Liquid Assets

So today’s real estate word of the day with Shana Acquisto, a luxury real estate broker, is liquid asset.

Liquid asset is a cash asset or an asset that is easily converted into cash. Pretty simple, very good. Easily converted to cash. So it depends what your definition of these things are. Liquid asset like, you know, like a check that you have can become cash a bank balance.

Can you actually become cash super quick and you could do that. That’s actually considered cash. You could have money in a stock, but you could have money in an IRA that you can’t take it out of. That’s technically liquid, but you can’t get to it for certain reasons.

Maybe there’s penalties or whatever, so there’s different types of liquidity in how, how quick and how promptly you can get to it. Sometimes you need liquid, liquid, quick. I need this liquid in the mornings.

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Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 9.22.21

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