Boundary Realignment

We’re going to go to the word of the day today, and the word of the day is boundary realignment. And I’m going to give you that definition right now.

A boundary realignment or adjustment is the rearrangement of the legal boundaries between two lots without creating a new lot, a realignment can be undertaken to reflect negotiations between landowners to remedy encroachment issues.

So use this as an example. Say your neighbor over here. Driveway kind of comes in curves and up part of its on your land. What do you do? Well, you don’t have to go and replant and all of that, all you have to do is a boundary realignment.

Ok, a new deed has to be filed, but you get with the owner and you say, Hey, I’m going to trade equally this land for this land. We have a surveyor realign it, change the boundary lines, get it recorded, filed the new deed and that’s it.

So that’s much easier than going through the city and doing a whole replant of a property. So if somebody is encroaching on another person’s land, just no, it’s really not that bad. This is from experience.

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