that there was a vote and for them to vote on the best one. So there you go. So there was another guy who was on the cover, it got down to four and he won, and we’re super proud of him for doing that.

So with that, as soon as that was all completed, there was, I think, 10 awards. We’re going to look like

We’re on like the Emmys, right?

Well, there was 10 awards that they were giving out and the cover award was actually the last one. So they continue to go through all these awards and then they got to the last one and handed it out. And then he’s like, So those are not all the awards. We have won more award.

Yeah. They gave a couple of awards to the vendor sponsors, right? So they did that and then they had one more and they said, so here’s one more word that we have. And the CEO of their company got on and he brought him in via Zoom, and he talked about what the award was.

So the award happened to be named after the CEO of their company for the national company. And it basically from what I remember, I was trying to pay attention as best I could, but like, I wasn’t really tuned in because we just lost. So I was like, Oh, whatever. So, yeah, but it was a touch of a letdown for whatever.

That doesn’t matter what it is. If you’re up for something you don’t win, it’s kind of like.

So then afterwards they’re going through what this Remi award was. And it basically, as I remember, it happened to encapsulate what they thought was the best of the best realtor partner that they had that embodied all of the attributes that they were looking for.

And this was like their standard for what, what the what the realtor was to represent them. And it was also very impressive to note that the only people that are present that are allowed to be as part of real producers is, I believe you have to be in the top one percent of sales to be included with this.

And so if you’re in that, if you’re in that number and you get the magazine and then that’s what you are. And then the subset of this is who is ready to receive these awards, right? So that was how we got invited and whatever that is. So thank you and congratulations on getting that.

Yeah. All of us. Yeah. No, it totally does. Sure. So anyways, we get to that point and then they announce the award. And lo and behold, he happens to call my wife’s name. So we had no idea we were just kind of let down that we didn’t receive.

It was very like that award. I stood up. Yeah, I knew. What do we do? I don’t know. But it was really, I mean, it was great and you guys know how sappy I am. So I was like, Oh my gosh, I can’t get up there and say something and cry in front of all these people.

But I did. Yeah, I did. You know what I will say? You know how they say, picture the the crowd naked? Well, I didn’t what really helped me was I had these fake eyelashes on and I kept. I was very feeling strange about them because I don’t wear them and I thought they were going to come off. So I thought if I cry and they come off, that’s even more embarrassing. So that’s what stuck in my mind. Ok. You know, being put on the spot and speaking is not really my thing.

Well, congratulations,

It was quite an honor. But you know. I think I reached out to all of you guys and told you one person doesn’t get this, it’s going to. It’s all of us. I mean, it is. All right, so that’s awesome, and I think she probably would be able to say it better if you know she was a little bit more composed, but she’s saying, thank you.

She’s saying, thank you to all of you guys, right, for what you guys do on a daily basis and for all of that and the award is not about her, but rather a reflection on everybody. And she’ll she’ll carry it for us so you can check it out. And it’s it’s yours to to kind of understand because we all received it together right now.

This past year has been a little different and challenging in different ways, but we’ve all pulled together and maybe we’ve lost a few along the way, but. The ones that are here, they’re the true squad. All of you, even if you couldn’t make this event. It’s all of us, so thank to thank you to each and every one of you. I love you all.

No, it was really impressive and you know, it was it was one of those things, so I kind of had to take away from it that I couldn’t believe, right? So in short. She receives this, and it was kind of their equivalent of like their Person of the Year award is in short what I would be, what it would kind of be.

And that was it was very impressive, right? The other people that were also like, I don’t know that they were in consideration, whoever they kind of went through, but previously in the night. Ellie, Beth Allman, she didn’t win an award, right? And I was like, Whoa, I don’t know how she doesn’t win.

And then they also had Rogers Healy won an award. So there’s like all these people that they could totally pick from, right? And then you have a little.

It was super, super impressive. So I added, the mathop and I was like, Whoa. It kind of dawned on me, you know, after we looked at this and I was talking to my sister Amy about it and I’m like, Holy cow. So she wins this award now, and she was elected the president of the Association of the. I know at the time there is 9000 some people that were there, and I think now you’re up to close to ten thousand members, right? So you were elected the president last year in the future.

Right. So today, today you’re dressed up because you officially become the vice president today. And you know, then the year before that you won the Women’s Council of Realtors Woman of the Year, which I think is sexist. I think it should just be, you know, Person of the Year there as well. Yeah.

So anyways, to win three big things like back-to-back to back is super impressive, all from different organizations representing, like all the local agents, right? And so for that to be your leader is really impressive.

Well, thank you. I just am me. What you see is what you get and you know, sometimes people like it. Some people don’t. But you just be true to yourself and do your thing, which each and every one of you cares and express that every single day. And. Rewards

So I had a couple more pictures, we have this link, we’ll put it in the description and in the chat below, so you can

Kind of see really had a good time. We really had a good time. I don’t know why people squat down in pictures like this.

I don’t either.

You guys did a great job of squatting,  So we’ll have a link for you guys. So you can maybe put your photos in there. So we have them all together. It would be great, but yeah, it was a great night.

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