Fam Fest 2020 – Day 3

And hello, welcome back, everybody.

So I hope you’re enjoying your lunch right now, you should be having some food and I hope you’re enjoying that. If you want and zoom, you can totally just want to show yourself or whatever, but just like be present. And that would be good. When you do come back from lunch, if you go ahead and chat in that you’re back, that would be good. So we know that people are in and we’re getting some more engagement. And this next session here is going to be Megan Mignons is going to be joining us here.

So we’ll pull her in here in just one second and be able to bring her across. She’s on audio and video and everything seems to be OK. And we’re going to talk about 20. The first topic is twenty, twenty one business plan. So let’s go ahead, Megan. Take it away, ma’am.

Ok, and so next week, our agent hold off for a week, and I’ve already told you all, but I want to reiterate, too early to start planning in the Far East over 2020. So I have so little time to start thinking about that. I’ll hand out later this week along with all the time. You know, everybody’s comfort level is different as far as what I want to share with me. And I totally understand that. But I would like to kind of just reading things with you as far as your overall goals for what’s your offer to be your accountability coach if you so choose that so that she’ll take care of those. And that’s planning for 2020 I want to add on that.

Well, so that’s one of the things that isn’t super important for you to be able to do. Right. So we want to make sure that as an agent you have access to Meghan to be able to plan those things. And if you  know, I heard a phrase when it several years ago from a gentleman that I respected is he said, we plan our work and then we work our plan.

And that was kind of a good way to to look at what he was talking about. And that’s about what a business plan does. But it takes and breaks down a bunch of the components that you really want to accomplish during the year. So when  you’re like, oh, I want to do like fifty percent more business and it’s like, OK, that’s totally cool. Now how and when and why and what are you doing to achieve that? And that’s what a business plan does, is it really breaks it down and there’s a bunch of elements with it and sometimes it’s like not fun and it’s it’s boring and whatever. Right.

And there’s a lot of words to describe a business plan. And you’re the guy. I don’t need one. And then it’s like, no, you kind of actually do you need to be true to who you are and what you do. And you need to either learn how to get better at certain things or to embrace things that you’re great at and where it’s going to come from. And sometimes the thing comes down to it’s like a little more effort, either with money and investment or you have to start doing more of things that are outside your comfort zone. And Megan wants to help you with accountability to be able to do those things.

So, Meghan, something that I’m going to change the screen and off your plan, either that having a plan to me is really important because how are you going to stay on track and hold yourself accountable if you don’t have a plan, you know where you know any progress or Norway, where you come from last year? I don’t know. Your plan is super important.

And with that, with accountability, our next guest that’s kind of joining us is Ana. And Ana is going to be working on a bunch of different reports for Shana and I in business analytics. So throughout the course of the year, Meghan, your offering to be an accountability partner. Now, what I would like to have happen is make sure that there’s the correct reports and the correct key details that you want to report on are analyzed.

And then you guys establish those metrics and Anna will help us collect those metrics on what’s going on and run those reports so we can put together a report for the agent on a regular basis. So they, you know, they can understand where what’s going on. And if you want to do more business, it comes down to like, oh, OK, cool, I want to do more business. You like more  new friends coming in. Right. If you want to sell more high end homes and we have to report on that and you have to see it. Right. So and Anna is available to help to collect those key metrics. So I just ask Megan that when you’re doing these business plans, that you identify what you want to accomplish and what your metrics that you’re a. Trading on ah and what frequency you’re looking at them, because those metrics, if you don’t know, if you don’t analyze it to that level, then you won’t have that to to be able to report on change when things happen. So just kind of analyze those and then utilize them as a resource, they’re OK.

And I want to say something to when you’re creating your business plans like you can, I’m just stretching my all day. And Megan mentioned something like, if you don’t want to share everything with her, it’s totally fine. Megan’s going to hold everything in confidence. She’s not going to share your, you know, your plan or your personal information. And it’s the same with Mike and I if you guys want to come in. Many of you have come in and shared very personal financial things with us. And, you know, we’ve kind of done the same thing at times. So just know that we understand these are personal to you and it’s not something that would ever be shared. But I think sometimes it’s good to bounce ideas and be honest with, you know, with your peers and be able to hold yourself accountable, you know, wasn’t there several times in our career, Shana, when we heard numbers.

So we had different things. And I guess I need to admit to some challenges that we had in our career. So from having zero. Well, there were challenges there. No, but we actually had some things that we needed to work through as our income went up. And it was really a weird thing that we hit certain numbers and then all of a sudden we started to to kind of deal with not wanting to be greedy. And it was a weird mindset, but it was definitely a thing that we went through. So our income went up and we started to make more than some of our friends. Right. And it was one of those times when I know I kind of felt it, that I wanted to make sure that we weren’t either perceived as greedy or any one of those things. And I don’t know if times that we were earlier on in our career, if we limited what we were doing income wise because we didn’t want to have that perception, we were super thankful for everything that we were given.

Also never one to go back to where we were.

So, no, we didn’t want to go backwards. But we also were like we had this kind of thing of like, let’s not be greedy. Right? And we didn’t want to I don’t know about that a lot.

How you can never forget where you came from. Yeah, right. And I think that that’s something that you should always remind yourself of. Be thankful of where you are. And never you know, we talk about this with our kids. Never look for the next thing. Oh, I need more, more, more. You know, be stop and take a breath and be thankful for where you are and what you’ve accomplished. Right. But you don’t want to get it out of control. And we found in sometimes were put to a test on certain  situations or opportunities that were given.

And we look at each other and say, is this are we being greedy if we make this choice? Right. So it is something that we really think about and talk about.

And it’s, you know, a principle that we  believe in and we try to try to never be greedy because it always, always comes back and bites you.

Yeah. In sharing some of the numbers, there were different times that we shared numbers with people that were important to us. And I won’t say any of their names, but it happened probably three times in our career when we heard different numbers that somebody did.

And I was like floored at what somebody else was doing.

And then all of a sudden we thought we were doing great. Yeah, no, like you just read address, reassessed what we were doing and it allowed us to  see a new no differently.

And then all of a sudden before we know, we’re like, oh, we totally got that number now. And it was like, oh, we didn’t realize certain things were capable or possible to push you to hear it.

And then it pushes yourself so to benchmark against another commonly heard number. And we can look up numbers for you if you want, like, and look up other people and see like I want to do more than that person. Well like we can look up certain things. It’s not like their exact income, but we can look up sales numbers and there’s things. Right. And sometimes the data is not perfect. But if you want a benchmark and you want to do those things, we can help and set that up. So give Megan details on things that are important to you.

And I might encourage finding one way to track yourself versus something, whether it’s another or whether it’s something. And there their past or whatever it is to get to a place you want to go. So I think being honest about numbers does really help you, especially with Meghan.

So don’t hide it. And don’t don’t worry about it. She’s not going to there’s nothing going to go on with those numbers. We’re proud of everybody for accomplishing Gillooly. All right. So let’s go back to Meghan here. Meghan, hit it. Yes.

All right. So with regards to the business plan, kind of start thinking about what you want to start, what you want to stop and what you want to continue.

And we’ll visit that next week.

So can we go on to the next topic, though?


Meghan All right, let’s talk about the next one. The next subtopic in here is going to be the listing’s. And how does it like we talked about how Media Day works, right? So did I do that in. I do that in the intro and screen test. So why don’t you go ahead and talk about that for a minute and if you could.

So Media Day is somewhat consistently changing, but only for the better. So we are adding to our list of approved vendors, basically photographers for you all, because we realize that everybody likes to have options. So we have recently onboarding another photography company, which we have utilized in the past, and that’s photography advice for us. So they are on our list of approved vendors now in addition to others we’ve used in the past. So in addition to this, nothing’s changed as far as the complete photo package that you would typically get for any listing, which encompasses approximately 30 interior and exterior photos, a couple photos of the amenities and if that’s applicable to the listing, twilight enhanced imagery, the aerial drone photos, real drone video, if that’s possible as well. And then, of course, your agent portraits, which is something that pretty much I’ve only seen us doing as a company and not anybody else, to my knowledge.

Give me give me one second on those agent portraits to kind of hit on that, if you don’t mind, Meghan. So, yes, this is something that I’m thankful to Shauna for because she pushed us on the Lucas’ listing and we wanted certain things for her for that. We did. And she totally pushed. And what was important there was that once we did it, I was like, oh, I need to make sure we do the same thing for everybody. And that’s kind of how it works. If you see something that’s going on and we’re testing it under certain circumstances, right. Then all of a sudden it’s going to roll out for everybody and we’re going to do our absolute best in every scenario to be able to replicate that and do it better and do it more often and do it for everybody on a wider scale. So once I was like, oh, that’s cool. We have pictures to be able to do this. It was like, oh no, we need to be able to offer that to all the agents all the time. So we just continued to build on that.

So that was that was how and why keep going. Sorry about the rant, Megan.

Hey, so with that, we just need to ensure a couple things with regards to media. Why if the fireplace does not work, we need to know that and tell the photographer that because we don’t want to represent that on any images when they superimpose the fire in the fireplace. Secondly, with regards to the abilities of the community or anything that you want to point out, specifically, it’s important that you speak to the photographer actually at the listing when you’re there at Media Day, I can give them a heads up. That’s not a problem. But I want to ensure that it’s your vision of coming to life rather than us having the photographer go out there through the whole media day shoot. And then when we get the photo assets back within twenty four to forty eight hours, you saying we must do this or Melody or I would like to highlight this about the poverty. So whatever that you want to stand out for marketing this property, whether it be in MLS imagery or on a flyer or anything like that, please make sure that we’re getting those images at the time of media day so we don’t have to go back and do any retakes because that cost time and money and more headaches for everybody.  

To Shana has got a question or a comment.

Yes, photos are extremely important to us as a company. How do you have one shot to make a first impression? We hear that all the time. So you should be. And symptoms, we have to move quickly. But one thing you need to do as an agent that I think is key to your your overall presentation of your property. Is you need to think prior, you need to think about what is your vision for this listing, what storeyed want to tell about the property? And I think you want to always look at it as like a story, you know, and how are you going to to show off this property? And that takes not flying by the seat of your pants and doing it the day of it’s thinking about it, you know, who’s my target buyer for this property?

And then everything else will follow that. These these are so important. And, you know, I, I know that that Meghan I mean, she is putting this whole media day, coordinating everything, getting it together. And then when someone does come back and like, oh, I wish I had done this or I wish we had showed off this, we can’t read your mind. Meghan can’t read your mind. She hasn’t visited the property you have. So you’ve got to be sure that you give her all this information, give the photographer all this information. You’re in charge. You are the boss of your listing and it’s your responsibility to get it all put together. We’re going to be extremely picky about what and how we, you know, what is required and what we do before we roll these listings out, because essentially it comes back to reputation and people comment on our listings and how we market all the time. And it’s because you guys do such a good job of presenting them. Right. So we want to follow that and continue that and make sure that we do it correctly.

So, you know, I want to just add one second is really weird. So is if you just saw and she just got, like, super passionate, she was like really excited. She loves listing properties. And she loves talking about it and she loves expanding on all that stuff. Maybe like the same way that Naz and I when we were talking about some of the tech stuff, we just got like super excited and so the same, but different.

And I’ll point out another point that Naz is working with that is very, very cool is there’s a low resolution that is actually accepted for photography. When it gets uploaded to that, to the Internet, you’ll see. And you’ll be like, why is that a little bad? I know it’s like a six K image and they’re huge. And you could, like, print them and put them on. A billboard is a quality that all the images are when they come out, when they get professionally taken, they’re like amazing resolution. And then what happens is there’s this process of compression and then it goes out and like all of a sudden it’s like, why is it look so bad on real True.com or Zillow? And the reason is it’s just fully compressed and they become tiny files and tiny things. So we have a way that when we upload them now that one of the steps we’re taking is it gets uploaded to our site and we on our own website can display our listings because they haven’t been sent up to the Internet yet as larger quality size images. So our listings will look amazing on our site, better than any other listing can look on the Internet. So we want to start capitalizing on that and uploading them through our stuff. Now, that’s an enhancement. It takes a little while, but we’re it’s it’s built in that regard that we can upload it and control it first before it hits and World Wide Web.

And that’s the reason we love we we all have photographers and people that we love, but we’re going to require that they be approved. One of our approved vendors with Deluzio because of that reason. You want to we want to make sure that we’re working together to make sure the output is is great. Right. As you can have a great photographer that you love and great equipment and all of that and like you said, put all together. And then it’s like

fuzzy and blurry and, you know, not good. So if you you know, if you have somebody that you absolutely love ever, then we would be happy to research it. But we are going to require that they they follow our process and, you know, to be approved before we can utilize their services.

All right. So talk about the radius you got it from. So the radius of what your what we want to call the radius.

Yes. It’s usually within 30 miles of our home area, if you will. So we recently got a couple that are outside the box like a Fort Worth hotline.

So those require an extra ball. Typically, what the photographer just based on our travel time was photographer’s schedule at different times throughout the day. So the normal is like buying three. That’s all in winter time, just on account of the daylight, shorter days, so I’ll keep that in mind. I’ll also go there with a plan. So if you have a 9:00 a.m. shoot at one, ready for the properties, ready, getting your homeowners out of the property and getting there, getting the house ready and turning the lights on and going through room by room, if you go through with your cell phone and take a look and see all of the counterfeiters are about, first of all, about not specific items in a place that might turn off a buyer just by looking at the property on a major Web site online.

All right, Megan, so I’m jumping in here real quick and I’m clarifying something is there’s the radius in which which we cover is where where we’re located and what we feel comfortable with. So what I want to ensure that we’re doing is the we as a firm are charging the agent one standard fee for all of the media assets.

Right. That’s completed at Media Day. And that’s that’s worth four fifty.

We charge it after it closes or if it falls out for any reason whatsoever, the agent is responsible to pay that.

Ok, if there is some financial hardship about it, then we can have a discussion and that would be a me and them discussion on how that’s handled and when it comes out. But we that needs to be collected. OK, so the agents vouching for it, but we’re not requiring it to be paid in advance. We are paying to simplify it. So the radius in which we cover four properties is within our normal trade zone. Now, the person themselves, like Zach as a photographer, might have a trip charge on it that we pay as a firm because his person is calling from Plano to Miski, if that’s the answer.

But Miski we would identify is still within our normal trade and we don’t want to discourage someone from taking a listing as our market is becoming competitive. Maybe we have to go outside of our trade zone a little bit and we don’t want to discourage you from doing that. So the reason.

Yes, what we’re trying to avoid, though, is like, hey, I have a listing and I want to send Zach because I like him and I want to send him to whatever that getaway place is up in Oklahoma, broken by like broken ball. Right. And like, no, I want Zach to travel there and like, there’s a travel fee to send Zach there. He’ll go there and it’s like per mile. Right. So then it’s like, well, like in China should pay that travel fee. So that’s one of the things that we don’t want to do. Right, is to do that we would probably, in that situation, use a local person for that market if that’s the case, and we’d have to talk about it. So what I talk about, like our market is kind of like reasonable when we see it come up and Meghan looks at it or comes across, if it’s not reasonable, then just let me know and we’ll deal with it. Megan but we don’t want to be pre authorizing travel charges for like a three hour drive. Right, in that scenario.

So we’re outside of a zone. Then let’s have the conversation and we’ll discuss it. The other thing on on on that topic would be if you have any enhancements that you want to do as an agent, you know, some of those are on the card if you want to insert virtual. Pools or something like that, I mean, that’s going to be your your charge, right? You’re going to you’re going to be responsible for that. The other thing that falls into that category is if you have to cancel. So if you have to cancel because the seller is not ready, you should do that within a reasonable period of time. That, again, is the agent’s responsibility to make sure that you check in advance, make sure the house is ready before the photographer shows up. And he’s not going to be willing to do the photos because it’s not ready. May have a reputation. They’re very proud of what they do. So if they show up at the time and then a lengthy is is charged because you weren’t ready, then that’s also going to be on the agent as well. But sometimes things happen, weather happens and we understand that. And we’re going to be very reasonable about those things. But, you know, if it’s something that’s just blatant like that and it really falls on an agent responsibility, then it’s going to be an agent expense additional.

Yes. Yes. Keep going. So that  was really that was good. And clarified a bunch of different items there for me. We do want you to do that.

And the more we know ahead of time, the better.

Because if you are even thinking about our different ways to market the property or you mentioned to your sellers online listing presentation, you know, the possibility of that for rendering in the backyard or to do the virtual staging or remodeling on the property. They need to know ahead of time to get those corrupt aspects within the photos. Even if you don’t want to do it at the time of the shoot, let them know. You can always add that. Once we get the photos back, if the property is sitting on the market, they at least have those different angles of the backyard to better capture adding in a pool, etc.. So what we try to do that up front that’s in the back of your mind as opposed to waiting till after we get the photos back and saying, oh, I think we should add a pool and or can we do some virtual staging or remodel?

And you should have the discussion on what you’re looking for. Right. Because again, if you just say I want a pool in the backyard, they’re going to do it to their specs and what they feel with never seeing the property, most likely putting it together. So if you say I’d rather the pool be lengthwise this way or the ELDE, whatever vision that you have for that and how you want it to look, you need to be sure that you give those detailed instructions so you get the output that you’re looking for.

So, Megan, while you’re going through these, I’m going to turn back to your screen. If you could maybe be showing off some different things. Right. So don’t be afraid to flip through some of these images that you like or some of these things here. I see that you have pulled off the property assets. So let’s kind of go around to where are these, how these things come back and what’s going on and how to utilize them and where they go into the CRM and how they access something like the fact that Megan is collecting your stuff right is just ridiculous. So what’s going on as Meghan is kind of like your gatekeeper currently for like these listing assets? She’s scheduling and she’s pulling a man. She’s requesting other things and she’s pooling them and putting them together. And then you’re putting in the right place, right, Megan?

I sure hope so. Yeah.

All right. So let’s let’s go through that, please.

Ok, so just two quick things real fast to finish up the photography stuff for the nine and three shoots. Just know that it depends on the time of day that you start to shoot as to where the photographers getting in the property. So when the morning they would start outside and inside versus an afternoon shoot, they would start on the outside and then go inside. One other item that’s related to that is also some areas they don’t allow the draw legs or one of Rachel’s recent listings. We were hoping to capture the drill video to use an aging video. And when I looked it off the drill or area, it literally would not take off.

So just be aware of that. We want to always count on of those images, but it’s not always feasible to get those magazines.

So talking about drones, I had a drone that was lost at one of our one of my shoots directly and it was lost at the bottom of the lake.

And I think Brandon is going to go scuba diving here really soon. He promised me that he was going to go retrieve it and Zach’s going to repair it.

So I think there’s a scuba diving effort that’s going to go on here relatively soon, maybe this weekend, maybe tomorrow. Who knows is supposed to be nice. Let’s just go ahead and do that.

All right, so going back to the property assets are and where you can find things after you schedule media doing so, step one after Media Day get scheduled is that we always create a subfolder within our property assets folder on our drive.

So you will find that media or the folder listed by the date of the shoot your agent name and then the property address. It is a leased property. It will be designated as such after in parentheses. If it’s a standard listing, it’s just to fit in with the gate agent name and address. So for today’s example, I’m going to pick on Lisa for her first listing. And within that mean folder, you’ll find all the sub folders of assets with relation to that property. So we always have our outliers list records, social graphics, the video thumbnails that are used more internally than for the agents. But you guys can totally use it as you publish to social media as a thumbnail for your video plans, acquire media assets and then the QR code that’s also generated for the property.

Why don’t we click on a couple of them and show some things off, right? So you do so no one like we have to compile these lists every single time, right? So there’s all these folders and some folders and like naming and all these things that you as an agent don’t have to do and that we became very process oriented . And that’s what full support is. Right. We’re trying to do our absolute best to take those things away from you, just like sitting in front of the computer. And Megan loves the computer so much that she’s like, let me do that.

Yes. So the first one and probably the most asked question I get is with regards to our qualifiers, so we have our main QR code that we generate, which is always just a standalone candy image within the file folder. But we take that one step further and we submit it design Puckle and they come back with designs for you. Those designs are usually six different files, three of which are JPEG format and three of which are a PDF format. They have basically three different variations for the property, so it will take that QR code that’s generated it and show it on a mobile device. What these are used for is the agency responsible for printing them out and taking them to the property and they can act as kind of a contactless flyer, if you will. So typically an agent would purchase an eight and a half by 11 size. Kind of clear plastic wire stand from an office supply store, print these out at home just because you just make one usually and then take that out to the property and put it up. Now, the next question that I get asked is, why doesn’t my QR code work when I print out or scan it from my computer?

That QR code does not go active until that property is actually active. MLS feeds over to our website and we’re able to set up the redirect, which the redirect would be realestatenewstv.com  slash and then whatever the street name is. So in this case it would be Wildside. So if you were to scan QR code now, it wouldn’t work because this property code is not active yet until the actual property is actually listed. It’s just in the coming the stage.

All right, Megan, let me grab something real quick. I think Shauna has something here and so we’ll flip over here. And what do you got, Shana?

This is an acrylic flyer stand that I think Megan was talking about. You can put your cards here and you can just slide it in here. So I just want to show you, have you had any questions on that?

So that’s what created that. And I did have a second question. Meghan the phone is really nice, but what it currently has is a home button on it. So I’m thinking that we need to move on from the home button and we need to remove the button down there at the bottom. Would design Pecl from here on out. Yeah, let’s move on from that. Let’s not be like two years behind on the phones and see what we can do. So whatever the modern new iPhone looks like, let’s let’s kind of grab that labeling and use it. But it’s amazing how Design Pixel does all these different things for us. Right. And put so much, so much together and allow us to get different versions of it all at once. So I’m gonna eat for a minute and you keep talking, please.

Ok, so you’ll notice within the party apps that in the corner you have these little marks on either side and those are actually for print. So we noticed as agents were printing these out how they weren’t getting in the your standards very well and they needed some training options, which is also consistent with any print file that you’ll get as like a flyer, an actual property flyer, which I’ll show you here in a moment. And that’s what would also go to the printer because they use these crop and leave marks for purposes.

Ok, so that covers the QR flyer.

Do we have a print version that we can that the agent could actually print? I could see that we should ask Design Pickle to send it to us. Would additionally just like print ready for the agent to print through a home printer.

Not like there are these all our four home printers. We add the crop marks because the eight and a half by eleven is too big to fit in most fire standards.

Oh, I should have listened. You did say that the first time.  

Doing a test for my dad.

So back to the main folder for this property. Our next sample, there will be the last reports and these are all generated at the time, the listing media days schedule. So you’ll have for a JPEG images and what those are just the main PDF file that incorporates all four pages.

So if you were to print out a binder to put out images or pages, to put in a binder, to stay in the property, being more than likely, you want to use this PDF because it would print all four pages and it shows the conveniences nearby that story for it as far as parks, school ratings and other amenities as well.  

So there’s always four pages to each property. Sometimes you might not want to highlight some of these if the school ratings are lower and items like that. And then Stacy can also utilize these within adding to the MLS as well if we need additional images.

All right. So, Megan, a question on there is if they if they show off well and they’d like to utilize them, is that something that can be shared on social media as well, if they would like to do that in some way, shape or form?

They certainly can. It’s not really Brandon per say so.

It’s just branded to the list reports we pay for this. So it doesn’t have any agent branding or anything like that, that they can totally take some of these facts and make it into a graphic design school or however they like to. Or another item might be to utilize the info and these infographics to put in an agent video. So, so fun fact about this property is there’s 11 golf courses within ten miles as an example.

Oh, that’s a good one. That’s amazing. It just gives you good talking points.

Yes, correct. Nice job. All right. Thank you, ma’am. Keep going.

All right. So back to the main folder for this property is our social graphics. And keep in mind, this one’s a work in progress. So whenever we get our photos back from the photographer, we get them into this media assets folder that’s within the property assets main folder for this listing. Those media assets are all given to the buying cycle and then they are kind of balancing out, if you will. So we always put our properties listings as top priority in our queue. But there’s also other items that come up that are top priority. So they know within each listing of what I mean first back as far as assets and then they kind of work their way down the list because there’s so many assets that they generate for each individual listing. So in the case of Woodside, as an example for the social graphics, what I have back to date are just these three items. Now, we also have the overlays of the coming. So just listed under contract, the textual graphics, all of that, and they’re working on that today. And those would be returned and then uploaded into this file for additional social media assets that the agent can use. And then I can also use internally to put on social media.

Ok, Megan, so I have a question there. So you’re doing a good job of labeling and inserting and doing all these things and getting the correct the correct format so everybody can find the items there. So that’s amazing. And I want to let the agent know that Megan makes a really good job of being on your side and getting these things back and working with design people to make that happen for you. Right. So that that’s kind of a big deal.

And she’s always, like, edging me out in the queue and I see the things that I request and they just get totally thrown down at the bottom of the queue. And what I don’t always like when things are important. Right, like when people’s dates are. But you, the agents get a tremendous output from from the Q and just realize that if you have something in there that’s not really time sensitive, then it may be adjusted, but just put it in and Meghan balances the Q and gets the imperative things out quickly, but if you please get them in early. So Meghan, do you have anything else huge to kind of share there or should we keep migrating towards design pickle and making sure that they kind of know what comes there and what else?

Sure. So just a few other quick things here. There was a video now and like I was watching before that anymore, our internal side for using on YouTube and the when we post our video.

But you can also use that if you’re posting to social media floor plans, that’s also helpful. And that’s something that Stacey would utilize typically. And then the or we are always doing Vergence. Stays with the contact less approach, so there is a Web based one that you can totally email, which is a compressed file size of the PDF, and that also is labeled as a print. And so you’ll also see those Cromvoirt. So that’s, again, what you want to send to a printer, because that’s going to give you the best quality available. Now, these are placed on here. I do a brief overview and just make sure everything looks good, but it’s up to the agent to prove things and make sure that they are good to go. Also, if you’re not giving me information for a flier, then we’re not going to do a flier. So sure that you give me the information to do a flyer. As far as headline points, the stats on the home bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage and a brief description, we can kind of put that all together even before we have imagery. And then let’s turn back before. And if you need to get it printed in the hope or the list, then that’s totally feasible.

Meghan, can you take just a second and pull up the floor plan? And that’s not to be underestimated on what that is in the cost and the value that  really brings. So we’re doing these on each property switchback over there and show that off there.

Maybe you expand that bad boy or make it much bigger if you could. And we’ll look at it and kind of study what’s going on here and talk through that, because it’s kind of a big deal to me.

Ok, so we lost a little close to the hospital, three inch or so.

Not only are we getting that through the pipe on the follow on, which is lifting up in search results, but we’re also getting this as well.

Like Mike said, I don’t think it’s getting fully utilized. So this is super helpful. One, in not only marking a property, but you to be able to flash to a buyer so they can look at your cost as an example, if they wanted to replace our property for, you know, where they’re going to position their furniture when they move it. So there’s a lot of different. Larry Campbell, the lies behind Stacy also utilized as a backdrop when she’s putting in the emotional stuff.

All right. So that kind of concerned me there. You said it’s not being utilized as much as possible because I look at this and I know how much it costs us to do this on every single property because people call in and they needlessly waste everybody’s time. And it’s something that should be shown off in listing presentations to limit the the wrong people from showing up and to give information, especially during code. But this is kind of a big deal, people, on what’s going on here, because the questions that get asked on something like this, almost automatic is and you know, it is it happens. It happens every time the agents magazine, it’s not getting utilized correctly. We do it automatically. We’re paying for it. Right. And I want to ensure that this is getting utilized in the best way possible. Your client should really understand that. Limit the wrong people, show the right details to the right people and let them not call you to say how big is the living room that details already there?

Yeah. So when covid hit, we were actually sending out the assets to the the showing agents and saying, hey, before we get the sellers out of the house, if you’re super serious about this, we need you to acknowledge that you have looked at the property assets, the floorplan, the video, you know, all of these things that we have. And if they do that, then they’re kind of familiar. But, you know, the thing you hate is when you do that and you get the family out of the house and then they’re like, oh, I didn’t like the master bedroom or something that could have been prevented. I mean, everybody’s wasting their time at that point. And sometimes people aren’t always honest. But if you utilize these, then you’re going to weed out the people that aren’t truly serious about the property. It’s great. It’s got the the room dimensions. You know, they can see how big the room sizes, the rooms are. I mean, it’s it is a big deal.

So thank you to Logan for putting this together and taking the time this gets done as part of what goes on with a matter poor. Right. And it takes time, energy, money and resources. There’s a lot that really goes into this. And I would dare say, you know, if we end up the true, true cost of doing this, just this on its own to give you a floor plan every single time to do the right thing. So, you know, you have to realize that it gives you a double check on how big the house is. So you can make sure. Right. There’s a lot of checking that goes on with this and a lot of detail that goes on. But with Meghan touching it and touching it, Logan having to do it again and requested from from there. Yeah. You start adding all this stuff in and how long it takes. Logan and Mettaport like produces it and they charge us more to do this. Right. There’s costs that goes into it. I would dare say if this was just like just this one asset for how it gets delivered to you and the opportunity that comes up that that’s with it. This is like a three hundred dollar asset on its known just for the floor and on any photography company that you go and look at.

I’ve never seen them less than three hundred.

Yeah. I mean so that’s like how much. Just this one item is and I get extremely passionate about it because and if we’re doing something like that and spending all that time, energy and effort, if when I hear something like it’s not getting utilized.

I mean, just imagine, Megan, take it away.

Well, I think I mean, on all these points, these are all differentiating factors that the agents need to realize when they’re going to a listing presentation or they’re getting praise from a seller before going on a listing presentation, because not many other companies and agents are going to be able to offer all of these services because I consider them pretty comprehensive. I mean, these are all very unique in the marketplace as far as what we’re doing and what we’re offering to our sellers.

And you need to tell them why, you know, don’t just say we do social media, like we talked about earlier, we do three D videos go into detail, we do three D videos because we have so many people that make a decision on a home to purchase it based on a video or a plan. I mean, how many people have done that?

It’s a shout out to Logan for being like one of the best people ever at matter. Hell, yeah. All right. So there is that. And can we get a quick just to make sure everyone still alive here, can we get a quick shot? Yeah, let’s get a pulse check on YouTube and everyone, let’s chat about how amazing Meghan is chatting about Meghan now and how much you really like her.

Don’t hurt her face. She is just truly amazing. And and she reaches out to everybody and she really, really looks out for you. And she’s passionate to trust you here.

She knows we have calls with Meghan a lot and she’s very passionate about these things. Everybody’s very passionate about, you know, what they’re providing.

And she’ll give me the business if we’re, like, not doing the right thing. So she’s not afraid to stick up on guys and look out for you. And she’s always present and she always wants to do these things.

She’s always kind of saying these things like, you know, the agent needs this and like, I need more like I need more of this. Right. And she’s always like, hey, can I have this service? Can I get a subscription? I want to be better for this. And I I challenged her just the other day and I was like, do we really need the subscription anymore? And then she sends like back and she’s like, well, I actually use it all the time and like it makes me better. And I’m like, OK, fine. So and that one subscription, I don’t know how much was we bought it on sale and all those different things, but that’s like a thousand dollar a year service is the value of it, right. Yeah. And it that was just one item that was like, oh I know it totally helps. And I’m like, OK, let’s move on.

So Rachael put that these are valuable, but typically our listings sell before you have a chance to get the assets out there. This is a reflection on you guys as agents. So if you are saying that this is what you offer and somebody goes in and looks at one of your listings and you don’t have it, then you’ve told a lie and you’re not standing up to what you  know what I mean? So there’s more to it. And yes, they sell fast, but they still get done. And if they get done, they should be utilized.

And it gives you a catalog of stuff to do and a comprehensive list so you can off ones in the past. So it helps if sometimes when people become tactfully tact tactile again and they want to touch things, then you can bring past assets in with you so they can feel them, touch them, smell them and understand what the contract falls out and it goes back on the market.

I don’t know. I just call you.

Yeah, I’m just saying there’s there’s you know, it’s been how many listings have we listed multiple times over the years. It’s really good to have that just saying.

All right. So that is very important there. Meghan, hit me with the last thing I design design pick, if you would, please. And I want to move on and get into it.

If I could zenny anything else, I would pick a name. I think it’s kind of cool.

All right. It’s all you. Go ahead.


So design people, we always have that as a service to our agents. I’m kind of a master keeper, if you will, design people for the job.

So I realize that some agents have issues of finding some of their request. I do my best to forward them on this.

I get daily emails and I’m also a participant on our channel with design people day in and day out to ensure things are working properly in the queue and get feedback kind of instantaneously as I’m seeing items returned. And I know my connection will just kind of we’re all utilizing design Puckle more for building your brand. So I’m always here to help. We really worked with putting all the agents brands on to design this year. And an example of what we’ve been doing for you all is kind of putting together an agent brand, if you will, profile. So everybody has their own profile that we’ve been creating assets for. As you go through and finalized your agent logo, your preferred agent email, signature business cards, a lot of you all customizing your property graphics that you want for kind of under contract, just listing all your graphics, all that good stuff. So the possibilities are endless and I think through our meetings, I’m happy to offer a different design ideas for you all for utilizing on social media or print items to build your brand.

So I love this and I know it’s it’s Jodis and everyone has has great assets, but there’s something about hers. I love her, her special branding of herself and this picture of her. I just think this is this is truly Jody. And I love that.

I just love it.

And it’s really, really impressive. Does it have on this brand guide I didn’t see, like, the nerdy things. Does it have her fonts and does it have her colors and the like?

The things that I don’t download it also there is a page too that actually encompasses the whole agency brand. So within each agency brand, especially if you had your agent logo created outside of design.

But for now we’ve gone back to the drawing board and defined the logo, the colors that are used, the font type, all that is all broken down.

So you can easily create other items or other items from houses and stuff and still remain consistent to your branding profile image.

Ok, so you don’t. Is it fair to say, Megan, that if they don’t have this, then it’s very bad? It’s totally on them as an agent and it’s almost unacceptable for yourself. You’re doing this a full time profession. Right. And again, I’m going to get passionate about it because we’re paying every single month for these services. Right? We have this. And if you’re if you put some time, energy and effort in, then you get something like this in your brand continues to get

better. And when you make a minor change, then it’s reflected across all of this. It becomes so much easier the next time to put in a request for whatever it is and to be consistent with it. Right. Like this is a person that I would want to use as my agent if they have something like this and they’re just showing it off and they’re just a consummate professional and it just it’s visually appealing. And that’s something that I can present to a very professional, extremely good person.

I think most everybody has Logo’s, I worked on getting uncrated behind the scenes and I’m always willing and able to help you all go through it un designed. You’re unable to find it.

It’s like I said, it’s over. Gisaeng angels are in their log and we want to show you guys off.

Yeah, let’s show you off. And it makes it easy. This is Housum. Yeah, it’s just simply impressive. Nice job, Megan. Nice job, Jodie.

Maybe we should give Jody Powell back cover design for.

Don’t they have to design a couple? Yeah.

Could you showed like the log in that they kind of have and and where that is and what it’s all about. And they should be able to share save the secret for themselves. Right. Involved. But you have. Sure. How you log in. You can see each person differently. Right.

Correct me if I can go in and see any requestor at any time and what they put in to the design.

Q And then everybody has their own log in and if they don’t connect with me, I can definitely get that through our account manager. One thing to note is we did have a change in account. Manager Kalo was our old account manager and she recently been promoted.  

So we thought we ran or not. Now I guess not.

She probably won’t run off on any deal with me, that’s for sure.

I was all of them for a little while. Oh, all right.

So do you. So that covers design pickle. And it’s a big asset, right? I mean, we’re paying a lot of money for this.

It’s part of your full support and you need to fully take advantage of it and have can you tell them how they can put in a better request, like what’s a good request to get back rather than having it just be like one item or whatever?

Right. You’ve put in enough request now that you kind of know what to do, right?

Sure. So to avoid back and forth, I you a ride home and I would just go to Google and search it and I’ll pull it up by images. Or if it’s a logo that you like, you know, there’s totally a lot of resources online and you can search that different design inspiration. Plus I have a whole bunch of other divine inspiration through different links for on some color palettes and all that kind of stuff, too. So I think the more information that you can give up front and request, the better because it avoids back and forth later on. Obviously, you can’t read your mind our expectations, but that’s about all. So if you want a certain color, certain look, and that’s what you need to define within that request, especially if you’re trying to start building your brand, etc.. But once you build your brand and we have everything identified, then everything should remain consistent. So once we set up templates for like you’re just listed under contract, just all the graphics, those running, then all you have to do is say hello requestor and say I need it under contract or just old guy for this property. I LendingClub got it all set up your template design. So it’s basically just setting it up, a lot of things of it, especially with you. So that’s another common language of agents are requesting publishing and I love you all the stories learned when you’re posting the reviews and really bringing them to life.

All right. So, Megan, I do have I think that will kind of bring to an end what you do.

I would like to make sure that we kind of praise Megan right now because she’s really she’s been one of the longest lasting people that’s been around. And I don’t see a time in which I hope there’s never a time in which we are not fortunate enough to have Megan around us. It’s simply amazing to have such consummate professionals and such amazing and passionate people.

And it’s incredible. You start to look at the company that we are fortunate enough to, to work with each day in there. They’re real people and we might not be able to touch them right now because of the distance. And Megan lives like halfway around the country, but trying to get amazing. It’s amazing and super, super awesome.

Hey, you said you can see Megan in Bozeman, like, not too far.

Ok, so hang on, mortgages dropped some facts on us. She said she drives an hour and forty five minutes to go to Costco. So just think about that for a second. Meghan, you also live really close to Kanye West, right?

Yes, I do. OK, so a little while.

Yeah. So he’s got a place there. And so if you’re fortunate enough to get to go to Montana with Shauna, which I hope to be very soon, and maybe we can go and see Meghan, I just asked a few minutes ago you were all right. Cool. When are you coming back? All right, good. Tell her we want to go to Costco in Billings. So that’s why we’re going. So thank you. Thank you again for joining us. And from from me to you, I just want to say, Meghan, we love you.

We appreciate it. And it’s it’s amazing. Much appreciated. All right.

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