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Real Estate Market in India – So welcome to the second topic that we are going to talk about the real estate market here in India and how it is evolving, changing, and, you know, it’s blooming at the moment. So currently what’s happening over here is due to, you know, the disease, as we can see the in the YouTube guidelines. It’s like everything has changed. Their demand has been steadily going up.

And everybody, you know, is trying to, you know, shift homes to go to new places and, you know, shift into, you know, suburban or more mainly religious or something like that where they could do that. Well, online from a laptop, maybe linking back to the topics that we discussed before, like storming and how everything is changing. So most of the network providers in India have have a, you know, kind of connectivity throughout India. And this has only happened in the past year or two.

And the entire network connectivity in India has changed. And partly because of one carrier that, you know, changed everything, one network and it’s quite geo. They have connected in India on to this 4G that we have currently, and it has insanely greater speeds than what we had before. So what’s happening because of this, you know, change everybody’s moving to rural and places.

They didn’t they couldn’t get connected as well as I was on a laptop. I know I don’t need, you know, certain special equipments to do their work. So what’s happening is the pricing in these places, it’s, you know, going up, you know, the demand that has created because of this entire situation and it’s changing and evolving and how from your to how it would go or, you know, how it would transform into something new, it would be entirely dependent on how these, you know, and businesses and the companies that have they’ve got and the work schedules.

And, you know, there have been this like how did this thing affect, you know, the entire thing? It depends on that. So I think this has provided an opportunity for the real estate market to really grow into certain regions that it has been like really stagnant and it’s evolving.

So I think, you know, this information was really I think it would shape how we think about, you know, rural places and how the development goes from rural urban areas to the rural places. So, yeah, that’s about it. And I think this information was helpful for you and you enjoyed it. So please comment down below in just the button and let me know what you think. Yeah, that’s about it. And see you next time.

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