Dynasty Trust

Today’s real estate word of the day is Dynarski Trust, so this is a word here specifically for people like lots of money. So that’s you pay attention, pay attention.

All right. Dynasty trust, a long term trust created to pass wealth from generation to generation without incurring transfer taxes such as gift tax, estate tax or generation skipping transfer tax.

Long term assets remain in the trust. Time frame is the defining characteristic of a dynasty trust.

And we just went over the fact that in the state of Wyoming they have dynasty transferred up to a thousand years.

So if you’ve ever had, you know, maybe your ancestors came from from Wyoming, you might want to check. Maybe you’re a part of a dynasty trust. We don’t even know it.

Possibly. But if you were part of a dynasty trust, you probably have money coming to you may know about it or property or some type of assets.

I hope you have one. Well, that’s a wrap for us today on the three topics, each of which I think was pretty decent.

The agent should have got something out of every one of these. So I think that there’s an opportunity definitely to do a back link or two every single day for the near future for the agents, go out on the Internet, surf the web, put something in. What you want to do is put a link directly to your page.

So put https://www.realestatenewstv.com/series/agent-tv/, aim the full page and link it with a link directly back to your page. Have it on a page. It’s actually published and that will help you all. You want to push more people back to you.

Yes, you and then, you know, we learn about dynasty trusts in Wyoming and learns some more stuff there, each state has different rules. So just comparing the rules there to maybe here would help you out.

And you have somebody looking to invest like I’ve got all this money. I don’t know what to do with maybe you want to take a little road trip or how valuable would it be if all of a sudden you heard somebody talking about a trust and you’re like brand of one fact?

Did you know that there’s a dynasty trust that can last up to a thousand years and in the state of Wyoming, all of a sudden that’s how you gain real insight with somebody and they’re like, wait, hang on,

Something different that people will remember you by, right?

Yeah, that’s what we’re trying to do, is provide a difference every single day. So post something about Dynasty Trust today, because maybe the people that are out there would want to know about it and that would be the type of client I would want to go fishing for.

Sure. OK, isn’t it? Yeah, for sure. Maybe we’ll catch one. Bring it in, right, like just put it in really, really Quickly,

Ok, next one.

It’s a big one. Do you see what I did there? Well, I was fishing, checking, I just

Wanted the other one and how you can kind of use the Matterhorn as your guide in that. And and we talked about the notice of information from other sources that you can use to kind of.

If that liability off your back in the hours And then with the fish, when you bring it in, you might want to hold it close to your body because it’s going to seem small for the picture.

You’re going to want to hold it out, but not full arms extended, but just like a little bit and like put it here and like, bam, it’ll be even bigger on camera or. Wouldn’t want that.

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